Shuichi gets a pet

Warnings/notes : Yuki/Shuichi, third pov, slight fluff, slightly weird, Tohma (ooc?)

Disclaimer : I don't own Gravitation.

written at 7th september 2003, by Misura

Chapter warning : animals being wildly ooc (worse than before), not very much Yuki/Shuichi


Being woken because a pouncing cat scratched its nails over your arm in a vain attempt to catch a mouse had to rank somewhere in the lower regions of Yuki's top-list of ways to start his morning. It was both painful to his arm and head, mainly because of the noises accompanying Jerry-kun's actions ; the high eep of Tom-kun and the low mewling of the cat himself.

Not even the prospect of Tom-kun's violent death and the following, utterly satisfying experience of kicking Jerry-kun out after that, could make up for his current agony, he was sure.

And of course, in the midst of this chaos, the door opened to reveal Shuichi, the one responsible for the start of all this.

"Close the door, you baka!" Yuki yelled, visions of the damage that could be done to his apartment if Tom-kun would manage to escape from this room. A ruined sleeping room was bad enough already ; he didn't want to have to redecorate his entire apartment.

Shuichi paled and complied, while several vases fell to the floor and shattered as Tom-kun tried to hide behind them. Yuki sighed and closed his eyes, wishing he'd wake up to find it had all been just a bad dream.

"Tom-kun! Watch out!" Shuichi shrieked. Yuki turned around to see the mouse having somehow ended up on the windowsill. In front of an open window.

Shuichi jumped forwards, his hand outstretched, almost at the same time Jerry-kun did. The cat reached their goal mere microseconds earlier, catching the mouse in its mouth and gracefully disappearing through the window.

"Jerry-kun! Tom-kun!" Shuichi yelled, staring down to see the tip of a golden tail disappear around the corner. At least the cat had survived the fall ...

The room went perfectly silent then, save for Shuichi's soft sobs that gradually grew in volume, until Yuki got tired of it and went to close the window and take his pink-haired lover back to bed.

Shuichi clung to him, which was, Yuki reflected in one of his last clear moments, a small thing to be grateful for to the creatures that had destroyed his sleeping-room.


[three days later]

For the first time in his life, Seguchi Tohma was worried for someone *not* his protege Yuki Eiri.

Instead he was worried for the author's namesake, the golden-furred cat he'd named Yuki for foolish, sentimental, but valid reasons. After seeing what had been done to Yuki's sleeping room, he couldn't blame Yuki for not caring about where the creature responsible had gone, but Tohma'd cared about the cat.

He wanted him back. Only he didn't have the slightest idea how he could accomplish that, except by hanging up posters and asking around if anyone had seen a golden-furred cat. Which he had done. Without any success.

Which had brought him here, to the park near the studios to eat his lunch and contemplate the unfairness of life in general and that of Seguchi Tohma's in particular.

Picking his bread apart he discovered he'd put cheese on it, again. He hated the stuff. On his bread anyway. He sighed.

And that was when he noticed the pair of golden eyes studying him.

"Yuki-kun! Is that really you?"

An impatient flick of the tail. A jump on the bench he was sitting on, followed by a quick snatch and a retreat, that left him speechless for a moment.

Did a *cat* just steal the cheese off his bread?

Shaking his surprise off, he quickly followed the golden-furred animal to another corner of the park where a paper box was standing on the ground, out of which two shy black eyes stared at him anxiousy. Yuki-kun halted, tossing his prize on the ground in front of the box and staring at Tohma expectantly.

"What ... "

Yuki-kun meowed, tripping forwards on velvet paws to nuzzle the shy mouse that had come out to nibble at the cheese. It was a very strange thing to see.

"Oh well, guess I have place for both of you."

Yuki-kun nodded solemnly, allowing Tohma to pick up the mouse and the box and walk them home, after calling the studios to tell them he'd be late.


"What should I call you, I wonder." Tohma stared pensively at the mouse sleeping so contentedly in the paws of what should have been its greatest enemy.

"Hmmm, since your companion's called Yuki, I guess 'Shuichi' would be an appropriate name to call you. ne, Yuki-kun?" He stroke the golden fur, to be rewarded with a soft purr.

Tohma sighed and went to his cold and lonely bed.