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Chapter 20:

And It all Came Tumbling Down

The palace began to crumble. Tea looked around her, trying to see if she could find Yugi. "Where are you, Yugi?" She cried.

A small muffled voice replied from the ground. "I'm over here. Tea, Pegasus is still alive! We need to get him out of here!"

Tea nodded and approached them. "What about Seto? We need to find him!"

"I'm right here! Don't worry about me!" He scooped Pegasus up and over his shoulder. "Come on! Let's get out of here!"

Tea started running for the exit. "I hope Joey and the others made it!" A small pain began to pound at her heart. Yami was gone. And there was no way she was ever going to get him back. "Yami…" A flash caused her to look up. "Yami?" She asked.

Yami nodded. "I'll always be with you, Tea. I'm sorry…that things had to turn out the way they did…"

Tea smiled. "At least your still here. That's what matters. I'll always love you."

Yami smiled back. "And I you, Tea."

The walls began to collapse around the group. Rubble was scattered everywhere and stones were crashing just over their heads. Soon there wasn't going to be a palace left.

Outside, Joey and his group were just making it out of a hidden passageway, miles away form the castle.

Bakura looked over and saw the palace starting to sink. "They're still in there! We have to do something!"

Joey frowned. "There's nothing we can do…it's up to them now."

Serenity hugged her brother tightly. "Joey…"

Marik and Ishizu looked at each other, totally speechless.

Mokuba began to sob. "Brother…no…"

Tea saw the exit and sighed with relief. "We're almost there!" She gasped as she saw the floor cracking up around her. She slipped and caught on to the edge of the stone. "Help!" She cried.

Yugi tried to pull her up, but the castle was still collapsing. "Tea…I can't!"

Tea saw how close they were to the exit and an idea formed in her head. "Yugi, jump. Grab the door. It's our only chance!"

Yugi nodded. He wasn't sure about leaving Tea alone, but if it meant getting them out of there, then he would do it. He gripped the wall tightly and lunged forward. He caught the metal handle and swung the door open. This gave Seto and Pegasus enough time to get out.

Tea used every last ounce of strength she had and pushed herself up into a standing position. She slid across the thin ledge and reached over to grab Yugi's out stretched hand. Finally feeling their hands intertwine, she jump into his arms and they ran through the doorway. Just seconds later, the whole floor in that room collapsed.

Joey, who was sitting on a sand dune, jumped to is feet. "Oh my god! The castle!"

Everyone watched as the castle crumbled to pieces, with dust covering the entire area. Then ran toward the mess, searching for their friends. Hoping against hope that they somehow survived.

Joey and Bakura entered the debris first. Not even a body could be made out in this dust. Joey lifted up broken stones while Bakura called out.

"TEA? YUGI? KAIBA? Are you guys alright?" He heard a noise coming from a particularly large stone. "Yugi?" He wondered. He tried to lift the stone, but his strength was shot. The millennium ring started to glow. "I'm stronger, let me do this!" Dark Bakura said, taking over. He lifted the stone off, tossing it over his head. He knelt down and lifted up a faintly breathing Tea.

Tea opened her eyes, wincing as she felt the pain and shock run through her body. "Did…did we make it?" She asked, weakly.

Dark Bakura smirked. "Somehow…"

Tea reached over to her side. "Yugi…he was here…"

Dark Bakura laid her gently down in his lap and lifted up a few more stones around him. He saw a familiar looking puzzle, which was shiny and brand new looking. Funny…but somehow, I just don't want to steal it anymore... He brushed the dust and debris away and lifted up Yugi's limp form.

Yugi also opened his eyes, and looked around. "Bakura? Is everyone alright?"

Dark Bakura nodded. He frowned when he noticed that they couldn't stand up. "Do you guys need to be carried?" He asked.

Joey approached them. "I'll help. I don't think they should be walking for a long time." He lifted Yugi up into is arms. "Man…you sure go through a lot, Yugi."

Yugi laughed weakly and winked.

Mokuba came running over, tears falling from his eyes. "Where's Seto? Where's my big brother?" He cried.

Everyone went silent. No other bodies were found.

Serenity perked up when she heard a noise coming from a very large pile of stones and bricks. "Wait…" She walked over to the sound, with Tristan and Joey, who was still holding Yugi. After moving another pile of debris, they saw Kaiba (Who was back to normal) and Pegasus lying unconscious.

Joey smiled. "That jerk made it…"

Serenity giggled. "Worried were you?"

Joey blushed. "Well…I can't afford to lose my best rival, can I?"

Everyone laughed.

Kaiba opened his eyes and saw Mokuba looking down at him.

Mokuba squeezed Kaiba tightly. "You're back. My brother is back to normal!" He laughed.

Kaiba smiled and laid a hand gently on Mokuba's back.

Mai knelt down beside a still Pegasus. "Is he alright?" She asked, brushing some white hair away from his face.

Pegasus groaned as he opened his eye. "My head….what…what happened?"

Marik approached him. "It seems that you got a little too power hungry. But it's over now. So let's just go home."

Tristan carried Pegasus on his back, dark Bakura carried Tea gently in his arms and Joey carried Yugi. Kaiba refused to be carried and stubbornly limped back, with Mokuba helping him.

The sun was just starting to set when the group reached the village. A party had begun and everyone was celebrating.

Amazida smiled. "Thank you for everything you've done boys! It'll take a while to rebuild, but I have a feeling that peace will finally be returning to Egypt." He bowed and sat at the head table where the feast was being served.

Joey, Tristan, Bakura, Mai, Rex, Ann, Duke, Serenity, Marik, Ishizu, Shadi and Mokuba all sat at the table, eating the delicious food that was being served.

Bakura glanced over at the hut near the table and gasped. He saw a transparent version of himself, smirking with his arms crossed. He stood up and walked over to his partner. "I've…I've never seen you before…"

Dark Bakura shrugged. "Well, I thought that since a played a part in this, it would be fair to join in the fun too."

Bakura smiled. "Does this mean you won't be stealing the items anymore?"

Dark Bakura laughed. "Yes." He paused and smirked evilly. "That is…unless I get board."

Bakura shivered but then laughed it off.

The door to the hut opened, startling the two silver haired boys. Tea slowly walked out. Her hair was down and she had no makeup on. She was wearing a long white robe with gold trimmings. She saw Bakura and smiled. "Hey, Bakura!"

Bakura smiled warmly. "Tea, it's good to see you on your feet again." He looked over and noticed that dark Bakura was still there. "I know she can't see you, but at least say hi to her somehow."

Tea cocked her head to the side. "Actually, I can see him. As well as I can see Yami. It's a gift I picked up." She smiled at dark Bakura. "Thank you for everything. It means a lot to us."

Dark Bakura nodded but said nothing more.

Bakura sighed. "So, how are Yugi, Pegasus and Kaiba doing?"

Tea opened the door, allowing Bakura to step inside. "See for yourself."

"No fair, Kaiba! You can't base it on that!" Came Yugi's voice.

Kaiba laughed. "I play this card then!"

Yugi moaned. "Yami, I'll get you for this!"

A faint image of Yami was sitting on the bed next to Yugi. He was laughing.

Pegasus was clapping his hands together and giggling. "Oh, this is so much fun!"

Bakura sweat-dropped.

Tea put her hand on his shoulder and titled her head toward him and whispered. "See?"

Bakura nodded and then shook his head. He started to laugh. This caused Tea to laugh too.

Everyone looked up at them

"Tea! We were wondering where you went!" Yugi said.

Tea smiled. "I just needed some fresh air." She limped over to Yugi. "So, how's the duel going?"

Yugi laughed nervously. "It could be better…"

Kaiba smirked. "I'm kicking his butt!"

Everyone started laughing.


A few days went by and soon it was time for everyone to leave.

"Marik, Ishizu. We'll miss you guys!" Yugi said sadly.

Tea hugged them both. She paused and looked at Marik, still holding him. "Where's your other half?" She asked.

Marik grinned. He held up the millennium rod, which he had borrowed from Yugi. "Well, since he's so much like Bakura and Yugi's Yami's I decided to give him a soul room too. With a little help form the millennium eye of course!" He smirked at Pegasus, who smirked back. He held up the rod.

"You'll pay for that Marik! I just wanted to have a little fun! Let me out of here! Don't you know I hate tiny place! MARIK LET ME OUT!!! Marik?…"

Everyone started laughing.

"Hello? Anyone…?"

His voice faded away as Marik handed Yugi back the rod. "Well, we'll be heading home now." He took Ishizu's hand and they waved good-bye. Shadi followed them silently.

"Wait!" Tea shouted, running up to Shadi. "Um, thanks for the help…you know back when we were in the puzzle?" She kissed him on the cheek.

Shadi blushed. "Just…doing my job." He muttered. He looked over to Yugi and nodded. "Till we meet again, little Yugi."

Yugi waved. "Take care you guys!" He turned around and looked at the group.

From left to right was Joey, with his arm around Serenity. Duke and Tristan weren't too far behind, both trying to stand next to her. Tea was next to Joey, with Bakura on the other side of her. Next to Bakura was Mai, who was kind of behind him and nearer to Joey. Rex and Ann were next to each other, blushing and holding hands. And just between Tea and Joey, he could make out a faint dark Bakura. Near the back were the rest of the duellists who had escaped the castle. And off to the side were Kaiba and Mokuba and Pegasus. Yugi smiled. "You know what? This would make a great picture for all of us!"

Tea nodded. "I agree! Anyone got a camera?"

A young boy approached her. "I do, Miss." He handed her his camera.

Tea accepted it with a smile. "Thanks! Hey, we can't forget them!" She called out to Marik, Ishizu and Shadi who were walking away slowly. They turned to look at her. "Come and join us! We're going to take a picture. They smiled and joined the group. "So, who'll take it?"

King Amazida popped out of nowhere, smiling brightly. "Allow me!"

Yugi looked puzzled. "Where did you come from?"

The king chuckled. "I was coming to say one final goodbye. I personally hate being in pictures, so allow me to take this one."

Everyone nodded and smiled.

"Ok, now everyone squeeze in together!"

Yugi walked up to the group and stood next to Tea. He put his left arm around her waist and his right arm was around Bakura's waist. Tea had her hands on Yugi's shoulders. Joey pulled Serenity close to him, while Tristan and Duke fought to see who would end up beside her. Tristan ended up beside her, with Duke kneeling in front. Bakura put left hand on Tea's shoulder and his right arm was around Mokuba. Kaiba was behind them; his hand was on Mokuba's shoulder. Ishizu was beside Kaiba, with Marik. Marik had his hand on her shoulder and she leaning a bit toward Kaiba. Pegasus was in between Kaiba and Mai. Rex and Ann were next to Mokuba, arms around each other's waist. Shadi was near Ishizu, just a little behind her.

And lastly were the Yami's. Even though they couldn't be seen, the ones that could see them would notice that Yami was kneeling down with his hand on Yugi's head. And dark Bakura had his hand on Bakura's shoulder. Both were smiling fondly at their partners. The rest of the group was in the back, leaning in and smiling brightly.

The king smiled. "Ok, here we go!" He snapped a couple of pictures. "Some of these will have to go in the paper!"

Yugi walked up to him and took the camera. "Thanks. Take care, your highness."

"You too." He winked before headed off with his guards behind him.

Everyone said their goodbyes and boarded the plane.

Tea looked out the window and sighed. Home…they were finally going home. She looked down at her hand. The ring was shining brightly. She remembered her more intimate moments with Yami. A tear rolled down her cheek. A finger reached out and brushed her tear away. She gasped. "Yami?"

Yami was smiling at her, sitting across from her. Just like in the beginning. "Tea, would you honour me with a date next week?" He said cheerfully.

Tea smiled widely. "Definitely!" She leaned in and kissed him. He placed his hands on her cheeks, pulled her closer.

As the plane took off, everyone looked out the window. The sun was high in the sky and shining brightly on the village. Off to the side was a sight that would make them never forget their crazy adventure. The ruins of the castle would become historic now. And everyone would always remember the Pharaoh who rose from the dead and saved them all.

Yugi looked down at his puzzle and smiled. Somehow, Tea wished that everything could go back to the way it was, when they were fighting Maxellus. And it did. Yami returned to him, the puzzle was fixed and Kaiba was his old cranky self again. And most importantly, Yami and Tea had each other now. And he knew they would never be alone again. And finally Bakura's spirit realized that sometimes friends are more important then your own selfish needs. Tea made him se the light on that one. She really was a remarkable person with a heart of gold.

King Amazida watched the plane sore off into the clouds. "Farwell my friends…" He turned to face the ruins of the place he once called home. He frowned and shook his head. "I need a bigger insurance plan…"

The End

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