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~Learning To Live Again~

Chapter One:

The Journey Ends

The frightened teenagers descended a long staircase made of solid stone. Awaiting them at the bottom of the stairs was a coffin with millennium item shaped slots engraved in it.

Shadi, Ishizu and Marik were waiting to greet them.

Yugi stepped forward, lifting the chain of the millennium puzzle up and over his head. He clutched it tightly as tears began to slide down his cheeks.

It was finally over. The world was saved. The millennium items had been collected and now it was time to release the souls within and return the items to their resting place.

It seemed bleak at first when Yami Bakura had explained how he had been working for Zok Necrophedious all along. Bakura had taken that hard. Somehow…Yami Bakura had a change of heart suddenly and helped everyone defeat him. It was a noble sacrifice and one that no one would ever forget.

Bakura reluctantly walked up to Shadi and slipped the ring off of his neck. He did not cry, but he felt a small ache welling up within his heart.

Joey, Tristan and Téa stepped back as the duo stepped forward.

Shadi held out his hand, palm facing upright. "I thank you for everything you have done. You've sacrificed so much for us and now it's time to end your long journey. These items will be sealed away for good. No evil will ever be able to reach them again. Unfortunately, the souls within must be left behind as well. I know it is hard, but I must ask you to hand over your millennium items, so then can be placed within the coffin."

Bakura stepped forward. He held up his millennium ring. It's pointers jingling at the sudden movement. "Good bye…" He whispered as he handed it over to Shadi.

Shadi gave the ring to Ishizu, who placed it gently in the ring shaped slot. Shadi then turned back around and faced little Yugi. This boy was a legendary hero. With his courage and bravery, he and the Pharaoh overcame all obstacles and restored peace to the beloved planet earth. Yet, he was still in high school, fifteen years old and very naive. Shadi chuckled inwardly. Who would have guessed?

Yugi gulped as he watched Shadi stare at him, palm upward and reaching out to him. He knew it was time. The tri-coloured haired boy stared down at the millennium puzzle. Thoughts of old ran through his head. He remembered when he first put it together, first met Yami and when he thought he had lost Yami and the puzzle. So much…they had been through so much and now they had to say goodbye? Was it really that fair? Yugi allowed a few more tears to fall as he handed his puzzle over to Shadi. "Farewell Yami. I…I love you."

Ishizu placed the puzzle in the puzzle shaped slot and walked over to Yugi. "He knows..." She said softly as she touched the boys' wet cheeks with a slender tanned finger, wiping away his salty tears.

Shadi smiled. "Thank you everyone. And now I must ask you to leave so we can finish the ceremony."

Joey and Téa helped a sobbing Yugi as they ascended the stairs.

Bakura glanced back over, wondering if the spirit of the ring knew how he really felt about him. A small tear trickled down his cheek. "He wasn't so bad…" He said in a whisper.

As they made their way to the top of the stairs, a bright light began to shine, blinding everyone. The light grew brighter until it covered the entire room. After it started to fade away, two shapes could be seen near the coffin.

Yugi's eyes went wide as he pushed Joey and Téa away, running back down the stairs. "Yami!" He cried, running over to the still form lying against the coffin. The body was limp and the eyes were closed, but the chest was heaving up and down. He was breathing.

Bakura joined Yugi and kneeled down, staring at a limp Yami Bakura. "Are you alright?" He asked, shaking the boys shoulders.

The others chased after Yugi and Bakura as they ran back toward the coffin.

Téa stopped dead in her tracks as she saw a sight that made her think she was losing her mind. "Y…Yami?" She asked, a little unsure if she was just imaging it all. She ran over to him, hugging him tightly. "You're…alive!" She cried as she squeezed him tightly.

Yami opened his eyes and slowly placed an arm around Téa's waist, pulling her close to his side. He smiled at her. His eyes trailed over to Yugi, who was on his other side. He pulled him down into a tight hug.

Yugi looked up at Shadi. "What's going on? Why are they here?"

Shadi knelt down before the boy. "Yugi…these spirits haven't had a chance to find a new host, a new body to be reborn in. They've been starved of what every soul craves. Life. I think that the items took the forms they died in and brought life back into them. The items hold many magical powers; perhaps they can even grant wishes. Even I am unsure as to how they could exist."

For the first time ever, Yami noticed something odd about himself. He was in his Pharaoh grab, his tanned skin standing out against the contrast of his tri-colored hair. On his head was the crown he once wore. He stared at the bands on his arms and fingers. "This…is my real body?" He asked in awe.

Bakura also realized this and looked down at Yami Bakura. He was awake and staring at Yami. His hair was shorter and he had a scar across his right eye and cheek. His skin was also tanned and he wore his street clothing he wore when he was a thief. He sat up, rubbing a sore spot on his head where it was throbbing the most.

Téa pulled out of Yami's grasp and stared at him and then toward Yami Bakura. Her lids dropped slightly as she inspected the two Egyptians. "Hmmm, it'll take some getting used too, but you guys look pretty cool!"

Yami and Yami Bakura stared at her silently. They looked up and everyone was nodding. It seems they were accepted, no matter what they looked like.

Yami's eyes trailed over to Shadi. "I'm guessing this is how we'll look until we die?"

Shadi nodded. "Those are the bodies your parents bore, those are the bodies you will die in."

Yami Bakura closed his eyes slowly. The mention of his mother made a pain rush through his heart. He opened his eyes when he felt a hand on his back. He turned to see Bakura looking at him with much concern.

Bakura removed his hand and stood up. "Are you alright?" He asked, reaching out his hand to help the former thief up.

Yami Bakura stared at his hand for a moment, then reached for it and allowed him to pull him up. "I'm fine." He let go of his hand and walked over toward Shadi. He gripped his cloth tightly and lifted him off of his feet. "Is this some sort of joke? I don't want to be here! How could this happen? I thought I was finally free!" He threw the man down and walked away in disgust.

Shadi stood up and adjusted his robes. "I cannot change what was meant to be. I suggest you cope with it. I must go now. The ceremony will be held off temporarily. We will begin again tomorrow." He headed toward the stairs, ascended them and exited the tomb.

Everyone stared at Yami Bakura. His personality hadn't changed and he might be even more dangerous now that he was alive and able to touch things for real. Was it a mistake to revive someone with such evil thoughts? Didn't he save them from Zok? Maybe he deserved a second chance.

Téa was the first to break the long silence. "We left Kaiba and the others outside! They've been waiting for over an hour!"

Everyone nodded. The group headed up the stairs, taking one last glance back at the coffin, which held the millennium items. After a minute, they reached the exit and walked out into the blinding like of Cairo's desert.

Mokuba, who was giving his camel some water to drink, was the first to spot the group. "There they are Seto! And it looks like they have some new people with them!" He hopped off of the stone well he was seated on and ran to greet them. "Hey, guys! Ready to go?"

The group paused in front of Mokuba.

Mokuba scanned the faces before him. "Hey…why are there two Yugi's and two Bakura's?" He asked innocently.

Everyone exchanged looks. Yugi stepped forward. "Well, it's actually a long story. But let's just say…these two are the spirits that lived in the puzzle and ring." He pointed to Yami and Yami Bakura. Yami was nodding and smiling down at Mokuba; while Yami Bakura had his arms crossed and was way back behind everyone.

Mokuba smiled. "Well, it's nice to meet you!" He said, bowing politely.

Kaiba approached Yami and eyed him carefully. "So, this is the Pharaoh everyone keeps mentioning. You're the one who I've duelled countless times, aren't you?"

Yami nodded, allowing a tiny smirk to form on his lips. "Yes, it'll be an honour to duel you for real now.

Kaiba smirked. "Likewise." He looked at everyone and then turned away. "Well, the plane is waiting. Let's go." He didn't even glance back as he headed of toward the landing pad.

Téa turned around to face Ishizu and Marik. "Are you guys coming with us?"

Ishizu smiled. "I'd love too. But I promised Shadi I would help him finish the ceremony."

Marik laughed. "She means she'll probably join us later on. I'm coming though. We won't be needed anymore in Egypt, once the ceremony is completed. We've decided to start a new life in Japan."

Téa smiled brightly. "Wonderful!" She giggled. "Come on then. Let's get going! Ishizu, come as soon as you can! A big tournament is being held next week, with Pegasus hosting it. Kind of an apology for what he did at Duellist Kingdom. You and Marik should enter!"

Ishizu nodded. "Yes, we will most likely enter. It sounds like fun. And, I would like to have a 'word' with Pegasus anyways. Take care and we'll meet again soon. Brother, behave yourself." She warned the blond Egyptian.

Marik rolled his eyes. "Sister, I am not a little boy anymore. I think I can handle myself." He groaned.

Everyone waved goodbye to Ishizu and followed Kaiba to the plane. Finally the journey was over and everyone was going home.

End of Prologue