Shuichi gets a pet

Warnings/notes : Yuki/Shuichi, third pov, slight fluff, slightly weird

Disclaimer : I don't own Gravitation. I also don't own scary movies with spiders in them (of which I'm really glad).

written at 15th may 2003, by Misura


Staring out over the city below him, he thought about -

Yuki hummed softly as the last chapter of his latest novel took shape, only two weeks late for once. His publisher would be pleased.

When he heard Shuichi's scream from the living room, he wasn't immediately alarmed. The pink-haired singer had a tendency to ... express himself rather loudly.

Probably some anime-serie on the TV had excited Shuichi. Yuki truly couldn't see what his pink-haired lover found so marvellous about them, but they kept Shuichi out of his working room for most of the afternoon which meant they had at least that quality, if no other.

- he thought about the -


He sighed. Ignoring this yell as well would only result in Shuichi coming to get him. So he supposed he didn't really have much of a choice ; drag himself to the livingroom, or be dragged there. Sometimes you simply couldn't win.

When he entered the livingroom he was surprised by two things : one being that the TV wasn't on. The other was Shuichi standing on top of a chair, seemingly on the verge of crying.

As soon as he noticed Yuki, his face brightened and he jumped down, launching himself at the author, who knew him well enough to be prepared for the impact.

"What's wrong, baka?" he asked, keeping the concern firmly out of his voice.

"I felt something hairy walk across my leg!" Shuichi wailed. "I'm scared, Yuki! What if it's one of those creepy spiders that kill and eat people!"

Yuki counted to ten, once again cursing the idiot that had thought watching horror-movies would be a nice way to pass the night and get his lover to glomp him without having to ask for it.

He should have known Shuichi would react like this. Next time, he'd try 'accidentally' renting some mushy romance-movies.

Ah well, another lesson learned.

"That movie wasn't real, baka. It was just special effects." He smiled/sneered at Shuichi.

"How do you know things like that can't happen in normal life?" Shuichi demanded. "You can't, because if it had happened no one would be able to talk about it because they would all be eaten and maybe - "

At this point in Shuichi's near-hysterical tirade, Yuki decided to resort to kissing those trembling lips, before Shuichi would burst out crying and give him a guilty conscience, as well as a headache. "Hush. Nothing and no one is going to harm you here, koi. I promise."

"But ... " Shuichi still didn't look convinced.

Yuki counted to ten again.

Since it *is* my fault he's like this, I suppose I can't complain about having to make him happy and bouncy again. Besides, I could use some distraction from my writing.

Or should I say : 'inspiration for' my writing?

"Maybe you ought to lie down a while to recover from the scare." he suggested, gently pulling Shuichi along to their ... his bedroom.

Shuichi blinked. "I'm not ill! Or tired! I'm always bored if you make me lie down, like that time when you said I had caught a cold and you ordered me to stay in bed all day."

Yuki lacked even the patience to count to ten this time ; here he was, offering a cuddle-and-a-bit-more-if-you-really-insist session on the middle of the day, while he still had a novel to finish and this pink-haired idiot was whining he'd be bored. *Bored*.

"I'm sure *we* can think of something interesting to do." he ground out.

Shuichi blushed, seemingly catching on to things. "Ooooh, you mean ... "

"Yes." Yuki sighed, already over his annoyance. Shuichi was simply so adorable when he was shy ; even Yuki couldn't stay angry with him for much longer than a few seconds.


[two days later, evening]

The romantic movies had been rent, the dinner-for-two had been ordered and, best of all, the unknown hairy-and-creepy thing hadn't showed up again. In short, everything was in place for a perfect evening. Yuki was looking forward to it.

His manuscript had been turned in yesterday, meaning he could entirely focus on Shuichi. Not that he'd let the pink-haired singer know that of course, but Yuki had promised himself some time exclusively for Shuichi before he'd start on his new novel.

That too was carefully kept from Shuichi.

"Yuuuuki! I'm hoooome!"

He pressed a key on his computer that changed the back-ground color to blue and waited for the door of his room to be run down. Shuichi seemed to be excited about tonight as well, since he spanned the distance from the front-door to Yuki's working room three-and-a-half seconds faster than usual.

"Baka." he scowled as a way of greeting.

"I love you." Shuichi beamed.

Yuki nodded once and turned back to his screen that showed a screen-saver by now. That nod meant to say both 'I know you love me so I'll never hurt you' and 'I love you too, even if I can't say it to you now'. For Shuichi, it was enough.