Chapter V – Pray the sky will not fall on our heads

As the days flew by, Legolas began to heal albeit slowly. Much to Aragorn's dismay, they continued to be made to work at the power factory. His friend was obviously not doing as well as he let on and the ranger had awoken one night, to find Legolas sleeping with his eyes closed. The elf had been waiting till the ranger fell asleep, before he gave in to sleep himself, so that his friend would not worry.

He could imagine the amount of pain the elf must be in, in his battered state and having to carry heavy loads of coal or working like mules.

Legolas lifted a hand to wipe the sweat from his face and his sharp elf eyes caught something which other's had missed.

Fine hair line cracks were radiating out from a larger crevice in the stone ceiling. Legolas did not know much about stonework but he sensed that such a thing was not a good sign.

That night, he voiced his concerns to Aragorn.

"Have you noticed that the place is falling apart?"

Aragorn turned to his friend, mildly surprised. He thought over it for a while. And his eyes lighted on the ceiling.


Following his gaze, the elf looked up and much to his dismay, noticed that the same kind of cracks formed a pattern on it.

"There is nothing we can do but pray it does not fall on our heads."


It was mid afternoon when at last disaster stroke. A loud crack was heard throughout the place and then crashes could be heard at intervals. The place was collapsing.

Aragorn was working next to Legolas at one of the large wooden axles when bits of stone began to fall like snow onto them. Acting fast, with all his elven reflexes, the elf pulled the both of them under a protruding bit of stone. He thought grimly to himself, as the entire ceiling proceeded to dislodge itself from its original position, that he should have prayed harder.


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