Childhood memories

Deep gray eyes stare at the starless sky with tears coming down. She whispers.

"Why did I have to be a girl?"

Tight pigtails showing the graceful color of a rich brown coming down in a curvy way of her wavish hair. The face of an 8 year old with hot tears coming down faster on her visible bruised cheek. She held herself tightly.

She pushes back her bangs since they seem to annoy her as the cold wind blows on her. Suddenly, like in a dream, she sees a small mysterious light.

The only light that had come from surrounding on this dark night.

An older man around his late 20's walks up to her. He has dark brown hair and caring eyes of the same color. He looks at her with pity to see such a young angel suffering like this.

He hugs her to confront her and whispers in her ear.

"It's going to be okay my little Elizabeth . don't's going to be okay. I promise you."

The little girl looks at him with the light in her eyes of joy and happiness that once was filled with sadness and fear. She hugs him as she talks a bit loud.

"As long as you're around Thomas . as long as you're around.."

An older girl jumps up as she blinks twice knowing she had been daydream. She's older now sitting in a car. She had been daydreaming once again with a flashback of her childhood memories. She looks outside as she begins her story.