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**************************************************************************** ********

'Susannah? Jesse?'

I tore away from Jesse, and spun to face a glowering Father Dominic.

'Hello, Father Do-'

'Susannah! Please tell me that you did not just Banish Mr Slater's soul!' he said furiously, looking very scary for a priest.

'Okay, I won't tell you,' I answered weakly.

His face swelled and began to go a nasty red colour. 'Susannah! That was not the situation for a Banishment! Now Mr Slater won't be able to "be" any more! You have basically killed him! It is against our Catholic belief to banish an innocent-'

I snorted, and looked over at Jesse derisively, who was frowning still about the whole I'm-alive-and-Susannah-is-not thing. 'Father Dom, Paul was about as innocent as Satan setting a booby trap. I seriously think you need to get out more.'

He looked even more furious. 'But-But-But it's not the point! Under no circumstances must you Banish a living person! And-' he stopped dead, looking me up and down. 'Susannah . . . why are you glowing? You didn't exorcise yourself again, did you?'

I shut my eyes and sighed. 'Father, can we not talk about that now . . . I'm trying to forget about it.'

'Forget about what?' he asked abruptly, taking a step closer, and putting a hand on my shoulder.

'She's dead,' said Jesse bluntly, looking very solemn.

Father Dom drew a sharp breath, his eyes wide with horror. 'Susannah! No, it can't be! What will your mother say? And your step-family! How-'

'It was Paul's fault!' I shouted, my eyes brimming. I jerked from Father Dom's hand and crossed my arms. 'He put Jesse under the Curse of Darkness so Jesse was all evil and then he made Jesse stab mew with the Ghost Hunter's Knife but I didn't die because I wasn't a ghost and then we went to Paul's apartment or whatever in hell and Jesse . . . Jesse,' I drew a quick breath, 'Jesse . . . raped me, and then we had to go to this other place to see this Keeper of Souls dude, who, might I add, is a bloody sleaze, and I stabbed him, and now, everything is screwed up all because of Paul and I'm dead!'

I looked up, with the tears coming on heavy now, and saw that both Jesse and Father Dom looked bewildered.

They looked at each other. 'I only caught a few words, how about you, Father Dominic,' shrugged Jesse.

'Yes,' agreed Father Dom, and they both smiled a tiny bit.

That did it. I totally exploded.

'THIS IS NOT SOMETIHNG TO SMILE AT!' I roared at them, and I dematerialized promptly.

'Susannah, don't!' was the last thing I heard . . .

**************************************************************************** **

The beach is a really great place to think. I was listening to the tide wash in and out. It made loud, crashing sounds that echoed gently in my ears. Dark clouds were drifting slowly across the sky, where the sun was rising to a dreary dawn. My feet didn't even make footprints in the sand as I walked slowly across the shoreline. I couldn't even begin to describe the way that I was feeling. It was like something was churning deep within me, that was so terribly sad, so much so that I wanted to kill myself, but I was already dead, which made it infinitely worse. There was nothing I could do. Sure, I could go on haunting my house, but seriously, what kind of future is that? It was only now that I could really relate to how Jesse had felt as a ghost.

And now he was alive . . .

Living my life, no less.

Oh, I wasn't bitter. I mean, he'd been a ghost for a hundred and fifty or so years, he deserved to live, did he not? Then why did I feel so heart broken. No doubt he'd forget about me now. I mean, he probably wouldn't miss me if he moved out. I was going to be forgotten by everyone . . .

That was when I got mad . . .

I stopped walking along the shore. Shaking with fury, I seized a large shell from the sand, and hurled it into the water. It landed with a considerable splash.

'Is this what I get?!' I yelled at the sky, as the sun began to rise, 'After all these years, I'm plagued by these stupid ghosts, and after a life of sixteen years, you make me one? Well, I'm sorry, God, but you really SUCK!' On the word, I screamed as loudly as I could for several heart grabbing seconds. Once my throat was hoarse, I collapsed on the sand, crying.

I felt as though a candle in me had flickered and died, never to be rekindled again . . .

**************************************************************************** ****

Jesse's POV

**************************************************************************** *****

I watched her from afar, screaming and crying on the beach that she used to love so much. By then, the sun had cast a dull glow in the sky, and was starting to reflect along the still ocean. The calm after the storm.

It was tearing me inside to know that I'd caused her so much pain. I loved her so much, and in this hell land we'd just come back from, apparently, I'd hurt her in ways that I don't think even she could forgive me for. I felt despicable.

'Oh, Querida,' I said softly to her crying figure so far away, 'You are so young. You have your whole life to live. You have a sparkling spirit is being slowly destroyed. I can't let that happen. Oh, if I could give you this life back, I would. I want it more than anything to see you happy, because you are the only one I care about here. Oh, querida . . .'

It was about then when I heard a gentle whooshing behind me. I turned around, and to my shock, I saw a faint white light that was intensifying gradually. I stood there, speechless.

Then, a rich, holy voice sweetly sang out to me, casting me in a blissful spell.

"Jesse, your love is pure and is very famous up here in the land of good, heaven. Because of this beautiful devotion to Susannah, we are offering you something that we want you to think about with great caution . . . Do you want to hear our proposal?"

I stopped dead. 'Yes . . .' I breathed . . .

"Well, we are willing to give Susannah her life back, but you will return to ghosthood, Jesse. Are you prepared to make this sacrifice? We all know about how desperately you've wanted life again to be with Susannah, but there are some things that were not meant to be. This, however, is where we get involved, for things that come in the future. If you decline our offer, you will possess all of Susannah's mediator powers, because there was much expected of her before this tragedy. But if you accept, everything will go back to how it was before. Maria Da Silva will not come back, but I am afraid that Paul Slater will. However, that is something you will have to live with. He is suffering at the moment past his worst nightmares, undergoing pain that he has never experienced. Which is stronger? Your love for Susannah, or your hate for Paul? Choose now . . .' I was blown away. This was big. I hadn't expected something like this to happen when I wished for Susannah's life. I mean, I immediately knew the answer; my dislike of Slater could not even be compared to my love for my querida. But . . . bringing Paul back . . . That would only cause Susannah pain, although, not as much as she was enduring now -

'Done,' I said. 'Bring her back. I will be a ghost again.'

I felt very hollow, and my voice was choking. It wasn't fair . . . I was alive, and so quickly, life had been robbed from me. but, this was for my amor, so there was no doubt what my decision was going to be.

Nevertheless . . .

"Yes, Jesse, it shall be done . . . Best of luck with your death. We are sorry."

'I bet you are,' I said, as the light began to fade. I felt my life fade also, until I looked at my hands, and saw that they were transparent again. When the light had disappeared completely, I quickly searched across the shoreline for Susannah.


She'd collapsed on the sand!

'Susannah!' I ran over, shouting. Sand flew into my eyes, which mush have looked strange for any living witnesses, but my querida had fainted!

'Susannah . . .' I scooped up her limp body. To my half delight, half disappointment, I saw that she was most definitely alive again. Her face was frozen in an expression of deep misery. I trickled a finger down her face, and brushed a strand of hair out of her eyes.

And then I kissed her . . .

It was a gentle kiss, forlorn and impulsive. Her eyes flickered, and opened slowly.

'Jesse,' she whispered, and before I could say anything, she jerked up, managing to knock me in the head.

'Jesu Cristo!' I cursed silently. I did not want to get on the wrong side of Susannah. Then, she got to her feet, looking horrified.

'Jesse, you're d-'

'Yes, querida,' I said, not looking at her, 'I'm dead.'

**************************************************************************** **

Susannah's POV

**************************************************************************** **

I blinked. What the hell was going on? I was dead last time I remembered, and now Jesse was too! We were both ghosts! We -


My eyes caught sight of my hands. They were no longer glowing in that spectral way that only ghosts can.

Like, oh my God . . .

I was ALIVE!

I began breathing very fast, as I bubbled with ecstasy. I wasn't a ghost! I was going to talk to Gina and CeeCee and Adam and my parents and my stepbrothers again! I wasn't going to spend the rest of my existence being a lost spirit. I jumped in the air, screaming in joy. You have no idea how happy I felt. It was like having a favourite toy that you take for granted, and accepted as something that you'll always have, and then it is taken away from you. Then, just as you were beginning to mourn the loss of something that you had been so happy about, it was given back. When I was all yelled out, I turned to Jesse, and threw my arms around Jesse, hugging him with all my strength. His chin rested on the top of my head.

'Oh, Jesse, I'm not dead! I'm . . . how though? I didn't know that you could be resurrected! This is like, totally freaky. What is going on? What hap-'

I stopped babbling, as I suddenly realized exactly what had happened.

'Oh, Jesse, you didn't,' I said, pulling away from him.

He looked at me with an inscrutable expression. 'Querida, I had to.'

I put my hand on my mouth. Oh crap! I couldn't believe what I'd done to him. In a hundred and fifty years, he'd never had life, and now, I had taken it away from him. Unbelievable . . .

'No, you didn't. I would have gotten over it. I don't deserve life as much as you do,' I said. Why were my eyes so wet?

He let out a growl of frustration. 'Susannah, you have a purpose. You are not here on this earth for show, there are things that must be done by you, and by you alone. I traded my life for yours, because of this. But mainly, of course, because I love you.'

That took a few seconds to sink in. About half a minute later, I finally registered that he'd used the 'L' word! I wanted to say, 'Really?! Me too!' but all I could get out was a 'Jesse . . . ' Suppressed exhilaration brewed in me. Then, just as the sun was rising higher over the ocean line, casting vivid orange reflections on the crystal water, and shooting burning golden rays into the sky, lining the clouds, he seized me by the waist, pulled me against him almost roughly, and kissed me zealously. His hands gripped the small of my back, and somewhere around my shoulder blade as if he was holding onto a rope on the edge of a cliff. Oh, this was a dream. I had slipped into heaven, and I never wanted to fall from this cloud of rhapsody. He loved me. They say that actions speak louder than words. But voices can be very loud too.

And right now, my ears were ringing . . .

**************************************************************************** *************

Jesse's last POV

**************************************************************************** *************

I had waited so long to do this.

I probably should have told her about what I saw just then, but I didn't want anything to spoil the moment that my querida and I were sharing.

But I still, by then, didn't know the full extent of what Paul Slater was capable of.

I am a foolish man . . .

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