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Chapter 20:

Seeing The Light

Téa opened her eyes and was greeted with a most unpleasant sight. Seto Kaiba was lying next to her, covered in blood and barely breathing. "Oh my god!" She jumped up into a sitting position. Two strong hands held her shoulders firmly.

"It's ok, Téa. He'll be fine." Came Joey's reassuring voice.

"Fine? He's bleeding!" Téa cried out, reaching over toward the CEO. "He needs to get to a hospital!" She looked up suddenly and saw Yami and Yami Bakura Standing in front of a glowing Aziz. "Yami…no Yume?" She asked as she tried to stand up. She fell back in Joey's arms.

"Whoa, take it easy, Téa. You've lost a lot of energy." He steadied her on her feet. "Our plan to get them to merge worked, but now that thing has gone nuts and is trying to summon the gods."

Téa gasped. "If that happens, they'll be no way of saving this world. We have to destroy that card!"

Yami watched intently as the card paused in it's chanting and grinned evilly.

"So, you wish to fight me, Pharaoh?" It glided over to him. "Didn't you learn that the hard way last time? I can't be beat!" It laughed as it reached out and touched his cheek. "If you remember, you lost everything that day. Do you wish to risk it again?"

Yami growled. "Anything for my friends!" He slapped the offending hand away.

"Friends, huh?" It laughed again. It glanced over at Yami Bakura. "You have a dark heart, why do you choose to help him?"

Yami Bakura bowed his head. "I've made a lot of mistakes. I chose the wrong path…but now, even if this is the end, I want to make amends for all of the horrible things I've done. And what better way then to get rid of you!" He lunged at the floating card, taking it down unexpectedly. "Yami! Get the gun! Hurry!"

Yami no Yume struggled against his grip but found it hopeless. With a wave of its hand though, it sent Yami flying onto the side of the ship. "You can't destroy me that easily!"

Ishizu gripped the cloth of her skirt tightly. "Yami! We can't win this way! Your item! It must be destroyed! I must seal them all away! You must restrain it long enough for me to do this! I need the power of my necklace!"

Yami picked himself up, rubbing his aching head. "How? It's too strong for us!"

"Duel monster cards! You have to use one! As long as Yami no Yume is alive, the cards can exist for real! Use the 'Spell Binding Circle'!"

Yami nodded and reached into his pocket. He flipped through an assortment of cards and pulled out the necessary one and another one, seeing as he had a plan. "Alright! Bakura, hold it down if you can!"

Yami Bakura was on top of the card, pinning it down. "Hurry up! I can't hold on much longer!" He ducked as a large piece of brick crashed just by his side.

The card's eyes were glowing and its cries of anger seemed to shake the very earth. The ground started to spilt around their feet. Téa and Joey were making their way toward Yami, while Ishizu remained by Kaiba's side.

Yami held up a card and began to summon it. "'Curse of Dragon', come forth!"

A light shone in the sky and the card began to take form. It swooped down over Yami, awaiting its orders.

"When I tell you, get my friends to safety!"

The card nodded and hovered by his side.

"Bakura, get out of the way, or you'll be trapped!"

Yami Bakura nodded. He waited till Yami began to summon the card and with one finally word; he dismounted the card. "Die!"

Yami called forth the trap card and froze Yami no Yume. "Now, Ishizu!" He threw her the necklace.

Ishizu stood up and caught the necklace. She closed her eyes and it began to shine.

Yami saw the ground beginning to split between him and Yami Bakura. He ran forward, holding out his hand. "Hurry! Give me your hand!"

Yami Bakura looked up as the ground broke away from him. All of this…my whole life has changed because of that card. Would it be better to just give up?

Téa watched as Yami Bakura just stood there. "No! Bakura, take his hand! Please!"

Yami Bakura looked over at Téa.  Was I happier alone? No…what's done is done. And for once, I truly have no regrets! He reached over and took Yami's hand.

Yami pulled as hard as he could, but something funny began to happen. His puzzle started to fade away, as did Bakura's ring. Yami knew what was happening. He looked over at his friends. "Goodbye…"

Yami Bakura's eyes widened as he felt himself fading away also. He smirked. He knew this was for the best. As long as Bakura was safe, he had done his job. Bakura would look after Tea and everything would be all right. He looked over at Tea apologetically. A light engulfed him and the real Bakura looked up in shock.

Yugi was now trying to pull him up. Joey ran over to his side, along with Téa as they began to pull them out of the ravine.

The card howled in pain as a tall building near them began to crumble.

"Curse of Dragon! Now!" Yugi cried.

The dragon scooped up the trio and flew off high into the sky. Yugi remained behind to help Ishizu get Kaiba into the ship.

Ishizu gasped as she felt herself weakening. She fell to her knees. "I can't make it…you can't carry us both. Please, get out of here!"

Yugi shook his head. "No…I can't do that! I –

"Need a hand?"

Yugi turned around and saw dark Marik behind him.


Yami Marik smirked. "Did you think I'd let Bakura get all the glory? Come on!" He lifted Ishizu up as Yugi began to lift Kaiba up.

Yami Marik flipped her over his shoulder and helped Yugi drag Kaiba inside.


Duke and Tristan were already inside, trying to fly the blimp.

"How does this thing work?" Tristan asked scratching his head.

Duke shrugged. "Just start pushing buttons! That's what I always do!"

With one final cry the card known as Yami no Yume exploded into a dazzling display of colours. It was finally over. But at what cost?

Yugi looked down and saw the real Aziz beginning to stand up. "Aziz! Hurry up! You can still make it!"

Ishizu turned around and gasped. "Uncle!"

Aziz smiled and shook his head. "I'm afraid that I've done too much to just live with myself. Look at what my greed has caused. This will be my final research on the card 'Yami no Yume' I'm through."

"What…what did you learn?" Yugi asked, tears stinging his eyes.

Aziz smiled widened. "I learned that no one can ever replace true family and that…friendship will always defeat the darkness. Now, my true work is complete." He waved. "Take care of my nephew and niece. I was the last of their real family they had." He put his hand down and began to walk toward the falling buildings.

"Aziz!" Yugi cried. It was too late. The buildings around Aziz crumbled, taking the man with them. Yugi looked away as tears fell down his cheeks.

Ishizu began to cry. "Uncle…you won't be forgotten."

As the last of the buildings toppled over, the blimp suddenly started up. Ishizu and Yugi began to hurry as the doors were closing. Yami Marik made it there first and held the door for them. Once inside, only one thought came to Yugi's mind.

"Who's flying this thing?"

High atop the 'Curse of Dragon' Téa, Bakura and Joey face-faulted at the sight that greeted them. Duke and Tristan were fighting over the controls of the blimp, causing it to zig and zag every which way.

"That's not a sight…you see everyday." Joey stated.

Téa nodded silently. She looked down at the real Bakura in her arms and her heart began to ache. "He's gone…isn't he?"

Bakura sat up in the girls lap. Tears were in his eyes. "Yes…I can't feel his presence anymore." He bowed his head.

Téa wrapped her arms around him and began to cry.

Joey was somehow able to control the dragon and positioned him on the deck of the ship. "Come on guys, we have to get out of here!"

Téa and Bakura nodded.

Joey jumped off of the dragon and held out his hand.

Téa took it in hers and jumped.

Bakura soon followed and they ran to the bridge.

Kaiba was now safe in the hospital, being looked after temporarily.

Ishizu made her way to the bridge also, seeking out Yugi.

Yugi turned to face her, tears staining his cheeks.

Ishizu sighed. "It was a great sacrifice, but we've finally regained peace. I must destroy the remains."

Yugi looked at her hopefully. "You mean, the card?"

Ishizu nodded. "Do you have it?"

Yugi frowned. "No…"

"I do."

Yugi turned to face Bakura.

"After it exploded, Joey lost control of the dragon and it took us right back to the spot we had left. A mistake, but a lucky one. Here." He handed Ishizu the crumbled remains of the card that started it all.

Ishizu took the pieces and walked over to the incinerator. "And now ends the darkness that consumed my uncle…forever." She opened the metal door and threw the pieces in there.

The remains soon burned away and a faint glow illuminated the room. Everyone turned around to see all seven the millennium items lying on the table near the side of the doorway.

"But I didn't…"

Téa approached them. "Yami no Yume…granted one final desire that was in everyone hearts.

Yugi smiled as he placed the puzzle back around his neck. He closed his eyes and entered Yami's soul room. Without warning the little guy jumped the spirit and hugged him tightly.

"Yugi!" Yami cried as he landed on the floor. He laughed and hugged his partner."

"I knew I wouldn't lose you for good!" Yugi smiled as he hugged Yami more gently then before.

"And I knew you would save us." Yami whispered, returning the hug.

Bakura looked over at the ring. His fingertips brushed against it. It was really here. Could now be the right time? He lifted it up by its rope and placed it gently around his neck. He closed his eyes and began to focus. He opened his eyes and found himself in a strange room. Then he saw a sight that made him smile.

Yami Bakura was leaning against the wall of the clouded room. He looked over in shock as he saw Bakura standing before him.

Bakura walked over to him and kept shaking his head. He couldn't believe he was real. He also couldn't believe he was finally meeting him. "Bakura…?"

Yami Bakura nodded.

Bakura held out his hand. "Good job, mate."

Yami Bakura smiled and took his hand in his. He then pulled Bakura into his arms and hugged him. He gently placed his hand on top of Bakura's head. "I'm sorry for all of the pain I've caused you. I do love you, you know. And I swear I will never let anything bad happen to you. I will protect you until you don't need me anymore…"

"I'll always need you." He sighed as he tightened his grip on Yami Bakura. "I love you too. He pulled away. "And I know someone else who loves you and is waiting for you."

Yami Bakura's eyes went wide. "Téa?"

Bakura smiled. "Come on, she's right beside me!"

The two merged into one and when dark Bakura opened his eyes, he was greeted with two warm looking sapphire eyes staring at him.

Yami Bakura looked down at the girl. "Téa?"

Téa gasped and then smiled. "It is you!" She ran into his arms.

Yami Bakura stumbled back a bit, but regained himself and wrapped her tightly in his arms. "I told you I had a promise to keep." He lifted her chin up with his finger and brought her lips to his.

Everyone smiled at the couple before they realized they were being watched.

Yami Bakura frowned. "Do you mind?"

Téa began to laugh and soon everyone, including Yami Bakura was laughing.

"Let's go home." Yugi said, smiling at the invisible spirit of Yami standing next to him.

Mai, who was now awake and recovered approached the group and sweat-dropped. "How are we going to explain it to those two?" She asked, pointing at Duke and Tristan, who were still fighting over the controls.

Joey laughed and put his arm around Mai, causing her to blush. "Well, at least they are heading in the right direction."

"I'm going to drive!"

"No, me!"

"No, I am!"

"I am!"

The blimp swerved from left to right as the sun began to rise. Making its shaky descent back to the square of Domino City.

A few hours later everyone was found in the lounge relaxing. Yugi was seated next to Joey and Mai. Téa was chatting with Yami Bakura and Yami Marik, Mokuba was by his brothers side along with Ishizu, and Tristan and Duke were still at the bridge, but Tristan had fallen asleep, and now Duke was steering the ship.

The door to the hospital opened and everyone looked up. Marik walked out slowly.

"How's Kaiba?" Mai asked.

Marik smirked. "He'll live." He took a seat next to his darker half. "So, what did I miss?"


Ishizu held Kaiba's hand tightly as the day went on. She never left his side, waiting for him to wake up. A light stirring caused her to look down.

Kaiba was beginning to open his eyes. He looked up at Ishizu and smiled.

Ishizu brushed his bangs away from his face. "How are you?" She asked in a whisper.

"Been better." He managed as he sat up, wincing. He saw Mokuba was fast asleep. He ran and hand through the boys' hair.

"I thought…I thought I lost you." She said, her voice breaking into tiny sobs.

Kaiba reached up and wiped a tear away from her eye. "Shhh…it'll take more then that to get rid of the CEO of Kaiba corp." He smiled.

Ishizu laughed through her sobs. "I love you, Seto." She leaned down and kissed him.

Kaiba kissed her back. They broke off the kiss. "I love you, too." He whispered as he caressed her hand. A frown suddenly formed on his face. "Did I just hear from outside that Duke and Tristan were steering my ship?"

Ishizu nodded, not really thinking much of it.

Kaiba sat up right, ignoring the pain in his side. "I'M GOING TO KILL THEM!!!"


The ship landed finally in the square and everyone began their descent. Tristan and Duke rushed over to the café where they had left Serenity, along with a fuming Joey and a laughing Mai. Pegasus and Odeon were also rescued and Pegasus returned to his home in America, along with the documents Ishizu returned to him.  Odeon returned to Egypt to await the arrival of his brother and sister.  Yugi and Yami headed home. Kaiba was taken to a proper hospital, with Mokuba and Ishizu faithfully by his side. Marik and Yami Marik were now standing alone with Téa and Yami Bakura.

"What are you going to do now?" Téa asked, eying Yami Marik.

Marik shrugged. "Well, my sister and I are going to be heading back to Egypt next week, but just to pick up some things, we're moving here permanently. As for this guy…" He jerked his thumb up toward Yami Marik. "Ishizu and I are going to let him live with us. As you said, he is human and we aren't going to just destroy a human. Uncle Aziz made him flesh and blood."

"So you'll be brothers, huh?" Téa giggled.

Marik and Yami Marik frowned and looked at each other then away in disgust.

"Let's not go that far, Téa." Marik said with a shiver.

Téa laughed. "Well, take care you two. We'll see you later. And Marik?"

Marik looked over at Téa as he began to walk away.

"Thank you for everything." She hugged Yami Bakura tightly, showing him what she meant.

Marik smirked and began to walk away, with Yami Marik trailing behind him.

Téa smiled up at Yami Bakura. "What about us?"

Yami Bakura smiled back as he ran his fingers through her hair. "I don't know." He leaned down and kissed her. "But isn't it traditional for a couple to date?"

Téa giggled. "Yes. Are you asking me out on a date then?"

Yami Bakura took her hand in his as they began to head back. "I guess I am."

"Then I accept." Téa laughed.

Yami Bakura stopped and turned to face her. "Téa, after all we've been through…I just want you to know…I don't regret anything anymore. I love you, and even though it was the hardest thing to convince myself of, I finally realized it when Ishizu began to seal the items.

"So, you aren't going to go after the items anymore?" She asked hopefully.

Yami Bakura laughed. "Well, it would be pretty pointless now. No, I'm going to do what I should have done five thousand years ago."

Téa furrowed her brow. "What's that?"

"Protect the Pharaoh. I was blinded by hate and vengeance, and I didn't take the time to see who the real evil was. When I saw Bakura and Yugi as friends, it made me wonder why couldn't have been that way for Yami and me. But fate is giving both of us a second chance and I intend to take it!"

Téa leaned against his shoulder. "I'm glad. After all, family and friends will always be there for you and it's better then being alone and in the darkness."

Yami Bakura looked at Téa and it suddenly hit him. "Téa …I can see you perfectly."

Téa looked confused. "But I thought you already could?"

"No." He shook his head. "It was still fuzzy. But right now I see you clearer then ever."

"I told you it would be alright." She sighed as she linked her arm around his.

Sometimes I wonder if a person admits their mistakes and finds redemption, that maybe that is the reason why their vision is cleared. Even a person with 20-20 vision, can still see things in a fuzzy light if they keep their hearts closed. If you open your heart, you can see anything you want to see and be anything you want to be. Bakura's finally realized that. And maybe…just maybe, 'Dark Dreams' aren't so bad after all…

The End