As Real As The Imagination
Author: Gothic Spook
Rating: PG
Key words: DRF & DRR (eventually)
Category: Case file
Summery: John and Monica go on a case were peoples worst nightmares become reality.
Disclaimer: Don't belong to me. Property of CC, 1013 and FOX. Yada yada yada.
Spoilers: none really. Maybe season 9
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Authors note: This is my first case file story, so let please me know how I did.
Dedication: To my very best friend Alex who forced me to submit this. Thanks : )

We have to get out of here!' Amy yelled to her boyfriend. She was frantically going through all the wardrobes and drawers, grabbing all the clothes she could and throwing them into suitcases. Daniel, her boyfriend, was looking on confused. She looked scared. Panicked. She didn't stop as she talked. She just kept putting as many clothes as should could into a suitcase.

Why? What are you going on about?'

What does it look like I'm doing? I'm packing you air head! If we stay in this town any longer it will come after us, just like it got Lauren from next door. She yelled as she took some more shirts about of the top drawer.

Lauren? What on earth are you going on about? She died last week. He was beyond confused. Amy gave an aggravated sigh. He just wasn't getting any of it. He hadn't made the connections.

Haven't you noticed how people keep dying and accidents keep happening? Everyday something new happens! People die and people get hurt. She asked him, clearly aggravated by everything that was happening.

Well, yeah, but all of that is just a huge coincidence. He tried to convince her, but she wasn't listening to it. She continued to pack.

My ass its a coincidence! Lauren died of a snake bite, she had a fear of snakes her whole life and she had nightmare when she was little about them. Steven from down the road was afraid of wasps and was just suddenly attacked one day by a whole swarm which appeared out of know where. Does all of that sound like a coincidence to you? She couldn't believe that he didn't understand.

Well no ... I mean yes ... I mean ... Oh hell I don't know. But I'm sure it can be explain by some logical explanation!

He tried to convince her, but there was a part of himself that believed her and what she was saying. The more he thought about it the more it made sense, everything that had happened was to much to be a coincidence. Wasn't it? He looked at her, not sure what to think or what to believe. In her eyes, he saw the fear, and that was all he needed to make up his mind. He started to pack his clothes and as many belongings as he could into a small suitcase. Both of them picked up their bags and went outside towards the car, when they walked out the door they could see what looked like a blue fog descending over the town, going into people as they breathed naturally.

We have to go now! We can't let it get us! Amy yelled in panic at him.

Grabbing his arm, they both ran as fast as they could to the car, they through their suitcases into the back seat and buckled themselves in. Daniel started the car and began driving as fast as he could, he frequently looked into his rear view mirror, he could see some of the fog following the car, this only made him increase his speed. As he drove faster the fog came closer.

Hurry up, its gaining! Amy was yelling at him.

He looked in the mirror to see how far away the fog was, but it was to late, it had caught up with the car already. It enter through the vents and was breathed in. All of a sudden a car came out of no where and smashed against Daniel and Amy's car. The passenger were instantly dead, the car a total wreck, pieces of broken glass and metal all over the road. However the car that had smashed into them was no where to be seen.

Monica woke up in a cold sweat, she had had that dream again. Where she is buried alive. She screams, from inside the casket, at the people around the grave for help. They don't move. Just stand there. Watching. Not once moving to help as she is placed in the six foot deep hole in the ground and covered in soil. She could hear someone yelling, but didn't know who. She claws with her hands at the wood, trying to brake it so she could dig her way up. That's when she wakes up. Every time, its always the same.

Monica went into her kitchen for a glass of water, she leans against the counter as the thinks about the nightmare. She had been having that dream ever since she could remember, but this past week it had come nearly every night, increasing in intensity and the reality of it. Why now? She thought there has to be a reason. Was it trying to warn her of something? She didn't know. She would have to find out. Just as she was about to get another glass of water her phone rang.

She spoke into the phone groggily. There was an huge sigh of relief on the other end of the phone.

Hey Monica its John. I'm sorry to wake you so late. He sounded a little panicked, like he was worried about something.

Its okay, I was already awake. What it is? She asked curious as to why he would phone this early.

I just ... Damn its gonna sound so stupid. I can't believe I'm calling you about this. He told her.

John why did you ring me a 3:30 in the morning? Monica sternly asked him. He took a deep breath on the other end on the phone before he answered her question.

I just had this ... dream, it was so real, I had to make sure you were okay. He explain. She expected him to tell her about the dream, but when he didn't she asked.

What happened in it? She asked

I was walking towards a funeral, I didn't know who's it was until I saw your name on the head stone, I thought I could hear you screaming for help from inside the grave and when I tried to help you I was pulled away. I watched as they covered you in soil. It was so real, I had to make sure you were okay. John told her.

Monica was shocked. She remember the screaming she could here in her dream.

Well I'm okay, really I'm not buried, I'm safe at home, nice and warm in my bed. Don't worry She reassured him, not sure whether it was true or not.

Okay, I'm sorry for waking you, I'll see you at work tomorrow, well today, well later on, in a few hours, well you know what I mean. Bye.

Monica laughed slightly at his confusion and then said good bye and they both hung up. She couldn't believe John had a similar dream to hers, but from his point of view. It definatley meant something. She would have to figure out what.