Title: Wanted: Single, Older Male for a Roommate
Rating: PG-13 (for now, it may change later on depending on how the story progresses)
Pairing: HP/SS, mentions of RW/HG
Summary: Continuation of A Camping We Will Go, Harry and Severus continue their friendship while Harry finishes school and afterwards they move in together as roommates.
Disclaimer: I don't own any of the Harry Potter characters. I'll give them back to JK Rowling when I'm done. No money was made from this endeavor.
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A/N: Please read A Camping We Will Go, this story will try to be stand-alone, but it helps to have read the first one. Thanks also go to Sherdelune, my new beta.

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Wanted: Single, Older Male for a Roommate
Chapter 1: Restless

The Sunday night before classes were to resume, Severus sat in front of the fire in his sitting room. He found it soothing staring into the fire and it was also a gentle reminder of his now first ever camping trip [1]. *Hopefully, my one and only camping trip.*

Strangely enough, there was one thing Severus missed most from the trip and that was the time around the camp fire, listening to the animals of the forest and the softly spoken conversations of the students in the background. Although it had only been a few hours since he'd last seen Harry, he missed that young man and his infectious smile as well.

Severus shook his head to refocus. *I should be going over my lesson plans for the week, plus preparing the extra sessions I have with Harry and his two tagalongs.* Severus shifted on the couch to find a more comfortable spot.

*I should also be looking for another job, or something. I just wish I knew what I wanted.* Severus sighed in frustration. He knew that he should set some time away during one of Harry's chores later on in the week to sit down with him? to discuss career options, for both of them.

Severus got up from the comfortable, overstuffed couch and went to desk to look at his planner. He flipped the page to Monday and noticed that the lesson for the 7th year Double Potions class with his Slytherins and the Gryffindors was a variant on the truth serum. It was a combination of the veritaserum and a hypnotic agent. It would place a person into a hypnotic state, lowering inhibitions and forcing the person to reveal their deepest secrets that not even the conscious mind was aware of.

*I must be very careful and watch the students so that they don't ingest any, otherwise there would be hell to pay.* Severus shuddered at the image of his students drugged and telling their most deepest secrets. *As if I would want to know that. Hardly! I've got enough of my own, I'm sure. I certainly wouldn't want to be saddled with the knowledge of others, as well.*

If it weren't for the Ministry asking him to replenish their depleted supply from the many Death Eater trials, he would not have the students working on such a dangerous potion. Of course, he would need to obliviate the students before they left the classroom, making sure they couldn't remember the formula.

As for the rest of his classes outlined, they were the standard potions, sleeping draughts, skill enhancers, and so on; all of which he could teach in his sleep.

Which is what he should be doing now -- sleeping, but Severus was feeling restless. *I haven't toured the halls for the last few days, perhaps now would be a good time. See who I can catch out past curfew.*

Severus retrieved his cloak by the door and headed out. He checked the usual haunts of the students -- the Astronomy Tower, the Owlery, the Room of Requirement, and lastly the hallways leading to the dorms. Not one student was out, Severus hadn't even come across Harry in his usual late night wanderings.

*Then again, Harry is still recovering from significant injuries. The boy is probably sleeping as I stand here.* 'Here' being in front of the Fat Lady's portrait that leads into the Gryffindor tower.

Severus just stood and started at the portrait, it was as if he were willing it to open. Severus blinked in surprise when it actually did. Severus moved away into the shadows and watched. No one appeared to step out, however the portrait did close. The fat lady stirred briefly, mumbled something and went back to sleep.

Severus heard soft footsteps recede from where he was standing and realized that Harry must have been awake after all. Severus followed the sounds from a discreet distance to see where Harry was going.

Severus realized that he was being lead to the kitchens. *Harry must be in need of a late night snack.* Severus caught the portrait of the fruit before it completely closed and saw Harry discard his cloak.

"Mr. Potter," Severus said the young wizard's name softly, but in the stillness of the kitchen the words sounds as if they had been yelled. Harry jumped at being caught unawares, then whirled around and his eye's widened. He ran a finger inside the collar of his pajama top and tried to give Severus a weak smile.

"I was hungry and thirsty ... and wide awake," Harry said in way of an explanation. "I mean I did have that long nap this afternoon, so I was feeling restless."

Severus smiled at Harry and shook his head. He knew what it meant to be restless. "So what were you going to have? I might just join you."

Harry released the breath he'd been holding and grinned all out in delight. "A dessert and some milk. I was thinking a slice of pumpkin pie with a dollop of whipped cream on top."

"Sounds good, now we just need to find a house elf." Just as soon as Severus said those words, in popped Dobby.

"Harry Potter and Master Snape, it is so good for Dobby to see you. Can Dobby be of help to you?" Dobby was always eager to please. He stood there in his clean tea towel, hand knitted cap and mismatched socks.

"Hello, Dobby. Could you please bring us two plates of pumpkin pie and two glasses of milk please?" asked Harry.

"Certainly, right away. Anything for Harry Potter." Dobby popped away and missed seeing Harry roll his eyes at the house elf. Severus chuckled at Harry's expression of good natured amusement at the house-elf's expense. Not one minute later, Dobby reappeared and on a small table in the corner of the kitchen, so too did the late night snack they had requested.

Harry and Severus moved away from the kitchen entrance and over to the table and sat down. Dobby stood off to the side looking expectantly at Harry.

"Will you be needing anything else Harry Potter, Dobby will get it for you."

"No, but thank you Dobby. We have everything we need for the moment."

"Alright then, just call for Dobby if you needs me, sir." Dobby's large, bright eyes blinked a few times before he disappeared once again with a pop.

Harry dug into his piece of pie as soon as Dobby left. Severus watched Harry for a few seconds before he turned and did the same. Harry polished off the dessert in nothing flat. A look of supreme satisfaction settled onto his face. Severus smirked at the young man.

"A person would think you'd not eaten in days the way you demolished your pie. Then again, you're still a teenager, that's all the excuse you would need."

"Well, compared to Ron, this was nothing. I think he could make the entire slice disappear in one go and not in several bites."

"Mr. Weasley is a bottomless pit." Severus decided a change in topic was needed, he was still concerned about Harry and his recovery. "Do you think you'll be well enough to attend class in the morning? I'll be having the students creating a very difficult potion."

"I think I'll be okay. Will we be partnering, or doing the potions individually?"

"This potion definitely requires a partner. I'll definitely need to make sure Mr. Longbottom is paired with someone competent. I'll also warn you now, the potion you'll be making is a variation on the veritaserum. The Ministry has requested several more vials of the serum for the Death Eater trials. This version of the potion not only forces the person to tell the truth, but also their most hidden secrets by placing the drugged individual under hypnosis. I'll not only be monitoring the creation of the potions, but I have to make sure that no student takes any or remembers the ingredients. So I will be casting a memory charm on everyone before they leave my class. They will remember what they created, but not how they created it."

Harry mumbled. Severus looked closely at the young man and noticed that while he had been talking, Harry had gotten very sleepy and his chin was almost sunk entirely down to his chest. Severus chuckled silently. He stood up and moved to position himself to wake Harry up.

"Come on, Harry. You have to go back to your dorm before going to sleep." Severus gently nudged Harry on the shoulder, hoping that his prodding would stir the young man.

"Huh? What?" Harry looked up at Severus with his eyes half closed.

"It's bedtime, young man. I'm not carrying you to bed, so wake up." Severus nudged Harry a bit harder.

Harry mumbled, "'S fine. I'm awake, don't have to carry me."

"I might not have to carry you, but I'll definitely have to escort you back to your house. Come on, Harry, stand up." Severus placed his arms around Harry and heaved him off the chair. Harry stumbled a bit and fell into Severus. Harry snuggled deeper into Severus' arms, content to go back to sleep there.

Severus sighed. Harry really was a heavy armful, a nice, warm, comforting armful, but heavy all the same. "Harry! Wake up!" Severus said a bit more loudly directly into Harry's ears.

Harry's eyes snapped open at the intrusive noises issuing from Severus' mouth. "Okay, okay. I'm awake. For Merlin's sake, you don't have to shout."

Harry pushed himself away from Severus' abruptly and staggered a tiny bit more, before righting himself. "I can manage. Honest."

"I'm sure you can, but I and the rest of Hogwarts would rest much easier, knowing you were back in your dorm and not up to causing more mischief." Severus smirked at Harry.

Harry just grumbled under his breath at that statement and moved towards the entrance of the kitchen. Severus grabbed at the invisibility cloak Harry had left hanging over the edge of the chair and followed.

Harry and Severus walked back to the Gryffindor tower in silence. Severus kept a watchful eye on Harry to make sure that he was awake and alert enough not to stumble and fall and potentially hurt himself. Harry was indeed half asleep and ready to fall into bed and enjoy a good nights rest. Once the reached the entrance, Severus noticed that the Fat Lady was still asleep in her portrait. Harry was not up to rousing her, so Severus took it upon himself to do so.

Severus first just coughed loudly to see if that would wake the Lady, with no results. Then he spoke to portrait politely, "Excuse me, Madame?" Still to no avail.

"Oh for the love of Merlin." He pounded on the portrait frame a few times to see if that would have any effect. Finally the Fat Lady woke up, but she was in a snit.

"What!? Can't you see I was sleeping. What could be so important as to wake me?" she asked while glaring down at the impatient professor and the very sleepy Harry Potter. "Oh, has he been out wandering the halls again? Poor dear, looks dead on his feet."

"Indeed, Madame." Severus turned towards Harry trying to rouse him once again, "Harry, the password. What's the password?"

"Um...it's...sigh..I think it's Sap Sword." Harry muttered.

"Very good, dear." The Fat Lady's portrait opened. "You go on up and get a good nights sleep."

"You heard the Lady, go on up and sleep well. I better not see you again until breakfast." Severus guided the sleepy Harry to the entry way and handed him his invisibility cloak. "Oh, and Harry, five points from Gryffindor for your being out of bed after curfew."

"What?" Harry just blinked hazily up at his Professor and before he could say anything more, the portrait closed in front of him.

Severus smirked and made his way back down to the dungeons without encountering any more students, though he did cross paths with Mrs. Norris. *Blasted cat, the only cat I can tolerate is when Minerva is in her Animagus form.*

Severus turned in and went straight to bed himself, now that the edginess and restlessness he had previously was gone.


[1] See previous story, A Camping We Will Go, stored on fanfiction.net: