A co-op fic by thew40 and Brimstone

The characters and places featured in this story are the property of their owners, not the authors. This story has been written for entertainment purposes only. Thew40 and Brimstone created the Jewel of Amara exclusively for this fic. If for some reason you want to use it, please ask us.


Skeletor slowly stalked the dark corridors of the Mutants base on Denebria. In his hands he held a small red gem. As Skeletor stared at the glowing gem he began to consider weather he should allow Brakk control of the gem's power. Skeletor looked up from the gem as he reached the twin steel doors that led to Brakk's command room. Skeletor quickly placed the gem in to a small pouch on his belt and then opened the doors and entered the room.

In the centre of the room sat around the large round command table were Hoove, Kalamarr, Quakke, Staghorn and of course, Brakk himself. Brakk was furious as he glared at Skeletor as he walked in to the room. Skeletor smiled to himself as he sat down. It always pleased Skeletor to allow Brakk believe that he followed his orders even though in reality Skeletor had the power to crush Brakk and any other Mutant that tried to stand in his way in his quest to gain the ultimate power of the universe.

"I'm sorry I'm late," said Skeletor. "I had something......"

Brakk held up his hand to silence Skeletor.

"I do not need to hear your excuses," snapped Brakk. "I have heard enough already." Brakk then turned to the other Mutants. "Now who would exactly care to tell me what happened?"

The Mutants quickly shared glances with each other before Hoove slowly raised a hand.

"We had managed to get past the Primans defence shields in the Terrorpod and were heading towards the capital city," Hoove began to explain. "However we were attacked by a fleet of attack craft piloted by the Galactic Guardians. As we were outnumbered we had no choice but to abandon our mission and return to Nordor."

Brakk let out a small smile.

"If you were outnumbered, how do you explain this?" said Brakk as he pressed a button on the control panel in front of him.

Instantly a holographic image of the Terrorpod appeared. It was shown flying through the sky of Primus suddenly a small one manned Bola-Jet appeared behind the Terrorpod. The Terrorpod opened fire on the Bola-Jet but the pilot easily dodged the energy blasts and returned fire. The Bola-Jet scored a lucky shot on the Terrorpod. The Terrorpod launched a smoke missile. The missile exploded sending a cloud of thick smoke out in front of the Bola-Jet. As the Bola-Jet was in the middle of the smoke cloud the Terrorpod changed its direction and flew away from Primus.

Brakk pressed another button and the image vanished. Brakk then slowly turned back to the Mutants. Each of them tried not to make eye contact with Brakk. This made Brakk even more furious.

"GET OUT OF HERE YOU INCOMPETENT FOOLS!!!" snapped Brakk as he shot up out of his chair.

The Mutants couldn't move fast enough to get away from Brakk's wrath. Once the Mutants had left the room Brakk heard the slow sound of clapping. Brakk slowly turned to see Skeletor who remained sat in his seat.

"What are you still doing here?" snarled Brakk.

Skeletor slowly rose out of his seat.

"Brakk my dear fellow," said Skeletor as he faced the leader of the Mutants. "You should really remember I am not one of your moronic half-wits."

"You may not be a Mutant or a Priman. But you are still under my command. And I demand that you follow my orders!"

Skeletor let out a small chuckle.

"You are truly as stupid as you look," Skeletor then raised his hand and a blast of energy shot from his fingers and Brakk was thrown through the air. As Brakk hit the ground he looked up through dizzy eyes to see Skeletor walking up to him his eyes glowing a bright red. "I FOLLOW NO ONE'S ORDERS!!! I AM THE OVERLORD OF EVIL," Skeletor's voice echoed throughout the room. "You truly have no idea what power I command."

"W-W-What are you going to do?" said Brakk trying to hide the fear he felt. "Are you going take control of the Mutants?"

"I have no need for more bafoons," said Skeletor. "I have plenty waiting for me back on Eternia. No you will remain in command. All I need you to do is destroy He-man for me."

"Anything you command Skeletor," replied Brakk pulling himself off the ground. "But how can we do this? He-man has beaten back every attack we throw at him."

"There is one thing you haven't tried," said Skeletor as he removed the gem from its pouch on his belt. "This is the Jewel of Amara. It lay hidden under Eternia's surface for thousands of years, that is until I found it. Little did they know what power this tiny gem held."

"And what is the gem's power?" asked Brakk.

"The keeper of the Jewel of Amara has the power to turn the fear that lies in a person's heart in to a weapon against that person." explained Skeletor.

The instant Skeletor had finished Brakk began to plan a use for the Jewel of Amara.