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~Yami no Yume~

Chapter one:

I've Never Had A Dream Come True

The setting sun cooled the burning sands of Cairo's heated desert. A light wind blew the bangs of a platinum blond haired Egyptian boy. He wiped his brow as he gathered his belongings. "Another day and still nothing …" He sighed. "I guess I'll try again tomorrow …" A silver glow reflecting off of the sun caught the boys' eye.  "Hmm … what could this be?" A tanned hand reached into the sand picking up a single silver object. "Could this be it? I'd better head home. I don't want Ishizu to worry …" A strange and eerie glow started to surround him as he was walking away. "Huh?" He gasped as the sand began to rise up right before his eyes, shooting to the sky like towering pillars. "What's going on?"   Pillars of sand in every direction now surrounded him.  His eyes went wide in horror when he realized it was going to come crashing down on top of him.  He tried to run, but the sand washed over him like a tidal wave and soon there was silence.  Marik Ishtar was gone!


Ishizu Ishtar threw herself down on the bed, sobbing into her arms.  "How … how did it happen?"  She asked in a shaky voice.

Odeon frowned. "No one knows. There wasn't a trace of anything but sand … and this." He handed her one of Marik's gold bands. "I'm sorry, Ishizu."

Ishizu wiped her tears away with the back of her hand and took the band from Odeon. "Don't be..." She whispered, as she exited the room.

"Ishizu …"

The Egyptian woman gathered her belongings into a small bag and slung it over her shoulder. She looked at the band one last time before shoving it deep into her bag. "I'll find you, brother …" Once she was finished packing, she began to head toward the front door.

"Ishizu, where are you going?" Odeon asked, entering the room.

Ishizu opened the door and stepped outside. She turned around, her face concealed by a cream toned veil. "To Japan." With that said, she walked out into the blazing hot streets of Cairo, disappearing into the blowing sands surrounding it.

Odeon sighed and went to close the door. A creaking sound made him stop and turn around. "Who's there? Show yourself!" The last thing he remembered was a sharp object hitting his head and then everything went black.


Kaiba was sipping some coffee and reading the daily news in his office.  He snorted when he read the front line on page one.  "Pegasus has gone missing? That's not a big surprise really." He tossed the paper aside. A light started to flash on the screen.  He clicked it and an email popped up. "Mail?"  He wondered aloud as he began to read the message.  "What? Those documents have gone missing? What was the name of that guy again?" He typed some random buttons and hit enter.  A file appeared on the screen. "Hmmm, oh, yes. That old man, Aziz Ishtar." A commotion in the hallway caused Kaiba to look up and furrow his brow. "What now?"

A man came bursting through the door. "Kaiba, sir!" He threw his hands down on the desk, shaking the cup of coffee that was sitting there.  It's dark liquid spilled over onto some of Kaiba's papers.

Kaiba stood up abruptly. "How dare you come barging in here? What do you want?" He snapped.

The man cowered. "Forgive me, sir! But this is an emergency! There is someone here to see you!"

Kaiba raised an eyebrow. "Who?"


The doors to the secretary's office opened. Kaiba and the man entered. The man pointed toward the couch where a young woman was sitting, she was holding a glass of water tightly in her shaking hands.

"What happened?" He asked, not even glancing at the woman.

The secretary sighed. "She says she's being chased, sir. She said she needed to see you at all costs! She was so thirsty, I convinced her to come into my office and have some water."  She placed her hand on the woman's' shoulder.  "Do you know her?"

Kaiba walked over to the couch and looked down at the woman.  She did look familiar.  But where had he seen that clothing?  A flash occurred in the back of his mind and he saw Ishizu and him duelling at Battle City.  Now he knew who it was. "Ishizu?" He asked, recognizing the veiled woman.

Ishizu removed her veil, her eyes widening with fear. "Seto! I need your help!  I –

Suddenly, to Kaiba's horror, her eyes rolled to the back of her head and she fainted.  He caught he just before she hit the ground and looked over at his secretary questionably.

The secretary shook her head.  "She's very dehydrated, sir. Should I call a doctor?"  She asked, reaching for the phone.

Kaiba looked down at the unconscious woman and lifted her up into his arms. "No ...  Call my limo!"


"I'm home!" Téa Gardner called out. No one answered her back. She frowned. "That's strange. She murmured as she kicked her shoes off. "Then again, things have always been strange since Yugi received the millennium puzzle. Mom's probably at a club meeting or something." She sighed and walked into the living room. Stretching out on the couch, she closed her eyes and let the cool air from the air conditioner blow her sweaty chestnut bangs out of her face. A knock at the door caused her to jump. She stood up and padded over to answer it. "I'm sure jumpy lately." She mumbled to herself as she opened the door. To her surprise, Bakura Ryou was standing on her doorstep.  Téa nearly jumped out of her skin. Even though he was one of her friends, what lied within his millennium ring sent shivers down her spine. "Hi, Bakura!" She smiled nervously.

Bakura smiled brightly at her. "Téa! Do you mind if I come in? It's very warm out here!"

Téa nodded, opening the door wider. "Sure! So, what can I do for you?" She asked, not noticing how close he was getting to her. She spun around to hear his reply and almost fell back when she saw how close he was.  He was smiling evilly at her. "Bakura?" She gulped

Yami Bakura smirked, he bowed his head as he began to chuckle. His silvery bangs falling over his eyes. "I need something and I was hoping you could give it to me." He said in a whisper.

Téa laughed nervously. "Oh … what's that?" She asked in a high-pitched voice. She began to back up until she had nowhere left to move. She was trapped against the wall near her front door.

Yami Bakura closed the gap between them and raised his pale sallow hand up and placed it on her cheek. "You …" He hissed.

Téa gaped and tried to move, but she couldn't. She was pinned against the wall and she new better then to try and fight him. She was trapped.

Yami Bakura sighed. "Téa, why do you fear me so much?" He asked as he placed his hands on both side of the wall and bent his head down to look into her eyes.

Téa closed her eyes tightly, wishing it were just a bad dream. "I … I don't fear you!"

"Then look at me!" He demanded.

Téa reluctantly opened her eyes and looked into his. They were almost black and if she wasn't careful, she could get lost in them. Feeling dizzy, she closed her eyes again and whimpered.

Taking advantage of this, Yami Bakura moved his face closer to hers' so their lips were just brushing each other's. "I won't hurt you, Téa."

Téa opened her eyes in shock at his words. "Why … why are you doing this?"

Ignoring her, he leaned in and placed his lips on top of hers in a heated kiss.

Téa's eyes shot wide open. She felt him remove his lips. "Bakura …" She said breathlessly. "Why?"

He smirked and ran his bony white fingers through her soft silky tresses. "I must go. Goodbye, Téa."

Téa watched as he began to disappear before her very eyes. "Bakura? BAKURA!!!"

Téa threw the blankets off of her bed and fell forward in a gasp. "It … was a dream?" She ran her fingers through her bangs. "What does it mean? I've never even thought of Bakura that way, let alone the spirit of the ring." She glanced over absentmindedly at her alarm clock. "WHAT? Ten minutes until school? I'm so dead!" She cried as she jumped out of her bed and rushed toward the bathroom. Rinsing her face with ice-cold water, she looked up at her reflection in the mirror. "Yuck! I have dark circles around my eyes! Gross! What am I going to tell the guys?"


Hey, Yugi!" Joey wheeler called out to his best friend.

"Joey! What's up?" Yugi Muto asked, adjusting his heavy backpack.

"Have you seen, Téa? She usually meets you at your house." He asked, scratching the back of his head.

Yugi frowned. "No, I haven't. I was surprised when she didn't show up this morning. She probably just slept in. She's been very tired lately. Battle City really took its toll on all of us."

Joey nodded. "I know what you mean. It was almost a month ago we returned from Battle City and said goodbye to everyone. Since then, she's always been acting rather distant toward us. Especially you and Bakura."

Yugi sighed. "I'm not sure why she's that way with Bakura, but I do know she's pretty upset about Yami leaving us soon. Then again … so am I." He said, sadly.

Joey patted him on the back. "I know, buddy. But don't worry; everything will be fine in the end. It always is!"

Yugi smiled. "You're right, Joey! Thanks!"

Joey smiled back. "No problem!" He smirked and elbowed Yugi. "Well, speak of the devil! Here comes, Téa now!"

Téa noticed the two boys waving and smiling at her. She smiled back and ran toward them. "Hey, guys!" She said, slightly out of breath.

"Téa, are you ok?" Yugi asked, noticing the dark circles around her eyes.

"Yeah, I'm ok. I just had a bad dream. I'm sorry I couldn't meet you like I always do." She bowed her head, her bangs concealing her eyes from view. It's not exactly a lie I told them, but if I told them everything … I just don't know how they would react! A gentle tapping on her shoulder snapped her out of her thoughts. Téa jumped and turned to face a cheerful looking Bakura. Letting out the most piercing scream known to man, she high-tailed into the school without a backwards glance.

"What did you do to her, Bakura?" Yugi asked, looking as puzzled as ever.

Bakura shrugged. "I just tapped her on her shoulder. Maybe I gave her a shock?"

Joey shook his head. "The way she was screaming, you'd think you had electrocuted her!"


Kaiba paced back and forth, hands behind his back. "What's taking so long?" He began to pace faster, leaving a slight dent in his oriental carpet.

"Seto, if you keep that up, you won't have a rug anymore!" Came a gentle voice from atop the staircase. Ishizu glided down the stairs.

"Ishizu, what happened?" He suddenly blurted out before she had even reached the bottom.

Ishizu raised an eyebrow. "I'm feeling much better now, thanks for your concern." She said in an irritated voice. "I will tell you everything, but only on the way to the museum."

Kaiba frowned. "Why?"

Ishizu sighed, bowing her head. Her raven locks fell over her slender light-tanned shoulders. "It's the only place I can go too, to really think."

Kaiba shrugged. "Whatever."


Téa took a seat just as the bell rang. Thank goodness! I was sure I was going to be late! Poor, Bakura... I guess I have some explaining to do later on …

Yugi and the rest of the boys entered the classroom, taking their usual seats. The teacher was wiping some notes off of the board. Mathematics was one of Téa's worst subjects. She groaned inwardly as the teacher began to jot down a complicated formula on the chalkboard. After assigning the students their work, the teacher sat at his desk and began to mark what appeared to be test papers.

Téa was racking her brain trying to think of the answer to one of the questions. Yet, all she could really think about was that dream she had. She glanced over at Bakura and felt herself stiffen. He was starring at her with the most disturbed looking eyes she had ever seen. He kept glancing back over to the teacher. When he felt he was safe, he reached over and handed Téa a slip of paper. Téa looked at it curiously before she finally accepted it. "What is this?" She whispered.

"Read it at lunch." Bakura whispered back.

Téa felt a strange knot tightening in her stomach. What's going on? Before Téa knew it the morning had flew by and now she was heading toward the lunchroom. In the lunchroom she decided it was now or never and pulled out the note Bakura had given her earlier.


Dear Téa:

Please meet me at the tree near the soccer field at twelve twenty.



Téa refolded the paper and placed it in her bag. Does he know about the dream? Or is it … something else? She felt her stomach churn. "I need some air …"

The sun shone brightly in the cerulean sky. It was the Fall but very mild for that time of the year. Téa stretched as she descended the steps of Domino High. "It's such a beautiful day! I should really try and enjoy it …" She noticed her watch beginning to beep and saw that it was twelve twenty. She had set her watch just in case she lost track of the time. "I'd better get over there!"


Bakura by the tree he had told Téa to meet him at. His legs and arms were crossed as he leaned against the aged bark. She was late. Did that mean she had ignored his note? Sighing, he closed is eyes and felt the mild Fall breeze blow across his face. Reaching up, he brushed his silver bangs back trying to cool off. It might have been September, but it felt like July. "Where is she?" He asked himself, looking down at his watch. It was twelve twenty five. "I should have known …" He sad sadly as he started to walk away. A voice suddenly called out to him, making him stop in mid-walk. It was Téa. She really did come.

"Bakura! I'm so sorry I'm late! I couldn't cut through the soccer filed like I usually do! They were having soccer practice for the big game tomorrow!" She reached the tree and leaned against it, breathing heavily.

Bakura smiled warmly. "It's ok, Téa!"

Téa laughed and wiped her sweaty forehead. "It's a bit warm for the fall, isn't it?"

"That it is!" He remarked with a chuckle.

"Well, anyways …" Téa reached into her bag and showed him the note he had given her earlier. "What's this all about?"

Bakura's eyes trailed down to the note being held tightly in her hand. "It's about my ring."

Téa cocked her head to the side looking thoughtfully. "What about it?"

Bakura sat down on the grassy filed and patted the ground, motioning for Téa to join him. "Well, as you know, my ring was given to me by my father during one of his trips to Egypt."

Téa joined him, kneeling down on the moist grass. "Yes, Yugi told me about that." She noticed Bakura head his head bowed. "Bakura, what's wrong?"

Bakura sighed. "Téa, this ring harbours a dangerous spirit within and I am frightened that he will eventually hurt Yugi. He's determined to find the puzzle and will stop at nothing to gain it."

Téa glanced down at his chest; there wasn't a ring there at all.

"It's tucked in my uniform in case you were wondering." He said without glancing up.

Téa blushed. "Sorry …"

Bakura finally lifted his head up and turned to face the brunette. "I need to know something …"

"What's that?" Téa asked as, oblivious to the boy now staring at her with utmost hate. A rough and bony hand reached out and grabbed her wrist, squeezing it tightly. Téa jerked her head up and gasped. "Bakura! What are you –

Yami Bakura narrowed his eyes dangerously at her and began to laugh. "Bakura? Bakura isn't here anymore!"

Téa's eyes went wide as she stared at the boy in total disbelief. Oh no! It's him! That evil spirit! Am I going to die? I wish Yugi were here …


"Ishizu, welcome back!" Greeted the friendly curator.

"It's a pleasure to se you again!" She said with a smile. "Could we go somewhere more private?" She whispered to Kaiba.

Kaiba just nodded his head and led her to a dark hall at the back of the museum. "Better?" He asked in his usual cold tone.

Ignoring is rudeness; she simply smiled. "Yes, thank you!" She said in her usual pleasant tone. "Seto, something terrible has happened."

"What?" He asked, not really caring.

"An unknown card called 'Yami no Yume' has been released. It was a card that should have never been made. It was buried long ago, but after the incident with the God cards, Marik and I agreed that it should be destroyed."

Kaiba looked on, slightly interested now.

"This card could enter people's dreams, revealing their greatest desires and granting them. It could destroy a persons mind or give them great and evil power. It could control humans, instead of humans controlling it. It can also bring cards to life once it merges with a human it desires."

Kaiba continued to listen, but three men in black suits questioning the curator caught his eye. He narrowed his eyes as he saw the curator point right toward him and Ishizu. "And who made this card?" He asked, grabbing Ishizu's hand and leading her down another hall connected to the one they were previously in.

Ishizu gasped as she felt herself being tugged forward. "It was created by non other then Maximillion Pegasus!"


Téa was beginning to shake. He just kept staring at her. It unnerved her. "What do you want?" She cried.

"Why the hell have you been having dreams about me you stupid little girl?" He snapped.

The entire colour in Téa's face seemed to drain suddenly. "If you have some kind of a mind reading gift, you should know it's not polite to read a ladies mind!" Her face started to turn red as she shouted at him.

Yami Bakura laughed. It was a cold and cruel laugh that sent shivers down her spine. He was going to kill her. She just knew it! Téa cringed, as his laughter grew louder and more insane. "You silly girl! I could send you to the shadow realm right here and now! I hate all living mortals, I hate friendship and love and I wouldn't even touch a another human being if I could help it!" He released her hand in disgust to prove a point. "Stop having those dreams about me, because it will do your health any good! I hate you and your snivelling friends and I always will! The only reason Bakura hangs around you is because I use him to gather information! He just a puppet I use at will! A lifeless shell!"

Téa felt her angry boiling over now. She didn't care that she was going to die, she just wanted to wrap her hands around his neck and squeeze! She opened her mouth yet no words came out. She closed her mouth and kept shaking her head. Her wrist was red and throbbing, but she didn't care.

Yami Bakura stood up and crossed his arms. "Bakura is what I made him to be! Deal with it!"

Téa stood up as well, her hands clenching and unclenching at her sides. "I don't believe you!" She shouted.

Yami Bakura looked at her with an angered expression. "What did you say?"  He narrowed his eyes.

Téa stepped closer. "I don't believe you! I know that deep in my heart he is real! He's not just some puppet! He's your partner! Just like Yugi is to Yami! They have a bond. A special bond that binds their souls together! It's the same for you and Bakura! He's not some puppet you created! He's real and deep inside you know you must protect him! And you did! Remember Battle City? He cold have died, but you changed places with him and saved his life!"

Yami Bakura balled his hands into tight fists. "Be quiet! I only saved his life because I still need his body!"

Téa closed her eyes tightly. "You would have saved him no matter what! Because deep inside you know you are bind to him! She whispered through gritted teeth. "Bakura is the one that keeps YOU alive! Not the other way around! And I want him back! Give him back now!" She cried out, running straight into Yami Bakura's arms.

Yami Bakura's eyes widened. "LET ME GO!" He shouted, horrified.

"No! I won't! Not until the real Bakura is back! Give him back!" She tightened her grip, crying into his uniform.

Yami Bakura bowed his head, his hair concealing his eyes.

Téa felt warm slender arms wrap around her waist. She opened her eyes and looked up. The real Bakura was looking at her with an unexplainable expression. She buried her head into his chest and began to cry harder then ever. She had been so afraid, for herself and for him.

 "I'm sorry, Téa. I'm so sorry ... " He whispered.


"Seto! What's wrong?" Ishizu asked, breathing heavily.

"We've got company and I don't think they came for autographs!" He shouted over his shoulder.

Ishizu glanced behind her and saw the three men Kaiba had spotted earlier. "Oh no! They've found me!"

"Are those the ones that have been chasing you?" He asked, keeping his focus straight ahead.

"Yes …"

Kaiba said nothing and continued running, picking up his pace.


Yugi looked up as the doors to the classroom opened wide. Bakura and Téa walked into the room. Téa was holding her wrist and Yugi noticed her eyes were red and puffy. "Téa! What's happened?"

Téa looked over at Bakura and toward Yugi. "I fell and sprained my wrist. Bakura found me. I'm alright, really." She forced a smile as she walked over to her desk and picked up her books.

Joey eyed Bakura suspiciously. "Are you sure that's all it was, Téa?"

Bakura shrunk back; feeling uncomfortable with the look Joey was giving him.

Téa sighed. "Seriously! That's all there was to it! Now come on! We have class in five minutes!"

As they walked down the hallway, Yugi heard a familiar voice in his head. It was Yami, the spirit of the puzzle.

What happened to, Téa?

I don't know, Yami. She says she fell and sprained her wrist, but Bakura was acting a bit strange.

Hmmm, we should keep a close eye on her, Yugi. I sense a dark presence near by. And I have a bad feeling something terrible is going to happen.

You know, Yami. For once, I hope you're wrong!

(To be continued)