Note: not really based on the movie. AND I wrote this on my way to brain surgery last week. So I was nervous and couldn't think straight. Constructive criticism is welcomed.


Titanic, bold and true
Rising from the Atlantic, blue
Loading in Belfast
Going to America at last

From bow to stern
So much to learn
Mr. Andrews designed you
Mr. Ismay owns you

Ship of Dreams, that's what you are
New York awaits, you will travel far
People were happy. People were overjoyed.
How could they know all they were to leave was a void?

Crashing through the wide ocean
Traveling with the smoothest motion
One fateful night
Crew takes fright

"Iceberg, right ahead!" Fleet did shout
"Hard to starboard!" Murdoch no longer had doubt
The ship would sink. In an hour, two at the most
All the splendor would lie beneath the Atlantic, like a ghost.

You only sailed on, metal splitting
But you didn't see the crew quitting
The captain ordered lifeboats be swung out and ready
When loaded, the officers found them hard to steady

Titanic, sinking faster and faster
The lifeboats the officers couldn't master
Oh the fear your passengers felt
How could they bear the blow they had been dealt

Filled with sadness now
Gone is the bow
2:20 You're gone forever
Will we forget? Never.

Lives torn by death
Taking their last breath
Trying to save others and themselves
When you sank beneath them in 1912