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The Forgotten

Chapter 45: The Final Battle Part Two.

The huge cloud of dust and ash covered the sky and ground with its mass and for minutes everyone was silent, awaiting the calm after the storm. Many thoughts ran through their minds but one thought alone ran through one single person mind. That person was Gale Amber. The thought, was Stratus okay? The dust settled and revealed the aftermath of the huge explosion. The land had been completely destroyed, save for the occasional patch of floating land that where now small island's.

"I don't see him!" Gale cried as she gripped the barrier on the deck of the Highwind. She threw her head round frantically, searching each island for any sign of her boyfriend and the planets new hero.

"There!" Tifa shouted as she spotted a small dark blotch on a far island before them. The Highwind got closer and they saw that an arm and half a body had been thrown over the edge of the land and was gripping to it tightly. He was laying face first in the ground but his blond hair proved him to be Stratus Strife. Gale didn't waste anytime and threw herself over the edge and landed with all her grace on the ground before running to his side. She grabbed his arm and pulled him further onto the land before flipping him over and checking his pulse. It was light but still their so she quickly tipped his head back and poured the first potion down his neck, followed by a second and a third before his eyes slowly opened.

"Stratus!" she beamed. "You did it. We won. You won."

"Ugh." Was his response and then he closed his eyes again. By this time the others had arrived and surrounded the young couple.

"He's fine." She said to them as they waited patiently.

"So it seems." Red replied.

"He is one hell of a kid." Akira spoke.

"Just like his dad." Tifa smiled.

"Hey!" Cloud protested. "I ain't no kid."

With this the crew began to laugh and all their troubles seemed to fade for the time being.


The crew immediately after their laughing died carried Stratus back on board the Highwind and paid their respects to their fallen companions, Blain and Piper, before leaving the area and heading back to Costa Del Sol. They landed shortly there after and Gale and Cloud carried Stratus to his bed for some well-deserved rest. The rest stood around in the living area whilst Lance went to find Luna and inform her of her fathers demise.

He soon found her in the local item and food store and approached her as she was continued shopping, unaware that he had arrived back. He snuck up behind her and took her hand, as she was about to walk off. She jumped at first then relaxed when she saw him before flinging her arm around him.

"We need to talk." He whispered into her ear after hugging her back.

"What is it?" Luna paled. "What happened?"

"Come on." He lead her out of the shop and round a corner before turning his gaze back to her as tears welled in her eyes.

"Lance." She pleaded.

"It's your father." He said slowly.

"Oh god." She cried and the tears began falling freely down her face.

"He died saving me." Lance continued. "I'm so sorry. If I just was paying more attention maybe I could have done something."

"No." she crumbled to the floor. "It's not your fault. Don't you ever think that!"

"Luna." He stopped and closed his mouth again, not knowing what to say.

"Where will I go?" she asked as the tears fell to the floor in little droplets.

"Your father told me to take care of you Luna and I intend to do so. You can stay with me. In Corel or where ever you wish."

"Will Barret let me?" she sobbed.

"Of course he will." Lance knelt to look her in her face. "I will never let anything happen to you. I promise."


The air was stuffy and hot to her fair but she continued on, getting closer and closer to her destination. Her cubs at her side where also panting from the intense heat but they where tough little ones. Just like their brave father. Nanaki. Behind her and her cubs where the remaining survivors of the Rebels that had survived the bombing of their new home that now lay in ruins. She had heard the planes before they got too close and ordered an evacuation. Most had survived.

"Where almost their." She heaved as she continued to drive forward.

Soon they arrived at the gates to Costa Del Sol where she finally was able to find shade, along with her cubs.

"Go and find Nanaki." She ordered. "Tell him we have arrived."

The rest of the followers pilled into the beach resort of a town and began searching for said beast.


Stratus opened his eyes to see Gale staring down at him with her bright smile that he never got tired of seeing. In act he had barely seen it in the entire journey but he cherished every time he did.

"Hey sleepy head." She said softly.

"Hey." He replied. "How long have I been asleep?"

"Not too long." Gale answered. "Not long for someone who had been through what you have anyway."

"How is everyone?" he asked whilst rubbing his eyes.

"Fine. Red's wife arrived earlier with the rest of The Rebels and their cubs. They're very cute. I never got the chance to se them the last time."

"Great." He smiled. "Maybe we can adopt one."

"You now what you just implied?" she asked rather shocked.

"Course." He smiled back.

"Well even so I don't think Red or Shika would allow it."

He laughed. "No I don't suppose they would."

"Well you should rest some more. There's only so much a cure spell or potion can do." She kissed him before leaving the room.

"I guess." Stratus lay back down and looked up at the ceiling above him. "You did what you said you would Piper. You died for the planet. But I suppose you intended to do that in the first place."



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