3 Sept 03

Notes: Ok this is my first time writing a lord of the rings fic so the characters may not act like they are suppose to or whatever. Hopefully people will enjoy this fic but ah well who can say.

Broken Eternity

Chapter 1: The Beginning of the End

The dawn was beautiful that morning and the birds sung throughout the woodland realm. Leaning on his balcony, Estel let out a contented sigh and smiled. His family had just arrived yesterday to Mirkwood to visit King Thranduil and his family. The woodland elves were a peaceful sort and had greeted them kindly. Many had been shocked to see a young human traveling with Lord Elrond's family but had been kind to him. He knew that the Mirkwood elves seldom had dealings with men and were not to trusting of them. The alliance between elves and men had been broken long ago, and now both races were wary of each other.

"Estel?" Hearing his name he turned around and smiled at his elder brother.

"What is it Elladan?" He watched as the black haired elf stepped into his room and walked over to him. The other was regarding him curiously before he grinned.

"Today we are going on a patrol with the Prince and some friends of his."

Elladan watched as his younger brother eyes lighted up with glee. He laughed at the expression and shook a finger at him.

"Now remember the number one rule in a patrol is to hit the enemy and not your ally."

Estel's blushed and stuck his tongue out at him. "Hey that was an accident!"

"Are you sure of that brother? I remember that your arm's instructor was how to say delicately.extremely livid at you for shooting him in the thigh."

The two brothers turned around and saw Elrohir standing in the doorway. The other twin had a smirk on his face and his head was cocked to the side.

"Yes and it took weeks for him to calm down if I recall." Elrond stepped around Elrohir and regarded his sons fondly.

Estel could feel his blush deepen and sighed half-heartedly. His family was never going to let him live that one down and loved to tease him about it. He had been only 10 years old and not that great at archery. The sword is his better weapon and he had improved as an archer, but still his arm's master had given him evil looks. Hopefully one day his arm's master would forgive him but somehow he highly doubted it.


The white stallion shifted under him and the golden haired elf patted him. It was a lovely day to go patrolling and he could hear the other elves excited chatter. A few feet away he could see the twin sons of Elrond and his foster son. He could tell that the mortal had grown much since he had last seen him in Imladris. The mortal had been little more then a child and curious about everything. It had been an interesting visit and he was wondered if he was still the same way.

"Prince Legolas?" Turning from the brothers he looked down at the blond haired elf.

"What is it Ambardil?"

"Why is that human coming with us?"

Legolas could hear the bitterness in the other's voice. He knew that Ambardil's younger sister Alata├║viel had been beaten and killed by humans. Since then, he along with his family had a hatred for anything human. It was not fair to blame an entire race for something a few did but they would not listen.

"Because he is apart of Lord Elrond's family and his brothers wished for him to come. Do you have a problem with that?"

Ambardil sighed and shook his head. "No liege."

The prince nodded at him and turned away. He didn't see the flicker of rage that Ambardil shot the young mortal or he would have been concerned. He walked over to his steed and mounted.

"I take it that the mortal is coming with us brother?"

Turning in the saddle he glanced at his brother.

"Yes Loss├źdil."

There was rage and hatred glowing in his younger brothers brown eyes.

"Then we should make sure that this trip would be one he will never forget."

Estel could feel eyes boring into his back and he glanced around. Two blond elves caught his attention and he could see the malice in there eyes. For some reason they hated him and wondered about it.

"Stay away from those two Estel." Elladan spoke quietly and turning around Estel saw the concern in his gray eyes. "Those two have a hatred for humans and I do not wish for you to be around them."

Elrohir nodded in agreement. "Yes those two are the most untrust worthy elves in all of Mirkwood. I have heard tales about them being cruel to humans who have trespassed into these lands. All the tales have been grim and many elves do not trust them."

Elladan was looking at the prince and appeared thoughtful. "What I don't understand is why Legolas is even friends. Whatever the case maybe please be careful little brother."

Estel nodded slowly and decided to heed their advice. There was something evil about those elves and he didn't like it. He would stick close to his brothers on this trip and far away from those two elves. A sense of forbidding filled his soul and he had a bad feeling about this patrol a bad feeling indeed.