The gift of Anubis.

By Anime-Goddess-Sakura

Hi, guys! Well, here's the first chapter of this fic. I've decided to rewrite this fic, for some reason it wasn't working for me anymore. There aren't any major changes, but they're enough to make the story better. I hope you guys enjoy it.


She had offered her life once to keep the gifts from falling into evil hands. Now 5000 years later this same evil is back and even more powerful. Will she be able to stop him or will he gain the power of the God of death himself?

Chapter 1

The prologue of a princess.

Ancient Egypt

"Princess, they have infiltrated the castle." a guard said while bowing in front of his princess.

He had unruly short dark brown hair that was spiky and stuck up and his eyes were a beautiful shade of azure eyes. He was tall and well-build. He was wearing a silver kind of skirt. (Egyptian style) He kneeled in front of her showing his respect. The princess was sitting on her thrown. A silver staff with a black crystal on it was positioned in her tiny hand.

"Then we shall act quickly; the gifts mustn't fall in Exa's hands." She said with a serious and determined voice.

"But princess, the others haven't come back yet."

"We cannot wait any longer." The princess said resolutely.

She was wearing a long black skirt that had slits on both sides that came just below her hips. She had also on a kind of silver bikini top. Her long hair was pulled up in a ponytail with strands hanging around her face. She was young, yet her sea-blue eyes shone with knowledge of ages. She was breathtaking to say the least. Her aura radiated confidence that any warrior would be jealous of.

"Anubis protectors!" she yelled while hitting the staff on the ground.

In front of her appeared four creatures. They had the body of men. Yet they possessed the face of a dog-like creature. They kneeled in front of the girl waiting for her orders.

"Stall them as long as you can my faithful servants." She ordered them.

"Kill them if necessary." Those were her last words before the four creatures ran at super human speed to stop their enemies.

With that the princess stood up. The princess began walking away. However she was stopped by her guard's question.

"Princess…are you going to be okay?" he asked looking worriedly at the young girl.

She knew that he would worry about her. He was not only her most trusted guard, but also her best friend. He was like a brother to her. He even wished to be more. Yet that could never be. Her heart belonged to another. Turning around she looked at her best friend.

Her blue eyes shone almost eerily in the darkness, half of her face was obscured by the shadows, while the rest was illuminated by the candle light. Darkness and Light, the guard mused, which in some sense she was. The princess was benevolent and kindhearted and loved to help people, but with her enemies and those that dared to harm others, she was unmerciful.

She was every bit a warrior that was expected of her and yet there were times when he could detect that longing to be free of her duties in her large blue eyes. He longed to be able to help her, to set her free, but he knew that what the Gods chose for her, only they could undo. His green eyes saddened as he let his gaze wander over her soft features. She was barely a woman, but already her heart and soul were old and wise beyond years.

He was brought out of his musings by her soft voice. The sound was pleasing to his ears, soft and gentle, but at the same time strong and commanding.

"Only the faiths will know." she said giving him one last glance before she continued walking.

He wanted to stop her, to tell her that he would protect her, but he couldn't. She knew what she had to do as did he. He was surprised when she stopped in her tracks.

"Please be save." she whispered pleadingly before walking away again.

The guard could do nothing more then look at her retreating figure. For one moment, he was reminded of the young little girl that he was once knew. He had wanted to see her face as she had pleadingly whispered those words to him, but he knew that whatever weakness that she might have shown at the moment wasn't for him or anyone to see. She was the protector of the gifts of Anubis and therefore she couldn't show any weakness.

As he again recalled her words, he got a terrible feeling. For some reason he felt that he wasn't going to see her again. The thought alone, made his heart stop. No, he wouldn't allow that. She couldn't leave him.


Meanwhile the Anubis protectors were fighting the intruders. They were fast with their sharp claws; they easily tore through the mortal's flesh. The floor was already littered with dozens of corpses and the heavy metallic scent of blood permeated the air.

A man with silver green eyes and darkly tanned skin looked at the scene with a smile on his face. He had long raven black hair that was tied in a long braid, which hung loosely on his back. He was wearing a long dark blue pair of pants. He was bare-chested showing off his well-defined chest. He was tall and lean, yet muscular. A golden necklace hung loosely around his neck. An arm bracelet around each upper arm and an earring dangling from his left ear, those were his other accessories.

He was enjoying the fight. He didn't flinch when one of the Anubis protectors slashed one of his men. The sound of their screams sounded like music to his ears. Blood coated the ground around his feet. He hungrily licked his lips. He lived for this, the carnage, the death, the blood. Looking around he watched as one of the Anubis warriors carelessly decapitated one of his soldiers. He snorted in disdain, his soldiers were lacking in performance. Good help was so hard to find these days, he mused as he scanned the room.

He knew that the princess wouldn't give up that easily. She was a feisty little thing. She had the spirit that any men wanted to possess. She reminded him of a tigress. They would fight till the end. And they were even more dangerous when they felt that the end was near. She would not bow down to him, he knew that. Yet he didn't mind this one bit, besides he liked a challenge. Taming her would be perfect and exciting. His grin widened. It was amusing to see his worthless men get slaughtered by the princess' guardians, but it was time to end the fight.

With a snap of his fingers, a red tornado engulfed the four Anubis protectors including his own men that were fighting against them. The tornado quickly disappeared leaving no sign of the fighters behind. He elegantly stepped over the bodies of those that were exterminated by the Anubis protectors. Not giving a second glance he proceeded to find the princess and the gifts. The thought of that alone made his heartbeat increase. He couldn't wait to find them.


A pain went through her body, the sign that her servants were taking care of. She could always re-summon them, but she was lacking the strength at that moment. It's been a while since her powers had been diminishing. She wasn't sure what was the cause…or did she? Her hands fisted at her side as she thought about a certain someone. She wanted to hate him for invading her heart and her thoughts, but at the same time she wished to be free to be with him. Her powers were diminishing for her heart that was supposed to be unattached wasn't anymore. Banishing her thoughts she quickly continued walking through the passageway. Her feelings didn't matter, her duty came first she reminded herself. Then why did the thought of leaving him behind hurt her so much?

Her face lightened up just for a bit as her destination came into view. Large golden doors stopped her in her tracks. Ancient hieroglyphics decorated in silver adorned the two doors. She knew what was written there by heart. It described her destiny, it described her duty. Resting her hands on the door, she closed her eyes for a moment. Once she set foot in there, there would be no turning back. Taking one last deep breath, she pushed the doors open.

Candles that were out, quickly flamed to live as the princess stepped into the room. She heard the doors shut behind her, but she didn't even take a look at them as she walked into the room. The room was illuminated by hundreds of small white candles, casting shadows all around her. In the middle of the room was a big statue of the Egyptian God Anubis made out of pure white ivory. An altar was put in front of him that had some items on it. Only the moonlight shone on them through the opening in the roof.

Silently the princess looked over the objects on the table. There were twelve in total, twelve that held so much power, twelve that could very well destroy everything in the world if in the wrong hands, twelve that she protected. They glittered in the moonlight. Taking a deep breath she began to speak.

"My lord Anubis, I ask of you to protect these gifts until my reincarnation appears, which will serve you as faithful as I did." She said while bowing her head in front of the statue.

She picked up a knife. It was beautiful yet deadly as well. The handle was made out of pure silver and had the face of Anubis carved in it. The blade glimmered in the moonlight.

"By the blood of the north and the south that had united I seal my wish." She made a cut in her hand and let the blood drop on the altar.

"May the gifts be guarded and protected." At that same moment all of the gifts began glowing.

And the eyes of the Anubis statue turned bright red. Shivers ran down her spine as wind began blowing around her. The candles were blown out. The only light in the room was what was provided by the moon. Her eyes were glued to the items on the altar.

She quickly whirled around as the doors behind her, were unceremoniously thrown open. Her eyes narrowed as she noticed who was standing there.

"Honey, I'm home." Exa's cold voice resonated through the room.

"Exa." she said through clenched teeth.

He lifted his gaze to meet her ocean blue eyes. A cocky smile played on his lips the whole time.

"Princess how nice to see you." he said eying her from head to toe.

For some reason the princess felt completely naked in front of this man. He seemed to be undressing her with his eyes. She shivered in disgust, but tried to conceal this was glaring daggers at her enemy. She would never let him see how much he intimidated or innerved her.

"You're too late." she said coldly at him, her eyes boring through his and her voice unwavering.

"What?" his eyes narrowing into slits, giving him a more predatory look.

He scanned his surroundings until his eyes rested on the glowing items. Realization struck him and he could only see red as anger tore through him.

"You bitch!" he sneered at the princess, obviously losing his patience.

He quickly returned his gaze to the items that began to glow brighter before vanishing into thin air. He couldn't believe it.

"You've lost Exa." the princess said with a very sarcastic laugh.

Nevertheless she quickly regretted doing this when she found herself pressed against the wall, with Exa's hand holding her throat. She was surprised. He had moved with god-like speed. She didn't even see him move. Her eyes widened as realization hit her. Looking at him, he could sense what she was unable to sense at first hand. His aura was changed and he possessed more power.

"You've drunk from the fountain from Ra." she chocked out, having difficulty breathing as Exa tightened his hold around her neck.

He chuckled at her statement. She looked so innocent and naïve with her big blue eyes looking so frightened at him. He knew that she was scared. It didn't matter how much she tried to conceal this from him, he could sense it in her aura. Hell, he could even taste it in her scent.

"But it's forbidden, only the priest and priestesses and those chosen by Ra may drink from it." she said with disbelief clearly in her voice.

He chuckled again.

"Tell me princess do I look like someone that would care about stupid rules enforced by commoners?" he asked.

"I take what I want, no exceptions." He said his eyes narrowing very dangerously.

"Now I have more strength, speed and powers."

"Not to mention I've also got the gift of long life." he whispered in her left ear, making shivers go down her spine.

He grinned, before slowly licking her neck. She tried to get loose. However he was too strong. She gasped as she unceremoniously slammed against the wall. She felt the air leave her lungs. She winced and closed her eyes as the pain in her back made itself known.

"You could have saved the gifts… but I still have you as consolation prize." he whispered seductively, her blue eyes shot open and widened in fear.

No it can't end like this. Her mind was screaming at her. She had to get away from this madman. With the last bit of strength she conjured a blast of energy that blasted Exa away, knocking him in the wall across the room. She fell on her knees drained and exhausted. A small smile played on her lips. Her time was nearing an end, she just knew this.

"Pathetic, the great princess of the north and of the south, the chosen one of Anubis is to end like this." She whispered.

She could now see as Exa was getting up and heading right for her. He was clearly pissed off. She grabbed the knife that she had dropped earlier and studied in her hands. She lifted her gaze to see Exa coming from her. Yet she didn't look away. With her blue eyes locked with his green ones she spoke.

"Just like the gifts will never be yours, neither will I…I would prefer to die." With those last words she plunged the knife in her chest.

The pain was unbearable, but after a few seconds she could not feel anything anymore. Her body went numb, letting out a small breath she fell on the floor, a pool of red blood surrounding her. Her eyes were heavy and she felt as death was creeping up on her. She watched for a moment as Exa regarded her with anger filled eyes. Smiling a small smile, she finally closed her eyes. The darkness was so inviting and alluring and she just wanted to sleep.

Yet she could hear a voice far away from her calling her, a familiar voice to be exact. She reopened her eyes to see her best friend and guard kneeling in front of her. His normally alluring azure eyes were filled with tears. She smiled warmly at him. He slowly turned her over and brought her in arms, so that her head was resting against his chest.

"That bastard of Exa has escaped." He hissed.

Yet he calmed when he looked at her. She didn't say anything as she just enjoyed the security that she felt now that she was wrapped in his strong arms.

"Please hang on." He pleaded.

"You ask too much." She whispered while chuckling, causing more blood to come out of her mouth.

"Stop it; you'll hurt yourself even more." He said with a serious voice.

She brushed his remark aside as her eyes rested on the statue of Anubis. She was shocked as all of the sudden an unknown voice whispered in her ears, a message that was only meant for her. She smiled softly as she processed this new information. Turning her gaze back to her friend she spoke.

"Now I understand…there is only one gift." She whispered, her precious red fluid seeping from her tiny mouth.

He looked questioningly at her as he wiped the blood away from her lips. He wasn't sure what she meant, but he didn't ask. She pulled out a tiny ring out of her skirt.

"Give this to my reincarnation." She said handing him the ring.

"She will know what to do." He looked at her tears flowing from his eyes.

"I love you, my brother." She whispered, placing her hand on his left cheek gently wiping away the tears.

Her hand felt cool against his cheek. It pained her to leave him behind. Yet the pain that suddenly went through her heart as she remembered another was even more excruciating.

"Tell him for me…that…I'm sorry…" she whispered almost anxiously as for once tears streamed down her face.

"I…I…" she didn't know what to say, there was so much more that she needed to say.

"Shh." He said placing a finger on her lips as he silenced her.

"I know." He said softly and smiled when she seemed to calm down.

"Thank you." She whispered earnestly a small smile playing on her lips.

With those last words, her eyes closed and her breathing stopped. She had surrendered herself to the awaiting darkness.

"I'll wait for you, my princess." A voice whispered through the walls of the defeated castle, hoping to see his beloved one again.