Forbidden Fruit
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Plot: Lust. Lies. Sex. Hate. Anger. Oh the joys of being a horny teenager.
Chapter One: Nightmare at Hogwarts School of Wizardry
Disclaimer: I don't own anything, except for the plot/idea/whatever you want to call it of this whole fan fic, so yeah, don't sue my destitute ass. I claim no rights to Harry Potter & friends.


She had an absentminded look on her face as she attempted to recall the details of her bizarre dream last night. She clung onto the vague images, hoping to find an answer as to why the dream had been haunting her sleep for the past month. She fiddled with a stand of her long, wavy auburn hair and struggled to pay attention to the temporary potions professor that was administering a monotonous lecture. Struggled as hard as she did, she became lost in her thoughts.


She was hurrying down a path in the forest when she felt that she was being watched. She quickly hastened her steps and turned around a corner. She closed her eyes for a bit when a smooth, cold hand cupped her mouth. She screamed, but no sound came out.

"Hush or they will find you and kill you."

She turned around to see him, his face, hiding under a dark hooded cloak.

"But -"

He placed a cold finger on her warm lips. She shuddered at how cold his finger felt on her lips. Fingers that was once warm and full of life. He leaned forward and kissed her softly on the lips and she felt herself getting weak.

"Get away from this place before it is too late," he warned her.

"But I can't leave you here. It's too dangerous," she replied, reaching to touch his face.

He caught her wrist and kissed it gently, slowly at first and then more passionately until he felt a sensation in his mouth. He pushed her hand away and looked away.

"Leave now or you will die. I can't let you die. Please, leave."

She stood there, staring at the man she loved. How could he tell her to leave when she loved him dearly? She reached out and pulled off the hood and gasped at her sight. The man she once knew was no longer recognizable. The brown hair he once had was now an eerie ashen gray color. The deep blue eyes that once sparkled were now a dull shade of sky blue. The olive complexion that once brought a mysterious aura about him was now drained of color color. Warm golden brown eyes met the dull, almost lifeless blue ones.

"How did this happen?" She looked at him with inquisitive eyes.

"I was betrayed by an insider," he replied, gently touching her face.

She closed her eyes and rested her head on his shoulders. She silently prayed that she was only dreaming and that they were both comfortably asleep in their home in London. 'This isn't happening,' she thought in horror and denial, 'I am not here. I'm dreaming. I am at home and all is right.'


"Ssshhh. Don't talk. I just want to kiss you good-bye before you go."

He placed his cold lips on her warm lips and kissed her with great passion. She felt herself getting weak once more, but she held onto him. His kisses became more passionate and they soon traveled down to her neck. He paused for a little bit and pulled away, but she pulled him back to her neck. He gave her a look, as if he was unsure, but he caught sight of her loving face and he knew that he couldn't let her go. He kissed her more and more until he felt the sensation growing in his mouth. She closed her eyes just as he gently slid his fangs into her neck. She felt a strange, yet wonderful sensation throughout her body as she breathed, holding onto him more tightly. She felt herself getting dizzy and opened her eyes one last time before muttering into his ear, "I love you Harold."


She was snapped back into reality when she sensed that someone was staring at the back of her head. She turned around and saw him leering at her. He had a smugged, superior look on his arrogant face. Anger quickly flashed over her face as she glared intensely back at him. He gave her the notorious Malfoy smirk and said aloud, "Why Granger, I know I make you wet your panties, but I couldn't possibly imagine fucking a Mudblood like you. I've got a reputation to uphold."

"Shove it, Malfoy," she replied.

"Or what?" Draco sneered.

Harry and Ron quickly turned around and came to Hermione's defense.

"Eat dung," said Ron, his face burning red with anger.

Harry took his wand out and pointed it directly at Draco. It was a risk he were willing to take. "Don't tempt me, Malfoy," he warned.

"Harry, don't. It's not worth getting detention over," reasoned Hermione.

"The mudblood is right, Potter. So heed her advice. You wouldn't want to get hurt by Draco and receive detention," quipped the dark blonde on Draco's right side, Pansy Parkinson.

"No one was talking to you, Parkinson," Ron rudely replied.


The students turned around and saw that the professor had stopped talking and was glaring at them.

"Mr. Potter, Mr. Weasley, Ms. Granger," snapped the professor, "What is going on?"

"Nothing, Professor Castalia."

"Have you paid any attention to the lecture? I must stress that this lecture on the Fidelius Charm is highly important since Professor Snape will be returning soon and he will administer both an exam and essay for your enjoyment."

The class groaned.

"This is bull –"

"Ron! Watch your language."

Professor Castalia turned around once more and replied, "If I hear another peep out of anyone, I'll deduct points from your houses."


"Professor Castalia is so unfair," whined Hermione, "I can't believe that she singled us out instead of Malfoy. I swear, Malfoy is so -"

"Handsome? Charming?" A familiar voice.

Hermione turned around and saw Malfoy, along with his two idiotic friends, Crabbe and Goyle.

"What do you want Malfoy?" said Harry as he turned around.

"Looking for a good ass kicking?" Ron inquired as he clenched his fists.

"Sod off Weasel. I've come to let Granger know to that she left this in the classroom." He held up a dilapidated maroon colored notebook with the initials, "HG," etched across in golden letters.

Hermione gasped. It was her journal. She could feel her blood boil as Draco held it above her head to see.

"Give it back you prat," said Hermione as she attempted to snatch her notebook away from Draco's hand.

Her hand touched Draco's cool hand and she glazed into his gray eyes. Never being so close before, she realized that his eyes had flecks of dark blue in them, reminding her of the man in her dreams.

Draco noticed her staring, smirked, and said, "Daydreaming about me, Granger?"

"Shut up Malfoy!" Both Harry and Ron said.

"Give me my notebook back," Hermione pulled, but Draco held onto it firmly.

"Not a chance mudblood. I think I'll hold onto this since it seems to be important to you."

Hermione was burning with anger. "I told you - never, ever call me THAT again." She took out her wand and pointed it at Draco.

"Hermione - don't. Professor Castalia is coming. Hide your wand." warned Harry.

She slid the wand back into her robe just as Professor Castalia walked by.

"What is going on?"

"Nothing, Professor Castalia," replied Hermione.

"Actually Professor, we were just discussing about your brilliant lecture," said Draco, "I was going over the finer points with Miss Granger and her friends."

Professor Castalia smiled at the flaxen haired boy. "It was a spectacular lecture, wasn't it? What can I say? This is why I deserve a full-time instructing position here at Hogwarts. I need to have a talk with Professor Dumbledore about a possible opening. Anyway, carry on before your next class begins."

Harry and Ron both tugged on Hermione's sleeves, but before she went, she said, "I'll be back for my notebook, Malfoy."

Draco smirked at her and thought, 'I won't make it any easier for you than I do for Pansy when she comes in late night for a quick romp.'

He laughed, a sinister idea already forming in his evil mind. He punched the two drones that stood by his sides and beckoned them to follow him towards Herbology.