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Seto was sitting in front of his laptop when he heard the knock on his office's door. 'That must be Mokuba with the newest applicant. I hope she's more suitable than the last girl was.' Seto thought silently.

"Enter." He said without looking up.

Outside the office, Mokuba opened the door. With a smile he indicated that it was okay for Serenity to go inside. With a nervous smile, Serenity stepped into Seto's office. And found herself staring into the bluest eyes ever.

For Seto it was like a strange case of deja vue. He had looked up to see the girl entering his office and stared in shock. It was the same girl form the hospital.

Both of them stared at each other for a moment before exclaiming.


Serenity couldn't believe it. The handsome guy she had bumped into at the hospital was none other then Seto Kaiba himself. For several minutes they continued to stare at each other before Seto was able to look away. He couldn't believe what had just happened. Quickly recovering his demeanor Seto began the interview.

"So you're here for the position of my personal maid. Alright what is your name?" asked Seto.

"Serenity. Serenity Wheeler." Said Serenity.

That caught Seto off guard. How could this lovely creature be related to that dog Joey? To cover up his shock, Seto replied in his usual manner.

"Wheeler! Don't tell me that you're related to that dog?" he said.

"My brother is not a dog!" Serenity said angrily.

Her brother! She was Joey's sister. Now that Seto thought about it, he remembered something about her being mentioned during duelist kingdom. 'There is no way I'm going to fall for Wheeler's sister.'

"How appropriate that Wheeler's sister should work for me. I'll you right now that the only reason you're being hired is because of the difficulty finding anyone for this job." Said Seto.

Serenity nodded in understanding. Mokuba had said pretty much the same thing. For the first time Serenity wondered if she should really be taking this job. But she had come this far, so she might as well go the rest of the way.

"Just what will be my duties?" she asked.

"Mainly taking care of this floor. Marie will tell you more precisely what that entails. You will also receive a uniform from her as well." Said Seto.

Seeing that she was being dismissed Serenity walked out of the office. Seto waited until the door was shut before breathing a sigh of relief. Through out the entire interview Seto had had to fight the urge to gather Serenity up in his arms.

"What am I thinking? I can't be seriously falling for Wheeler's sister."

Downstairs in the kitchen, Serenity was being introduced to Marie. Serenity had taken a liking to the older woman instantly.

"Well my dear I am glad to see that master Kaiba was finally able to hire a new maid for his floor." Marie said handing Serenity a cup of coffee.

"Thanks. Kaiba told me that you would tell me what my duties would be." Said Serenity.

"Just cleaning the rooms on that floor. I will tell you one thing though. Master Kaiba has been known to ask his maids to occasionally to take down letters for him. Now if you will follow me I will show where you can change into your new uniform." Said Marie.

Marie led Serenity to a private changing room where several maid uniforms were hanging.

"Just find one in your size dear and try it on. Once you are dressed you can start your duties." Smiled Marie.

"Thank you." Serenity said as she closed the changing room door.

To Be Continued.