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It was just another excruciating boring day in Saryoski Jr. High for Urameshi, Yusuke, when the bell rang for him to go to his next class. Unfortunately, his next class was Iwamoto's class.

'Yippee. The LAST person I wanted to see.' Yusuke thought as he walked down a hallway that leaded to Iwamoto's room. Yusuke noticed that once he came through the door, everyone fell silent, and everyone stared at him.

"Yusuke, your not skipping class?" a girl with light/dark brown hair, named Yukimura, Keiko Yukimura to be exact, asked.

"So, punk Urameshi is at school for once, well that's new." and obnoxious voice came from an orange hared boy, also known as Kuwabara.

And after a few silent minuets passed, the class began to talk about how much they hate Mr. Iwamoto. And not even a minuet later, evil Iwamoto rushed in the classroom.

"Quite class." Iwamoto said in a loud sneered whisper. And when he didn't get any attention, " Attention class!!"

And that for sure, shut them up.

"Okay, now that it seems that I have your un-dividing attention, class, we have a new student." Iwamoto said, gesturing for the new student to come in.

And then a boy about 5'5 came into the classroom. He had short black hair and dark brown eyes that almost looked black. He was wearing boys' uniform, but instead of it being a light blue, it was midnight black.

"Oh my god! He is such a hottie!" A girl from in the center of the class whispered to another.

"Like, if it weren't for myself, I'd die and go to heaven for him! And the I could be his little angel of love!" A preppy girl said.

"This young man's name is Tenchi Fuuro. And could you please tell us a little bit about yourself?" Iwamoto asked with a bored expression on his face.

"Somebody call the police! This hot kid stole my heart!" A girl near Keiko said in a whisper.

"You know my name so what more do you want?" Tenchi asked irritably in a loud whisper, soft, but also making the whole class hear him. And for some reason, his voice sounded as if he where hiding his voice.

"Nothing, just go to your seat!" Iwamoto said hastily.

"Touche." Tenchi grumbled as he sat right beside Yusuke.

And soon the class was learning about how stupid they hang out with a certain thug. (AN: Yusuke, they are talking about him.) And while the class where asking and answering questions, Yusuke took the opportunity to introduce himself.

"My name if Yusuke Urameshi."

"And you already know mine. Is it just me or is this class stupid as hell?" Tenchi asked in a hushed whisper, but Yusuke still heard him.

"Ya, I know. Stupid teacher is always on my case.And the only reason I'm talking to you, is so that I can block out the annoying sound of Iwamoto's voice."

"Well, I feel flattered." I reply.

"You should, you talking to the only thug in Saryoski High."

"Excuse me. Urameshi and Fuuro, since you can't find the time to learn on school hours, the how about you two join me in detention for 2 hours." Iwamoto asked as he grinned.


"It would be my pleasure Mr. Iwamoto." I reply sarcastically.

All the girls in the classroom gasped.

"How could my little hottie be a delinquent?" The same girl next to Keiko whined to her friend.

"Did he just challenge Mr. Iwamoto?" A questioning girl asked the nearest person.

At the end of the day, Yusuke and Tenchi had to stay seated. Mr. Iwamoto locked them in, saying that he had an important meeting to attend to and that we had to stay there.

"This blows." Yusuke muttered to Tenchi.

"He probably had a meeting to find new ways to make our day worse." I replied in a whisper.

"And by the way, why do you all ways whisper, afraid someone will hear your voice?" Yusuke asked rudely and kindly at the same time.

"I rather not talk about it." Tenchi replied, turning my head.

"Hey, wanna ditch this and leave?" Tenchi asked with a mischievous smile playing up on his lips.

"Sure, lead the way." Yusuke said all the while laughing with his arms behind his head.

And to his surprise, Tenchi had gotten up out of his seat and walked over to the door, and twisted the door handle, and it opened. "Iwamoto didn't really lock the door, he just put the key in and jiggled it, but did not lock it."

"Nice, I'd would have never of thought of that." Yusuke said, still laughing.

"Come on, we need to hurry if we want to sneak out properly."

And with that in mind, they left the school building with out being noticed by any of the teachers.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* On the way home *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

"So where do you live Yusuke?" Tenchi asked, looking around at the little scenery.

"Just a block away from here, where do you live?" Yusuke asked walking with his arms behind his head, looking up at the sky.

"A block away from here also, in an apartment." Tenchi informed Yusuke, walking down the deserted street.

"Do you by any chance live on the third floor, near the roof?"

"Why yes, I do.It appears that we live by each other." Now it was Tenchi's turn to laugh.

*~*~*~*~*~*~*~* When they got home *~*~*~*~*~*~*~*

When they got home, Yusuke had introduced Tenchi to his mother, Atusko, who happened to be drunk at the time. And when Atusko tried to french kiss Tenchi, Tenchi decided that it was time for him to go home.

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**~~**~~**~~** Tenchi's POV **~~**~~**~~**

I shivered when Yusuke's mother tired to kiss me.*shivers* 'I defiantly need to take a major shower' I thought and walked to my bathroom.

I took off my clothes, revealing a woman's body. Yes, I was a girl, dressing up like a guy. That's why I had felt disgusted after I had heard what the other girls were saying about me.*shivers* And when Yusuke's mother tried to.to.*shivers* Sick.

That's why I don't talk very loud, so no one could hear my voice. And now that everyone believes me to be a guy, I'll just have to act like one for the rest of my high school years.

'Oh well, at least I won't have to hang around with stupid preps all the time.' I thought with a smile, as I turned on the shower and cleaned myself.

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