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Reincarnated reality

            I walk tirelessly to the light, it seems to take forever, yet at the same time an instant; the close I get the closer those irritating noises are. I finally take a deep breath and shove myself into the light as hard as I can. I am ready for whatever is at the end.

Bleeep……bleeep….bleeep…bleep…bleep… bleep.



"Oh my god Venice, Venice! He's waking up finally, come quick!" My thoughts can barely register those words as a language as I try hard to pray that I am not in a hospital. I knew I was; however, I can feel the itching tingle of the IVs and the hospital equipment bleeping whenever you move a single millimeter. Damn.

            I open my worn out eyes only to see a nurse, who is probably in her early thirties with short brown hair and gray eyes, looking down at me smiling with her pink lipstick painted lips topping her black syndicate uniform. I don't have time for her, but I do need to ask her some questions.

"Where exactly am I?" I mutter as I straighten my stiff body into an upright position, cracking my joints to try to figure out if they hurt or not. They didn't. I saw the nurse's smile weaken only a bit as she opened her mouth.

"I am Sheryl and you are in the intensive care unit at the Serpento hospital." She smiled as she injected me with something, I don't know what really, it's kinda hard to see in here, there are no windows and the room is very sparse and gray, I knew right off that the Serpento hospital was one controlled by the Syndicate, it even smelled like it.

"Faye…Faye Valentine did she survive? Is she alive, tell me now." I state bluntly, I am not one to beat around the bush, I have waited long enough. I need to know if she came out all right at the end of that war like I did. I bite my lip as she sighs.

"Why do you mean Faye Spegiel, Purple hair, green eyes? Yeah she is doing fine in fact the other nurse, Venice, is calling her right now and she is going to come by." Sheryl smiled as I let a small grin appear on my lips, Faye with my last name, it doesn't sound like something real. Then I experimented I pinched my self, and a small twang of pain shot up my lower arm.

This is real, not the past. I woke up!

"You know Mr, Spegiel she comes by everyday for two hours waiting for you to get up, you took a while too, but no worries! Your injuries were very substantial; being in a coma for a year would not surprise me." Sheryl readjusted some instruments and took some notes as she smiled at me.

"I was asleep for a YEAR." I blinked as I felt my jaw drop a little, everything seemed like it happened ten minutes ago, yet… I guess, a lifetime ago. I replayed the fight scene over in my head, Vicious falling down .I caught him. Julia shot Faye. Julia shot me. I shot Julia. I held Faye.  I fell asleep. I woke up…from everything. The past seems so broken now, like pieces of shattered glass thrown away into a dumpster never to be thought of again.

            I don't want to think of the past again, I woke up, I'm starting over, but not alone, at least I hope not. Yet I don't feel complete, I feel like I need something…no not a cigarette, I need Faye. I miss my shrew.

"Ya, but you are alive, and so is she, she told us so many stories about the two of you, how you met, bounty hunting, and especially the last week or two before you ended up here. It sounded so romantic and all…" Sheryl rambled on about something or another as I looked at the clock, 5:54 am, Faye is going to kill me for waking up this early; she likes to sleep in. I inwardly chuckle. I have nothing to do really but count down the minutes till she arrives.

Ironic, me waiting, but I don't mind at all.

"Sheryl, Faye and her friends are coming soon!" Venice almost squealed in delight as she ran into the room. Sheryl smiled and bit her bottom lip trying to restrain herself from squealing too. Man where did the syndicate find these women…they must be desperate.

"Hey…um you two, there was another man with me what happened to him." I did not want to say his name directly, after all this is a Syndicate owned hospital. I really didn't care one way or another if he lived or not, I just wanted an answer.

"Uh…errr…our late leader, Vicious. Well he wasn't as lucky, he—" Venice choked back a lump in her throat "He died at the scene of the fight. Shin was not too happy about that, but once he figured out you were alive he started to cheer up a bit. He couldn't be depressed and all, being the leader of the Syndicate." Venice sighed as she looked at me, so Shin is the leader now that Vicious is dead. Shin the leader of the Syndicate, I wouldn't expect him to be so, but I guess it makes sense, the elders do like him. The elders were not too crazy about Vicious, I really don't think anyone was. Not even Shin…until the very end. At the end, Vicious had mine and Shin's alliance

            I wonder if Vicious left Shin that position, I know Shin was an elite class, but was he really second in succession? I guess I'll never know. I really don't pity Vicious for dying, if he were to die, he would be fighting, that is his style. I wish he could have lived though, it would be kinda cool to see him lying in a coma instead of me; he is probably laughing at me right now. Damn Vicious, ya know for a cold unemotional bastard, he was a hell of a good fighter. I respected him during that battle, he didn't loose his cool once. Now, don't get him wrong, he was no hero or martyr, I think he'd rather commit suicide than to die for a cause. I nearly laugh out loud. I wonder if he made it to heaven? I don't think halos suit him, although I think he'd drive the devil crazy…

            I look back at the clock…5:59am…God do I hate clocks, pompous like they know everything just because they can tell time and you cant. I was about to fall back asleep when an ecstatic Sheryl nearly flip flopped back into the room and looked toward Venice and I.

"She is here Venice! Mr. Spiegel your wife is here!" Sheryl yelled. Venice squealed back as her blue eyes twinkled as she pushed back her curly red hair. She looks younger than Sheryl, mid twenties maybe, she actually is kinda cute, but not as pretty as Faye, besides, I bet Faye could kick more ass than she could.

            I soon felt foolishly nervous…What if she didn't love me anymore, I mean a lot can happen in a year. What if she never wanted to see me again…what if—Screw it! Ya know I guess I will find out when she comes here. I mean, I hope to God she still loves me. My thoughts were cut short as Faye moved into sight, illuminating the dull gray room into a million facets of color like a stained glass window. Her velvet hair had grown the slightest bit and it was no longer restrained in a hair band, but allowed to sway freely as she entered the room. She no longer is wearing her vinyl yellow outfit, but tight dark blue jeans and a yellow halter top. Her emerald eyes still sparkled illustriously, like two gem stones set into perfect ivory. Her painted red lips were slightly parted as we looked at each other.

My shrew angel.

"Hey there cowboy." She grinned as she crossed the room and threw her arms around me and I hugged her back graciously. She fit too perfectly into my arms, her skin too perfectly smooth. I couldn't do a thing but hold her back as I felt wetness land on the back of my neck. She is crying.

"Hey don't cry over me." I chuckle as she pulls away so I can see her face. I brush away an errant strand of velvet from her slightly damp cheek. As an afterthought I brush my lips against hers. She smiles a pretty, innocent smile, the very rare Faye smile that you couldn't ever paint correctly or even capture on the TV, this smile is too exquisite.

"Don't flatter yourself…I just cant belie—you… woke up so darn early in the morning!" She smirked her eyes glistened as her thoughts were cut off by a screaming Edward flying haphazardly into the room followed by a cursing Jet and a barking dog, did they really have to bring EVERYONE here? Aw well, hey did Jet loose more hair?  The two nurses, either realizing that we need our privacy, or Ed scared them, quickly left the room smiling slightly.

"Hey sleeping beauty, so finally woke up didn't you?" Jet grinned as he sat down in a bent up metal folding chair. I felt myself grin as I looked at my long time friend.

"Yeah I must have been asleep for a while, you lost a lot of hair." I smirked as his eyes narrowed and his mouth turned into a frown, muttering a few choice words under his breath. As I was about to get out of this horrible hospital bed, Ed prevented my attempt by jumping on me, almost knocking the wind out of me.

"Spike-Spike is up is up is up, wakie wakie eggs and bakie!  EdhaswaitedsoooolongforspiketowakeupEdthoughtEdwasgoingtoexplode!" I didn't really catch the last half of what she said, Ein, Faye and Jet were astonished by the mere fact that Ed could say so much in one breath, it was kinda scary. I blinked.

"Uh sure Ed…hey Faye how did I end up in a syndicate hospital anyway?" I picked up Ed by the collar of her shirt and placed her on the ground where she and Ein started to play 'maypole' with the IV stand. I look over to Faye and in her emerald eyes flash a multitude of emotions as she smiled and opened her silk lips to speak.

"When I took Shin to the hospital he gave me his comm. link to call for backup-" Shin and his back up troops… "And I remembered that I had it after you lost consciousness so I dialed the number and managed to tell them where we were and that Vicious was hurt. I somwhow found enough strength to stay conscious long enough for the backup to arrive, They went to Vicious first…but he said something and they turned, saluted, and came towards me and that's when I blacked out." Now that is something new, never before have I heard of a leader being saluted when he was dying, it was unheard of. Dying was a weakness, never saluted for. Especially for a leader that was not that popular.

Unless…he gave his life…then they would salute.

            She hugged me again in a warm embrace before I had a chance to ponder the meaning of Vicious' death further, I didn't mind much at all. I ran my fingers through her velvet hair. She kissed me lightly on my neck as I took her feel in. I removed the IVs and all the other probes out of my arm, much to the disgust of Jet and Faye as they saw me take needles from my body as if it was nothing. Faye steadied my loosely as I swung my legs over the side of the bed, standing up wobbly.

"Hey Spike take it easy you just woke up ya know." Jet cautioned as he grabbed Ed, who was holding Ein. Ein and Ed both barked out loud. Ed bit Ein causing the dog to drop and run down the corridor with Ed soon chasing it out the door, much to the dismay of Jet and the nurses. Jet muttered another set of choice words as he huffed and ran to catch up to Ed and Ein who were in pursuit by half a dozen syndicate members.

"Uh, see ya Jet!"  I look back towards Faye who shrugged and took my hand and held it; I grinned.

"Mr Spegiel, here your clothes." Venice handed me my old blue suit with yellow T shirt. I quickly slid my pants on and took off the hospital robe and put on my shirt.

"C'mon Mrs Spegiel." I chuckled as she turned a tomato red and jabbed me in the side playfully. Our fingers laced discreetly as we walked out the dank hospital room down the corridor. I looked at her, strong, yet beautiful at the same time exactly as I had remembered her. As we walked down the narrow corridor we passed Sheryl and a man writing down notes and paperwork. I really hope Shin foots my hospital bill, and doesn't mind that I just decided to up and leave, although he should be expecting so. Faye looked up and smiled at me as we pushed the elevator button.

"Faye…I…am really hungry." I smirked as my stomach grumbled, her eye brows furrowed and her mouth got into a small little 'o' as she stomped into the elevator. I guess she wanted me to say something romantic. I chuckle inwardly and follow her into the elevator. She subconsciously adjusts her halter top, her eyes flash over to me. She caught me staring at her, darn it.

"What?" She asks simply as I narrow the gap between us. I then put my hand to her cheek feeling a small warm tingling sensation ripple through my body. I lean down slowly and kissed her hungrily on her lips, taking her by surprise. Her jaw lowered in a surprise gasp as I plug my tongue thirstily in. I reminded myself of her sweet strawberry taste and smell as I ran my tongue over hers, in her mouth. I raked my hand gently through her hair as my other hand went up the back of her shirt. After running my tongue around her mouth one last time I pulled away as the elevator reached the ground floor, leaving Faye the slightest bit breathless.

            We left the hospital through the automatic doors and we found ourselves walking along a vaguely familiar part of town. I look around us to see we are the only ones on the sidewalk, a few cars drive by as night slips away into the day revealing a divine sunrise complete with saffron and vermilion and indigo and the fiery sun just waiting to ablaze into the horizon. It would be complete too if Faye were smiling.

"Faye, lets start over, lets go away for a little while. Let's…actually start to live." I murmur quietly as I try to figure out if Jet and Ed are around or not. She turns to me and frowns slightly as hurt washes over her face like a watercolor painting. Did I say something wrong? Why is she looking at me like that?

"What's wrong Faye, tell me." I push back a strand of velvet from her face as she struggles to find words to say. I put my hands on her shoulders and look into her conflicting eyes. She lifts up the right side of her shirt, the side I remember she got shot on and I saw a few fading bullet scars. I felt my heart sink a little as I am harshly reminded that someone hurt her, a small ember of anger glowed. I now realized why she didn't wear her usual outfit, she wanted to cover the scars.

"Spike, we cant have a family…um when I was in Cryo freeze they said I had some birth complications, but nothing a little surgery couldn't fix. At the time I could care less, I didn't want a family. One of the bullets that hit me, however, made it so that the surgery will be 'too risky'. I am sorry Spike, I cant have kids." She didn't cry, she just frowned in anguish, apparently she thought she let me down. I look back into her emerald depths and smile as I softly move my lips up against hers, slipping my tongue in and out quickly, but smoothly.

"Faye it is alright, I really don't think I am…um ready for kids any way." She smiled slightly "Besides, we can always adopt Ed." I smirk as she punches me in the shoulder and I laugh out loud in spite of myself. My past consequences have taken something from me, my future. I got too caught up in the past and this is the result, I have only the present. Which with Faye, is never a bad thing, but I could give Faye so much more if we really could have a kid. But I would think about the road I cant even take, I wont get caught up in that. I will be happy with my angel, even if she is a cheating, gambling shrew with a six million dollar bounty.

            I take Faye by the waist and twirl her about like an elegant ballerina, I don't really give a damn who sees. Her lips curl up into a smile as she laughs with her velvet hair swirling about her in a maelstrom of violet. I pull her in close to me as I put her down I realize why this street is so familiar, I see the florist store, where I got the last rose and it is open.

"Faye just hold up, I'm gonna get you something." I smirk as I walk towards the florist. I wonder which color I should get…or even if I have enough woolongs for one…which rose will I even get?She deserves each and every one.

"Spike, I'm coming too, just to make sure you actually get a good flower and not a weed." I grin as her fingers intertwine with mine. I motion for her to look up as the sun peaks over the gloomy cityscape illuminating it in a fiery blaze. Everything looks alive with vibrant flush tints of gradient color. This is one of the few times I have seen this city sunny, and it is really cool looking. Birds fly silently through the ornate painted sky as I wrap my arms around warmly her slender, yet full body. Light bounces off of her ivory skin as her emerald eyes twinkle with a mirthful hue. To think this might be just a coincidence, but the first time this city is sunny is when I am with Faye.

            Then something flashed, a plaque. The city plague in all of its bronze glory on the side of an old brick building gleams in the sunlight.  I look at the engraving of the plague, although it was far away, I remember now what it says, I've read it once before. Now I remember the name of this city, and why it is named so. This is Neo Los Angeles. It was named like the old Los Angeles because the old founder of the city lost his teenage daughter in a gate accident and named this city after her. To think it took me so long to find peace in a place called 'city of angels'.

Go figure.

            I swiftly take Faye's hand as we walk into the florist and the old woman with her wisdom wrinkles, smiles at me.  I notice that the flower shop looks repainted, but what I didn't notice are the roses that she is holding behind her back, one yellow rose, one pink rose, one pure white rose and a crimson red rose bud.

When the roses bloom,

I see you, and I smile.

For I am a veteran,

Home after a long war.

And I realize now,

Roses are so beautiful.



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