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Reoccurring reality

"Julia run!" I sprinted down the rain soaked alleyway, pulling along Julia by her arm. The rain poured out of the heavens as if all the angels were crying at once. I turned around and with my free hand shot over my shoulder at the man shooting madly at us. I felt bullets fly past me one grazing my left arm and face. I returned fire I second time only to realize my clip was out. I frowned as I half slipped half flung myself around a corner and ducked behind some crates protecting Julia while I did so. I pulled her down the alleyway only to figure out that it was a dead end.

"Julia no matter what happens I want you to know I love you." I sputtered looking at her standing there in the rain.

"Spike…" Julia looked back at me, although her piercing eyes seemed to go right through me, like an arrow. She is so beautiful, so stunning, an unreachable beauty. Her smile, how beautiful, and yet how melancholy, it almost makes you gasp. I noticed her turn her head ever so slightly as I saw the leader of the gang behind me holding a gun to my head

"Spike, life is just a dream." Julia said almost coolly from behind me. Those words flooded my head from behind like a wave as I helplessly gazed at the man. He pulled the trigger, but I couldn't move, my feet were like cement beneath me. Some reason I couldn't move my arms. I saw the bullet in slow motion as it came right toward my face like an oncoming train. I heard the man say…

"Spike, Faye, Ed food!" Jet rang out loudly so that everyone (in a fifty mile radius) could hear that there was in fact food. I jumped off the couch like wildcat. I looked all around me, and saw that I had fell asleep on the couch again. That was the fifth time I had had that dream and every time I get shot, but I am with Julia, so does it really matter?

I looked up to see Ed's amber eyes look at me "You were talking in your sleep Spike person!"

"Oh really was I?" I muttered nonchalantly

"Oh yes…'julia' 'julia' 'I loooooooooooove yoooooou'" Ed grinned largely as she had her fun mimicking me

"Ed, go eat." I sat up abruptly and ran my hand through my hair. I looked around and saw Faye walk into the room, she glanced at me for a brief moment before she turned to Jet. Had she heard me talk in my sleep too?

Ed hopped up and ran to her tomato chanting "Julia, boolia droolia toolia!" I glared at her and was about to go and chase her when I caught a whiff of Jet's 'food' and heard Faye.

"Jet what are we having?" Faye looked over Jet's shoulder to see what he concocted

"Lemme guess…bell peppers and meat?" I chimed in while walking towards the food

"No it's a secret recipe, I think you'll like it." Jet handed out the food which resembled a boiled lizard with a spongy yellow paste and oatmeal surrounding it

"You didn't cook Ein did you?" Faye asked she reluctantly took her plate of 'food'

"To tell the truth I think that Ein might actually look better cooked than this." I poked at my food with my fork and shivered when I watched it jiggle.

"Shut up and eat already, where's Ed?" Jet asked

"Trying to find a bounty…that kid never gives up there hasn't been a good bounty for weeks now." I finally took a bite of the 'oatmeal' and winced, it tasted like curdled milk with crunching things in the middle.

"Jet this tastes like rubber, and candle wax." Faye put her hand to her mouth

"c'mon stop being melodramatic, I'm sure it fine." Jet ate a bite of his proudly

"Jet I'm fine, I never eat in the mornings." Faye put on a cute grin and she backed away from the food as if it were toxic.

"Ed has found a bounty! It is a greeeeeaaaaaaaaat big one too!" Ed smiled from ear to ear as Ein chorused in, barking loudly.

"Who is it Ed?" Faye asked as I glanced over at tomato sitting on top of Ed's cotton candy hair.

"He is Marcus 'the panther' Wildman. He's wanted for 30 counts 1st degree murder, 22 counts of 2nd degree murder and 12 counts terrorism by blowing up an apartment building, and office building. He is a supposed hitman hired for taking out important people as well." I read off the computer scratching my head. "He's an expert sniper and apparently demolition pro too."

"Yeah but look he's worth 40 million too wow!" Faye's emerald eyes shimmered

"This guy sounds great, he lives on Mars and he doesn't sound like a guy no one knows about." Jet finished his plate to my astonishment. How could he possibly eat that?

"Jet you might get rabies from eating that you know." I grinned and went to my room to get my Jericho "I'm going after this bounty." I loaded my gun

"I'm in too, I need the money, and the excitement." Faye went to her Red Tail and I went hopped in my Swordfish and were about to take off when Jet yelled from the hallway

"You two stay close I'll be catching up shortly." Faye and I looked at each other, sighed, and went somewhat in the same direction.

"Spike I really don't need your help, go do whatever." Faye looked at me through the communicator

"Don't worry Faye I have no intention staying by you any." I smirked through the communicator

"Fine! Just stay out of my way!" Faye snapped back and I turned off the communicator and sighed

"I hope I just find this guy and get this over with, I don't think I can stand Faye's yelling or Jet's nagging any today." I said to myself as I flew over the dark cloudy city. I found a parking deck and landed as I watched Faye fly off across town. I immediately took out a cigarette and inhaled it deeply.

"I need a drink." I decided as I went off in search of a decent bar. I found one that was simply named 'the haze'. I walked in with my hands in my pockets, scanning the area for any intelligent life forms. The place was properly named, there was a thick almost black haze that clouded the ceiling of the bar. The whole place seemed like it was constantly covered black dust, even the lights seemed like they were emitting dirty light…it's my kind of place. I sat at the bar and watched as the bar tender turned to me

"Whiskey straight up." The bartender nodded and I turned the guy sitting next to me

"So what do you know about 'the panther'?" I asked in a low voice as I waited for my drink.

"You don't want anything to do with the panther, try another bounty, cowboy." He stood up and walked out of the bar. I looked and the bartender was looking at me with my drink in front of me.

"You are after the panther?" He asked in a whisper

"Yeah, what's the big deal? He's just some media played up assassin." I informed him

"He is bad news, he's just been hired as a hitman."


"By the Red Dragon Syndicate, the syndicates only hire high class men to do their work cleanly and quickly. Stay out of his way, he knows what he is doing. He is no typical sniper, he is in combat skills and explosives, any target he picks out he'll kill. He kills people for fun, like it's a game to him. He kills for fun." The bartender cautioned uneasily

"I know what I'm doing too; now tell me where I can find him." I asked him irritated. I mentally winced when he mentioned the Red Dragon Syndicate I knew that Vicious probably hired him to do his dirty work.

"Across town is his usual hunting grounds, but I'd watch out. He doesn't let anyone get in his way of a kill." The bartender answered. Good I saw Faye head that way, perhaps she already found out where he is. I can't wait to spend that money…

I swallowed my shot in one gulp "Whatever happens, happens." I walked out of the bar to realize it was raining slightly.

I looked up at the overcast sky of gray, dirt and drizzle. It was the kind of rain, too weak to quench the thirst of the dirty city, and too heavy to be fog masking the town's own pollution. This rain, is the tears of the angels.

Premonitions of cataclysm...