I still don't get it. John stated. Monica smiled at him.

Don't get what? Monica asked.

They were both sitting on Johns sofa after take out chinese, beer and a movie. Monica had been staying with John, since she would need help any way because of her ankle but mostly because she didn't want to be alone after living her nightmares. They still haunted her. But not as much when John was around.

Why they did it ... I'm not saying I believe in witchcraft or anything. I just want to know why. He told her. She smiled, she forgot she hadn't explained it, she only found out earlier that day.

It turns out that both of their boyfriends were having an affair, Vicky's boyfriend, Jonathan, was having an affair with a girl called Amy. Laura's boyfriend, Steven, was having an affair with another boy called Daniel. Both Jonathan and Steven were both attacked by bee's, Daniel and his girlfriend, Amy, both died in a car crash the night before we were assigned to the case. They wanted to make their nightmares come true, but something went wrong and the whole town was infected. They got a bigger idea and wanted to infect the country if not the world. Monica explained to him.

So we stopped it? How? She couldn't believe he still couldn't get it. she had definatley explained this before, a few times.

We stopped it because we weren't afraid of our fear.

What were we afraid of then? His voice was low and soft.

We were afraid for each other. Monica told him softly.

He placed an arm around her and pulled her close. She rested her head on his shoulder. After a few minutes of silence Monica raised her head to look into his clear blue eyes. She could see he was afraid to make a move, but after what they had both been through she wasn't going to let fear stand in the way. Neither was he. They both met each other halfway, their lips caressing each others. Both warm and both alive. For the entire night they showed how much they loved each other. For once neither felt no fear. That had faced theirs and survived. They would continue to face their fears together. Not letting anything hold them back from life and from each other.