. Sweet . Temptation .


. III . Tempted Surprise Pt: 2

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Passionate moans, bodies entwined.

Bottles of alcohol scattered on the floor.

Clothes were strewn across the vast bedroom, as two figures moved in rhythm.

Fingers trailed and sweat formed as the two figures writhed in utter rapture.

After kisses and more kisses the two were filled with nothing but desire for more.

The woman below, fragile and weak, lost it all as Seto Kaiba consumed her whole.

Serenity sat up, breathing heavily. Sweat beaded across her forehead. Thinking about the dream she'd had, she was unexpectedly disturbed with the sudden change her body related. She immediately threw the covers off her elfin form before rushing to the bathroom.

Once inside, every meal she'd eaten recently went down the bowl. After one final heave, she slowly stood up and washed herself clean.

She glanced up at her reflection and groaned inwardly. She was now exactly three months pregnant. But that wasn't the fact that bothered her. She looked distraught, and as if her whole body was overwhelmed. It could have been either the baby or the guilt.

She still hadn't brought herself to tell Joey anything. She couldn't face it yet. Especially after the dreams she encountered. It was bad enough she had done it with Kaiba, but dreaming of it as well? It scarred her thoughts and she closed her eyes in an attempt to block everything out.

She walked out of the bathroom and glanced at the clock secured atop her dresser. It read 4:50 a.m. She sighed and looked out of her window. The months were going quickly by, and August was nearing an end. For some reason, the days seemed to have a much shortened time expanse and everything went by so fast. She felt uneasy, as soft droplets of rain came pouring down silently on the bedroom window. They made little splashing noises, and that seemed to calm Serenity down a bit. Her eyes travelled back to the clock that now read 5:00 a.m.

Curling into a ball with the covers draped over, Serenity was finally enveloped in a steady sleep.

After many hours of working at Kaiba Corp., Kaiba was almost surprised when his office doors were flung open. At first he was startled, and tempted to yell at the person for just waltzing right in. Especially without even bothering to knock, which irritated him further. But when he caught sight of the person, his expression of shock was replaced with a scowl.

The man stood there with a smirk plastered across his face. He was slightly beefy, but stood tall and proud. He wore a plain black suit with a plain black tie and—well, to put it simply, everything he wore was black and plain, but it nonetheless screamed "expensive". He carried a briefcase in one hand, while the other was occupied with a well-sculptured pocket watch that looked like a prized antique. His hair was a deep shade of brown and had a few grey strands appearing. Black sunglasses covered his eyes. The two bodyguards behind him didn't look too friendly either, nor did their apparel look any more appealing.

"What do you want?" Kaiba demanded. He had no time for games, especially with the people in front of him.

"Now, now, Seto my boy is that how you greet your uncle after all these years?" he inquired, the smirk never leaving his face.

Kaiba glared at the man before him. Gozaburo's half-brother: different mothers, same father. There were no differences between the two men, but there were no agreements between them either. For all Kaiba knew, the two loathed each other, end of story. Delios Kaiba took one swift glance around the room, and then turned back to Kaiba.

"I don't intend to call you my uncle. I don't see you as any family member of mine." Kaiba curtly replied. He knew he was being rude and imprudent, but right then he didn't care. Delios never did anything for him anyway.

Delios widened his smirk, as if satisfied to receive such a remark. "Listen here. I've come here today to talk to you about Kaiba Corporation."

Kaiba glanced at Delios then at the two bodyguards behind. "I don't plan to talk about the company with your two meddling factions in the same room."

The two men didn't budge. They merely grunted like two boulders stuck on the ground.

Delios turned to them and bellowed, "Well, you heard my nephew!" He gestured his hands to the door, and his two men took this as a sign and promptly left the room.

Delios sat across from Kaiba and placed his suitcase between them. "As I was saying, I came here to talk to you about Kaiba Corp."

Kaiba turned his gaze towards him but took no initiative in questioning.

"I just got off the phone with my lawyer. It appears you have no one to take over Kaiba Corp under your name once you're gone." Delios stated. "And since you have nobody in particular to take over Kaiba Corporations, I have decided my son should take over."

Kaiba lowered his gaze and chuckled at the comment. "If you haven't noticed, old man, I'm not going anywhere just yet. And besides, you clearly haven't checked the title deeds. Mokuba's name is plastered on there. So I suggest you read the documents carefully before barging in here with ludicrous suggestions."

"My dear boy, do you honestly think he would take over? He shows no interest in this kind of field. My son—"

"Your sonis a complete amateur." Kaiba spoke, darting his gaze back upwards.

Delios stood up and furrowed his brows. "He won't take it, you know."

Kaiba sat silently before tranquilly answering. "True, but… I know someone who will."

Delios stared dumbfounded at his so-called nephew. No wonder Gozaburo adopted him… he definitely had 'Kaiba' blood. He grabbed his suitcase and turned to leave. He headed straight to the door, but before leaving the room he took the time to ask one more question. He gripped the doorknob and stared at Kaiba. "What are you thinking of? Having a kid?" He laughed outright at the thought.

Kaiba shrugged. "Probably," he replied.

"I'll be back." Delios said through gritted teeth, before exiting the building.

After three hours of eating junk food, three boxes of tissues discarded, and three episodes of daily soaps, Mai and Serenity finally flipped the channel. To their luck, the show they'd changed to happened to be about giving birth and labour. Two topics that made Serenity's stomach churn.

The woman on the television screen bawled and panicked as nurses and a few doctors fretted over her, giving her light reassurance. The husband of the woman seemed to be ushered out, and was twice caught on camera nearly fainting.

Mai suddenly felt a surge of pity towards Serenity, knowing she would eventually go through the same thing. Thank Ra she wasn't pregnant.

Serenity placed a hand over her tummy and groaned in minor repulsion. "Ugh… turn it off."

Mai glanced at Serenity just as the doorbell rang. Mai turned the television off and Serenity stood up and answered the door. To her luck, it was Joey.

"Joey, what are you doing here?" Serenity asked.

"Well, I just thought that I'd come to see my baby sister." He replied with a goofy grin plastered on his face. As always it was 'Joey-like'.

Serenity smiled, making way for Joey to come in. It was good to see him again, especially in her kind of crisis. Joey took a look around the place and finally noticed Mai's presence.

"Mai, what are you doing here?" Joey asked incredulously.

"It's nice to see you too, Joey." Mai replied sarcastically.

"Haha right." He smiled sheepishly.

Mai rolled her eyes skyward and shook her head. She grabbed a magazine from the coffee table and started flipping through the pages. Even if it was about babies. Anything was good, so long as it didn't deal with a certain blonde man.

"So sis, how've you been?" Joey asked, making himself comfortable on the sofa.

Serenity laughed nervously. "Well… you know… same old things…" she cleared her throat. "Uh, you want anything?"

Joey stared at her for a moment before shaking his head. "No thanks, I just ate." He stared at her once more, as if trying to figure out a missing piece to a puzzle. "Serenity, you look a bit… different. Are you gaining weight?"

Mai glanced up from the magazine as Serenity made choking sounds.

"Joey!" Mai scolded.

"What? What did I do?" Joey asked, dumbfounded.

Serenity felt as if the room was slowly dissolving as questions ran through her mind.

Oh Ra… can he tell? What if he can tell? What am I going to say?

As if sensing Serenity's dilemma, Mai came to her rescue.

"Oh no, Joey, sorry. But me and Seren have gotta get going, or we're going to be late." Mai said as she got up from the sofa. Her voice sounded false and if it weren't Joey they were dealing with at the moment, it was likely that someone would know that something was up.

Serenity glanced at her watch and gasped. She muttered a few curses under her breath and glanced up at her brother. "I'm really sorry Joey, but Mai's right. We really gotta go."

"Where are you guys going?" he asked.



They both answered at the same time. They were stricken with panic and only hoped their faces didn't give out much as they both gave a slight smile.



They both said at the same time once again.

Joey quirked an eyebrow and glanced at them suspiciously. It caused the two to laugh out loud, and Serenity to start fiddling with the hem of clothes.

"Party and shopping," Serenity clarified as Mai just nodded along.

"Well, got to go, see you later Joey." Mai interrupted as she started walking down to her car.

"Bye big brother!" Serenity exclaimed as she gave Joey a hug.

Joey just stood there, dumbfounded, after registering the events that had just occurred. He shook his head and left the apartment in bewilderment.

The part about being late wasn't a complete lie. Serenity was going to be late, but neither for a party nor shopping. She was going to be late for her first ultrasound. It was doctor's orders, to see how the baby was developing. Serenity couldn't complain at all, for she wanted to know all the details too.

The gel was cold. However soothing it was, it felt slightly clammy at the same time. The nurse slowly spread the gel over Serenity's stomach, and moved the tool across the gelled spot. Scenes of the baby were projected through the ultrasound machine.

Mai and Serenity watched with interest as the baby within Serenity's womb revealed itself on the monitor. Serenity watched with complete interest and sat up a bit for a better view.

"Ms. Wheeler, your baby looks perfectly normal. It's growing at a normal rate and…" The nurse paused for a moment, and frowned a bit. She moved the tool around Serenity's stomach and glanced at the ultrasound machine every now and then.

Serenity and Mai glanced at each other, bewildered by the sudden change in the nurse's actions. Her glasses were now on the crook of her nose, and in her surprised state she didn't have the time to push them back up. For the entire world, if any accidents were to befall in the room, the nurse would've probably taken no heed at all.

"What is it? Is something wrong? Did you detect a disease or something?" Serenity asked frantically. She had never been more nervous, more scared, than she was then. I mean, who wouldn't be? This was her first child for Ra's sake.

The nurse snapped out of her train of thought and glanced at the soon-to-be mother. She looked at the blonde-haired woman, who also seemed to be waiting for an answer, and smiled a bit, recovering all the while from her state of delirium. "Well, it's nothing like that, Ms. Wheeler…" she paused for a moment as her smile increased. "You're having twins!"

"W-what?" Serenity exclaimed as Mai stared wide-eyed.

Mrs. Koneko stared at Serenity then at Mai. "Well yes, Ms. Wheeler, it's all in here. It detects two heads, two heartbeats… well, just about two pairs of everything. Isn't this wonderful?" she rambled on. "I've just started this job and already I gave an ultrasound to a mother bearing twins!"

Serenity glanced at the screen and saw what the nurse had become aware of. She was indeed having twins. Twins, can you believe that? She would have planned on jumping for joy, but in the situation she was in right now she refrained from doing so. Actually, she felt sorely like crying.

She heard Mrs. Koneko mention something along the lines of her ultrasound being completed, and that she was able to put her clothes back on. All Serenity could do was nod. The nurse also stated that Serenity would have to come back for another appointment.

During the whole ride home Serenity was completely out of it. She didn't even realise they were in the car—not that Mai could blame her, of course. She would rather die than be in her shoes.

"Twins…" Mai muttered, still not fully comprehending what had just occurred earlier.

"I know." Serenity half whined the words out. She turned to the blonde woman and widened her gaze.

"What am I going to do? I can't take care of two kids. I can't even take care of one. I can't even take care of myself."

"Well, there's an easy answer. See Kaiba." She replied smoothly, not taking her eyes off the road.

"I-I can't!" Serenity stammered. She couldn't care less for doing so.

"And why not? As far as I'm aware, it takes two to make a baby, and I for one know he was a part of it. Whether you like it or not, you're going to need his support. Either that or you're going to have to tell Joey the truth." Mai interjected, giving Serenity one stern glance.

Serenity frowned as the light turned green once again. She hated it when every decision depended on her. It was like an exam, every answer counts. But this was much harder. Never in her whole life had she planned on a decision that dealt with so much guilt and agony. Especially guilt and agony over her own babies.

Making her way up the steps, she finally managed to get in her apartment without stumbling. She went straight to her room and sat in the edge of her bed. Her petite hands played with the covers, twirling and tying them around and around her fingers, chewing on her lower lip all the while. She replayed everything that had occurred in the past few days.

It was all too fast…

She still couldn't believe she was having twins. Most mothers would've been ecstatic. But this was one situation not to be ecstatic about. She couldn't take care of herself, let alone twins. Mai was right; she needed Kaiba's support.

Serenity sighed out of exasperation and stood up. She took a quick shower and dressed in a pair of sweats. After a short microwaveable meal and a few hours of thinking things over, by nightfall Serenity finally came to a conclusion and slipped into bed. She had made the decision to see Kaiba tomorrow. The only thing that worried her was how he would react. After all, his first reaction wasn't what she expected. But what could he do?

He was, after all, involved.

Domino City's atmosphere was much worse than the weatherman predicted. The skies were filled with sinister murky clouds and heavy rain poured throughout the entire city, sending citizens running for shelter. The winds picked up their pace, and even people marketing in the streets packed up to leave for home.

Serenity sighed as she hoisted herself onto the subway just before it left without her. She disposed of the old newspaper that she had used for protection and pulled her sweater close, waiting for her stop. By the time the subway reached her destination, she was nearly dry, but still extremely cold.

To Serenity, the building of Dungeon Dice Monsters appeared to be twice as big as it was before. Probably the effect of the grave weather conditions, she thought. She walked through the automatic doors and was glad for the building's inviting warmth. The desk clerk gave a nod of recognition, which Serenity returned with a slight smile. She didn't know everyone in the building, but she knew them well enough to start the occasional conversation.

Serenity made her way to the elevator, and pressed the button for the 6th floor. That was where her workplace was sited. She still considered herself fairly new; given the fact she hardly knew exactly how many floors there were. 11? Or was it 12? She'd have to check up on it later.

The elevator made a slight beeping sound, indicating the floor's stop. Its doors slid open, and Serenity hastily stepped out as a few others went in. Her office—a private one to her relief—was located down the hall; second door to the right, with a faxing room was positioned opposite.

Once inside she saw what she'd set up the day before. Papers were stacked neatly, only a few scattered, waiting to be reproduced and placed in the out-going box.

She sat down with a soft flop and glanced at her surroundings. A free hand made its way to lie upon her lower tummy. It was a habit she'd inherited recently. Sighing, she started filing away.

Seto Kaiba grimaced and muttered to himself as the huge black limo turned a corner. Mokuba, who sat jaded across from him, indulged himself in a game, seemingly uninterested.

After a few more minutes of lapsed silence, Mokuba threw the portable game boy across the seat, and focused his attention out the tinted black window. His bluish-black hair was tied behind his back in a sleek ponytail. It was now shorter than before, after a few years of persuasion of course, and was now just a few inches past his shoulders. Barely 18, his manifestation as well as his interests no doubt had changed over the years, hence the medallion around his neck. It was a silver platinum 'K' with a Blue Eyes White Dragon circling all around. And then there was his veiled tattoo. Of course, Seto didn't know about. He had, after all, already lectured Mokuba about his other embellishments, and why would Mokuba induce another one on 'tattoos and sophistication'?

"I still don't see why we couldn't just have that Wheeler come over to the mansion. Or better yet, Kaiba Corp." Kaiba began, slightly aggravated about the way events had been progressing over the last few days. He'd previously come to the conclusion that he would accommodate the child, but stepping into her world—the world of her brother—was just asking too much.

Refraining from rolling his violet-blue eyes, Mokuba simply sighed. "Well, for one thing, you did kick her out of the mansion. Telling her the baby wasn't yours, and so on and so forth. I don't think she'll agree to come around any time soon." He was being entirely reasonable as he pointed this out.

Seto gave no reply, except for a slight snort of plain irritation.

Mokuba ignored him and continued. "Besides Seto, don't you think it's a great idea to see Yugi and the gang again? I think so." He lifted his legs up and laid them across the seat, while his arms rested in the crook of his neck.

Kaiba glanced at his brother and scowled. "They're all a bunch of nuisances." He said, a slight frown forming across his features. "Yugi is someone that I can tolerate, but his friends are an entirely different story. Especially that Wheeler—"

Mokuba groaned out loud. "Seto, how are you going to persuade Serenity to make the baby an heir to K.C. if you keep criticising her brother? I don't think she'll be too pleased about that."

"Well, that kid is half mine. I have a great deal of say in this whole predicament. And if I recall correctly, my dear brother, I wouldn't be doing this right now if you hadn't refused the offer to run the Corporation." Kaiba retorted with eyes ablaze, only to become quite calm again as a lazy smirk twitched its way to the upper corners of his sensual mouth. "Besides, the truth does hurt."

The card shop was somewhat busy that day. This was probably given the fact it was early on a Monday, and most of the regulars were at school or elsewhere.

Yugi Moto smiled and bid farewell to the last of the customers, and the bell over the door chimed as they left. His hair had its unique shades of violet, black and blonde spiked up at different angles, and his violet eyes scanned the different types of cards in his hands as he placed them in their proper order.

Out of nowhere a sharp sound was heard, and both Joey and Tristan came out of the back room smiling sheepishly. They looked like two small kids who had been caught doing something they weren't supposed to.

Yugi sighed and made his way over to the grown men. He made a move for the back room, but the two blocked his shorter form. Yugi moved his gaze upwards and glanced at them, his doubts growing weary. "What did you two do this time?"

"Nothing, Yug. What makes you think we did anything?" Joey asked, sounding more and more suspicious. Tristan, who stood fidgeting beside him, nodded in agreement.

The bell over the door chimed before Yugi could utter a word back, and all heads turned towards the incomer. Kaiba.

Kaiba surveyed the card shop with mild dislike, while Mokuba examined the different types of Duelling Cards. His gaze strayed over to the trio, and he bit back a caustic remark. It was, without doubt, too early in the morning to start anything.

"Kaiba, Mokuba… what brings you two here?" Yugi asked casually, as he did every other customer. He seemed content, which was exactly what Joey was not.

"We're here to see Serenity," Mokuba replied, oblivious to the expression that flashed through Joey's facial features. "Is she here?"

Joey's eyes narrowed into slits. "Why would you wanna know where my sister is?"

"Look here Wheeler. I have a very important meeting in exactly two hours. I don't have time for this. I refuse to go through my reasons because they have got absolutely nothing to do with you." Kaiba said, growing more annoyed as each minute passed by.

Both Tristan and Yugi were drawn into the conversation, evidently engrossed in the whole exchange of words.

"If it has something to with my sister than it is my problem." Although his voice was indisputably calm, Joey was seething. He had half the mind to rip Kaiba to shreds, if it only weren't for the firm grips on his arm.

Kaiba's lips curled into an unlikely thin smile as he refrained from massaging his throbbing temples. He glared at the depraved being before him.

Mokuba, who seemed oddly interested in the tension between the two, silently prayed to witness an exchange of blows.

"Wheeler, if you don't—"

"Serenity isn't here, Kaiba." Yugi replied hastily. Despite Mokuba's wishes, the last thing they all needed was a quarrel. "She's currently at work—Dungeon Dice Monsters."

Kaiba scowled in disgust. "She works for Devlin?"

Joey made a move to retort, but Tristan shut him off. No matter how much he wanted to do the same, fighting never solved anything. It only created more hostility. Oh god, where did that come from? Tristan thought to himself. It was definite evidence that he'd been listening to too many of Tea's speeches.

"Yeah," Tristan replied when no one but Joey made a move to tend the task. "So if you're looking for her, that's where she'll be."

"How convenient. More friendly visits." Kaiba said, his tone plainly derisive. "Let's go Mokuba."

Joey pulled from both Yugi and Tristan's grasp and frowned. "Now wait just a damn minute Kaiba!" He was now yelling, but Kaiba ignored it all the same and went out the exit. Mokuba trailed behind, muttering all the while about not getting his free show. "I'm not done with you yet—"

Joey nearly made it outside, but Sugoroku's—Yugi's grandfather's—yelling could be heard from the backroom. This, fortunately, made him forget all about Kaiba and his plans on ripping the blue-eyed CEO to shreds.

Well, for now of course.


Kaiba eyed the building with distaste. Out of all people she could've worked for, it just had to be Devlin. He strode into the company building, Mokuba staying in the limo, and walked up to the desk clerk without so much as an exchange about the weather.

"Where's Wheeler's office located?" He asked impatiently.

The woman at the desk didn't bother to look up, but replied by rote, "I'm sorry sir, but visits are prohibited. If you would like to leave a message for Ms. Wheeler, I'd be glad to write it down." Her voice sounded bubbly, and she purposely excused Kaiba's etiquette.

"I don't care what you think is prohibited." Kaiba snapped. His patience was running exceptionally thin, and he'd hate to see what would be left of this person after she'd experienced his anger. "If you don't give me the floor and the directions I'll look for it myself."

The desk clerk placed the pen and notepad down and glanced up at Kaiba with jaded eyes. She nearly did a double take when she saw who it was. Her eyes widened as she apologised profusely, giving Serenity's office location. If he'd asked she probably would have given out her personal information as well.

Serenity was nearly half done with all the paperwork, and was in every respect fatigued. She had one paper that she'd had to do over more than three times, given the fact that something was wrong with the fax machine. Later she'd discovered it was a set-up for someone else in the building as a small scam, and she'd just happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. By the time the person came to fulfil the catch, papers were flown around and ink was blotted on the walls.

They'd spent a good morning—despite the weather conditions, which seemed to get worse by the minute—cleaning and shredding the ruined credentials. The employees responsible would've been fired if it weren't for Serenity's say in the matter.

She placed the papers down carefully, and rubbed her aching shoulders, closed her eyes for a minute. When she opened them, she was surprised to say the least when her door burst open and Kaiba walked in as if he owned the place.

Serenity was well aware of her stiff posture as Kaiba neared her desk and plopped down in the chair across from her. She didn't say anything but merely sat there—shocked.

Here he was. The person she'd dreaded and loathed for the past weeks, sitting like no words had ever been exchanged between them. Kaiba just sat there for a moment or two, taking in her office, before glancing at her.

"I have a pr… I have come into a decision." Kaiba announced, fully aware of her suspicions. He'd almost said he had a proposition for her, but had caught himself in time. The last thing he needed was for her to think this was a business deal. Which, in a way, it was.

She raised a delicately shaped eyebrow at him and leaned back. She knew without a doubt what he was talking about. This was about the baby. Or should I say, babies. But there was no harm in asking. "About what…?"

Kaiba sighed, and Serenity wondered whether it was irritation or the complete opposite. "You know exactly what I'm talking about. Or have you completely forgotten?"

Serenity frowned. "You said the baby wasn't yours. You also specifically told me, if I recall correctly, never to mention that you'd fathered the baby, or—"

"Listen Wheeler, I know precisely what I said, so you needn't repeat every single word." Kaiba replied coolly. "I have a meeting soon and I would like to get straight to the point."

She didn't say anything, but simply waited.

"I've changed my mind about the whole ordeal. I have come to the conclusion that I shall accept the baby." He said, his voice neither rash nor mocking, but surprisingly composed. "The baby, after all, needs a father. There is no way that you can support yourself with that child alone. That wretched brother of yours could not help you."

Serenity glanced at him and decided to bypass the comment about her brother for now. This was already too uncanny for her. Kaiba had denied everything about the subject before, and now he'd decided to accept the baby. Or babies. Something hit her then, and she realised that he didn't know about the twins. It was, without a doubt, strange. But she excused it after a few minutes of stalling.

Running her tongue along her lower lip, she hesitated before speaking. "How did you know I worked here?" she asked, before she could stop the words out of her mouth. The subject matter was heavy and she needed to take a turn for a moment.

Kaiba grunted and glanced around the room once more. "I paid a small visit to that contemptible card shop. Your brother was once again amusing himself with his poor skills." His eyes were alight with mocking laughter, but his expression was still unpleasant. "I can't believe you work here. Devlin is a complete idiot—"

Serenity blocked out the rest of Kaiba's derisive words and gasped at the mention of her brother and the card shop. "You went to the card shop? Joey's going to be so suspicious! I thought I told you never to mention me and you in the same sentence when you're talking to Joey!" She was frantic, no question in that, as she bit down on her lower lip.

"Well it's not like I wanted to go to that card shop in the first place." Kaiba retorted. Damn, this woman was getting on his nerves. "I could've looked up your information through my security system, but Mokuba insisted we head down for a little visit. And your hounded brother happened to be there, much to my surprise."

"Don't you dare insult my brother." Serenity snapped. Both eyebrows furrowed.

"Wheeler, I have had enough of this." Kaiba said his tone cold with annoyance. "I have come here to talk about the baby. If you insist on continuing with the subject of your brother, you'll be hearing more invectives than everyone else combined."

She pursed her lips and sat up, her shoulders straight and her chin up at a direct angle. "Fine," she replied. Confrontations weren't something she was good at, and she didn't want to continue now.

"Have you seen a doctor lately?" He asked, his eyes flicking quickly to his watch.

Serenity cleared her throat and nearly squeaked. "Of course I have."

"What did he say? The baby is growing fine isn't he?" Kaiba countered. He needed to know whether the infant was liable to run a corporation such as Kaiba Corp. when of age.

She glanced up and faulted, noticing Kaiba already refer to the baby as a he. She didn't know the exact genders of the twins, but she was hoping dearly to find out in a month or two. "The baby is fine." She said carefully, and steeled herself. "But there's something you don't know."

Kaiba raised an eyebrow and frowned. "And what, precisely, is that?" Was the baby deformed? Growing three heads?

Serenity cleared her throat once again and gulped visibly. "Kaiba, we're—we're having twins."

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