Forbidden Fruit
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Plot: Lust. Lies. Sex. Hate. Anger. Oh the joys of being a horny teenager.
Chapter Twelve: The Lush Girls of Hogwarts High
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She finished packing after she had put out her cigarette. There wasn't much to pack to begin with since all she had brought along to Hogwarts were her school attire, a few pairs of socks, a handful of old bras and underwear, and a long gray tweed coat she received from her parents last Christmas. Hermione sighed and wished she had time to go shop for clothes more suited to her tastes in Hogsmeade.

Over the years, fashionable youth apparel shops began flooding the quaint town of Hogsmeade. There were now over 10 shops geared towards teenagers and young adults, eight of them for trendy and stylish girls such as the Patil sisters, Padma and Parvati. Hermione's personal favorite was Miss Selfridge, the British predecessor to the States' Forever 21. Although she adored shopping at Forever 21 while on a vacation in southern California, she felt the British were far more fashionable than their counterparts and preferred the genuineness of her British peers over the disdainful superficiality of southern Californians. Of course, she was aware that not all Californians were shallow and materialistic, but a majority carried on the charade and if it were not for Allan, she would have hated the time she spent in California. She briefly thought of the boy, reminiscing when she had snuck him into her hotel room and fooled around with while her parents were out having dinner at a gala. He instructed her on how to pleasure a man orally and as a reward, orally pleasured her. Eventually, he wanted to have sex with her, but she held her ground and firmly rejected his desires. When he did not stop making advances toward her, she petrified him and left him naked with his underwear on his head by the elevator at the end of the hallway. She heard a female shriek and giggled in delight as it was Allan's parents who discovered their "drunk" and asleep son laying naked by the elevator for all guests to see.

She thought what happened last night with Draco after she pulled her suitcase across her room and felt herself getting wet. Frustrated by this, she laid down on the bed, and began to induce self-pleasure.

She moaned as she imagined it was he that was entering her as she slid her middle finger into the moist opening. She twisted her finger around, excited by the warmth and wetness she was feeling. She pushed deeper and faster until she felt warmth all over her body and she knew she was going to climax soon but rapid knocking at her door prevented her from the much needed release she harbored.

She groaned in protest and asked for the person to identify theirself. She was going to hex whoever this unlucky person was for interrupting.

"'Mione, it's me, Parv. Open up, I need to talk to you."

Hermione sighed as she quickly pulled up her underwear and rubbed away the moisture that had formed between her thighs. Before she could fully open her door, Parvati had burst in, Padma in tow. Both girls, now fully grown, were more exotic looking than ever. Both had gorgeous long jet black hair, striking hazel-green eyes, and luscious pinkish red lips that beckoned to be kissed and sucked. Although the girls had toned petite physiques, their breasts were like full sized grapefruits and they willingly flaunted their genetic inheritance from Mrs. Patil. In the weekends, when they went out of school grounds, the twins wore outfits that would have made even the male teachers at Hogwarts lust after them.

Hermione knew that the girls had reputations as tarts, but Parvati in particular was even lusher than her sister. Padma had calmed down a bit after she began dating Fred, Ron's older brother, for the past few months and it appeared that she was smitten with him. George had briefly dated Parvati, but ended up breaking things off between them when he discovered that Parvati had necked his brother one night. Fred, of course, had thought he was kissing Padma and was strangely aroused when he realized that it was Parvati instead. Parvati was now dating the new seventh year student, James Fletcher, who was first assigned in the Slytherin House but was now assigned to the Gryffindor House, much to Parvati's delight.

"Herm, do tell us if this is true, but are you really married to Draco? It's been circulating around the school that you two are shagging it up as hubby and wife and I've been dying all morning to know," said Padma.

"Totally. James told me he saw a ring on Draco's wedding finger while they were practicing quidditch with the other boys and inquired him about it. Draco informed him, in a nonchalant manner mind you, that you guys were like, married! Oh my god, is that your ring? It's sooo beautiful! How many carats is it? I want a pretty wedding ring too! Oh I must tell Mummy and Daddy to get me one for my birthday, but preferably one that's bigger," Parvati squealed.

Hermione rolled her eyes at Parvati and shrugged. "Yeah, we're married, but we haven't shagged. Honestly, is that what matters to you guys? Whether or not if Draco and I screwed?"

Parvati and Padma giggled and nodded. "So? Did you or did you not? And if you did, was he as great as what every girl has said?"

Hermione was disgusted. She felt betrayed that she had almost succumbed to her human desires last night. She sighed and shook her head.

"Ugh, no we didn't shag last night, nor are we going to. It's a ceremonial marriage. Strictly business and no pleasure."

"Really? If I were in your shoes Hermione, I would not stop fucking Draco. God, he's so hot. My knickers get soaked when I think of him pounding me," moaned Parvati.

Padma looked disgusted at her sister's remark and replied, "You get bloody soaked whenever you spot anything with a dick between its legs."

Hermione giggled and Parvati gave her sister an angry look. "What is that supposed to mean? You're not a saint either Paddy. I've heard you and Fred in the Astronomy Tower the other night. Like two stray cats in the night."

Padma shot her sister a nasty look. She was still angered that her sister would deceive her in such a way and never fully forgave Parvati for almost having sex with her boyfriend. Hermione sensed that Padma was angered and ushered the sisters out of her room before they got into a fist fight. She was about to close the portrait door when someone from the other side pushed back.

Hermione stumbled onto the ground as Draco stepped in. The air quickly changed from light amusement to hostility. She glared at him as he stood in front of her.

"Are you ready? And what were those two sluts doing in here? I don't want them to taint any of my belongings."

"Excuse me. This is my room as well and they are not sluts. They've changed and are no longer the type of whore that Pansy is. I'm surprised that she hasn't passed off any venereal diseases to you, seeing how she has practically screwed every boy in Hogwarts. I wouldn't be surprised if she had a few professors under her dirty belt," she coldly responded.

Draco smirked and responded as he stepped closer to where she was sitting, "You didn't seem to hold much protest last night while I was on top."

Hermione stood up and slapped Draco hard in the face. He was compelled to strike her in return, but stopped himself.

"You bloody wench. That was unwarranted. Admit it, you wanted me to fuck you last night. You wanted me to pound that tight, wet cunt of yours. I can see it in your face right now. You. Want. Me. Simple as that."

"Lies, lies, lies. Who in their right mind would want you? I'm very certain all those girls you've slept with were drugged or worse, put under a spell, since no human being in their sane mind would want to be with you. You're the spawn of Voldemort. Evil and sadistic, just like him."

Draco chuckled. He had gotten used to all the possible taunts that anyone could throw at him. He knew very well that he had a sadistic and evil persona, but he also knew how to love. He had loved Pansy once, when they were young children, but as time passed on and as did her reputation as a strumpet grew widely known, he felt lost and betrayed by his feelings for her. Matters grew worse when he walked in on his father and Pansy one afternoon during the summer at the Malfoy manor. The sight of Pansy kneeling over his mother's cherry oak vanity table as his father, Lucius Malfoy, rigorously entered her while she tightly grabbed onto the edges of the table, all the while, smiling and moaning noisily. Lucius had made one final pound and groaned passionately as he climaxed inside of her. That very sight had abhorred Draco to the point where he stopped eating for days and avoided Pansy and his father for weeks until it was time to go back to Hogwarts. He felt intensely betrayed and resented both his father and Pansy for doing so. His mother was completely unaware of the affair her husband was having with her son's childhood friend and betrothed, just had Draco had been if he had not discovered them in the act. From that day onward, he knew then that that love should not be easily administered. It had to be earned, much like respect. But earning respect with Draco was a difficult task, so to love someone or to be loved by another was nearly impossible… until this morning.