Chapter 1: The Trouble With School

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* * * * * * * * *

Chapter 1: The Trouble With School

It was a sunny Monday morning in September, and the little birds outside in the trees twittered happily, announcing the start of the new day to all the sleepy-heads whose alarms had not woken them up.

Namely, Joey Wheeler.

"Aacck!" Joey yelled, jumping out of bed and flinging open one of his drawers. "Stupid alarm!"

He quickly fumbled around in the drawer, flinging out T-shirts, shorts, and socks, searching for his school uniform. He finally found it, wrinkled and bunched up at the bottom of the drawer, where it had been left, forgotten, ever since school ended at the start of the summer.

"Man, this is not starting out good," he mumbled, trying to flatten the blue fabric out on his desk, to no avail.

The first day of school was always a rude awakening to him. Since both he and his sister, Serenity, would be going back to school, he wouldn't be able to see her every day anymore, as he had over the summer.

He sighed unhappily as he glanced over at the clock.

"7:46?!" he cried, yanking his uniform off the desk. "Forget the wrinkles, I gotta get out of here!"

With that, he dashed out of his bedroom and into the bathroom, already trying to pull on a leg of his pants.

* * * * * * * *

Yugi Motou was casually eating breakfast at the kitchen table, Yami, the spirit of the Millennium Puzzle, sitting in the seat beside him, unseen by everyone else.

Yugi's mother had seen to it that he had gotten up at the right time, whether he had wanted to or not. She had also insisted on him eating a full bowl of cereal and at least one piece of toast before school.

"Breakfast is the most important meal of the day," she told as he sat down at the table, bleary-eyed and sleepy, ten minutes before.

" least I won't be late," he thought, standing up and grabbing his backpack off the floor. "And Tea said she'd meet me on the way to school too."

"That's good," Yami said, following his partner to the door. "I hope your first day of school goes well, Yugi."

Yugi smiled and nodded.

"Bye mom, grandpa!" he called back to the kitchen before walking out the front door and closing it behind him.

* * * * * * * *

Duke Devlin was standing by the dryer, still in his red nightshirt and black pajama pants, tapping his foot anxiously on the floor.

"Hurry up!" he muttered, peering in through the glass and watching his blue uniform tumble around inside the dryer.

The night before, he'd gone to bed before moving his clothes from the washer, to the dryer. Now, with only a few minutes before he'd have to leave, he was still waiting for his clothes to dry.

"Are they done yet?" Amber Johnson, Duke's friend from America who was staying with him for a while as an exchange student, called from the kitchen.

She was hurrying through a breakfast of frozen waffles (only partially cooked due to her impatience) and orange juice while waiting for Duke. She was not particularly happy with her uniform, however.

The pink shirt and blue bow tie and skirt were not her style in any way, and she never wore knee socks. She sighed, dumping the remainder of her breakfast in the garbage can and running over to the laundry room, glancing at the clock.

"Duke school starts in like, ten minutes! Just put the clothes on. They'll air out," she promised, picking up her backpack and putting it on.

Duke sighed, yanked the dryer door open and pulled out his damp pants and shirt, and hurried into his room to change. A second later, he came out, adjusting his damp sleeve.

"Hey, John!" he called to one of his employees who ran the shop while he was away, who was drinking coffee in the kitchen. "Be sure to get the shop open by 9:00!"

"Yes Mr. Devlin," The man called in reply.

Duke sighed as he picked up his bag as well, and he and Amber ran over to the door and hurried outside.

The fresh sunshine seemed to be calling them to do something outside, like go to the pool, or play in the park, but no, school had to start on such a wonderful morning.

Amber started to jog ahead, Duke running to catch up.

"Hey, what's the hurry?" he asked, grinning at her.

Amber smiled, embarrassed.

"Well, I don't want to make a REALLY bad impression on the first day," she grinned with a wink.

Duke winked back, and the two raced ahead toward school.

* * * * * * * *

The school bell rang as the students who had been lingering in the hallways hurried into their classrooms after checking the charts outside to see which class they would be in.

Yugi sighed with relief as he and Tea Gardner discovered that they, along with all of Yugi's other friends were in the same class again.

"That's a good thing," Tea sighed, sitting down in the middle of the classroom, Yugi taking the seat next to her.

Tea was still a bit upset about something that had happened over the summer, but tried to push that out of her mind. She didn't want to spoil the first day of school with thoughts about Bastet, the cat goddess she had befriended over the summer.

"Well, it looks like nearly everyone else is here already too," she commented to Yugi.

He nodded in agreement as he looked around the room.

He spotted Taerro, a brainy friend with gold glasses and black hair, sitting in the desk next to Ryou Bakura. Tristan Taylor was talking to a kid next to him, whom Yugi had never met before, about the school dance that had been interrupted by the presence of a few ghosts and the Ghostbusters last Friday.

Yugi looked in the back of the room, where Seto Kaiba was sitting in the back, reading a book on computers.

"Why does he even bother coming to school?" Tea muttered to Yugi, also looking at Seto.

Yugi shrugged.

"Maybe he has to or something," he whispered back.

Seto's presence in class didn't bother him. Over the summer, they'd had many adventures and Seto and his brother, Mokuba, had helped them out on more than one occasion.

Although he'd probably never admit it, Yugi was sure that Seto thought of them as friends.

Duke and Amber stumbled into the room and took seats in front of Yugi and Tea. They turned around so they could talk to their friends.

"Hey guys!" Duke greeted them.

Tea smiled.

"Hi Duke, Amber," Yugi replied.

Amber looked around, slightly nervous, though she'd never show it to anyone else. She'd been to the school once before, a while back in the spring, but back then she had only been a visitor. Now she was a student.

The teacher rang a bell up on his desk and the class grew quiet. The last student filed in and shut the door behind them.

"Hey, where's Joey?!" Yugi cried, looking around for a sign of their blonde-hared friend.

"Alright now! Quiet!" the teacher called from the front of the room, rapping a pointer against the blackboard.

"It's a new teacher," Tea whispered to the others. "I've never seen him around before."

Yugi nodded, though he wasn't sure if this were good, or bad.

"Alright! Summer is over, so it's time to bring those minds back to your job, school," the teacher announced. "I am Mr. Zalliki, your teacher. And, in turn, I'm going to call off you names and make sure everyone's here."

After passing the T's, the last two names were called.

"Max Uncy?"

"In the house!"

"and Joey Wheeler," Mr. Zalliki concluded, looking around the classroom. His eyes narrowed. "Can anyone tell me where Mr. Wheeler is?"

At that moment, the door burst open and Joey, wrinkled clothes and bulging backpack and all, came running in.

"Sorry I'm late, teach, my alarm clock didn't go off and I..." he began, but Mr. Zalliki tapped the blackboard again, loudly.

"Detention, Wheeler, for your tardiness, and sit down in the back there in that empty sit," he barked, pointing to a seat behind Tristan.

Joey opened his mouth to protest, but he caught Yugi's eye, and Yugi shook his head. So Joey sighed and trudged to the back of the room.

"Yes, sir," he muttered, slumping down in his seat.

Mr. Zalliki cleared his throat before continuing.

"Now, this year, we're going to be studying ancient civilizations, and as a fun start to the lessons, this Thursday I'm planning a field trip to the Ancient Culture Festival in a town a few hours from here," he explained, pointing to a stack of permission slips on the desk in front of him.

"Alright!" A few people cheered, glad to get a trip so soon after school started.

Mr. Zalliki rapped on the board again and the class grew quiet.

"Now, we'll be staying for three days, going Thursday morning, and staying in a hotel that evening. We'll be going to the festival on both Friday and Saturday, and then we'll be coming back on Sunday," he explained.

"Sounds fun!" Yugi exclaimed, Yami appearing beside him.

"Yes..." he agreed, wondering if the cultures studied included ancient Egypt.

Seto, in the back, seemed only mildly interested. However, he was more irritated about having to leave Kaiba Corp. for three days then about the trip itself.

"School is such a waste," he muttered to himself, scribbling a note in his notebook. "It's not my job; I already have one..."

He sighed.

"Now, I need chaperones to come on the trip as well," Mr. Zaliki announced, looking around. "Anyone willing to volunteer their parents?"

A few kids snickered, but no one raised their hands. Mr. Zaliki narrowed his eyes, and they wandered over toward Tristan Taylor.

"Taylor!" he barked, causing Tristan to leap to his feet.

"Y...yes?!" he replied, nervously.

"Ask one of your parents if they can chaperone," he instructed, making a not in his notebook.

Tristan groaned, and slumped down in his seat.

"Okay," he muttered, irritated.

Mr. Zalini looked around at the class.

"Now, you'll also be required to take a test on what you've learned at the festival, on Monday next week, after we get back," he said, handing a stack of permission slips to Tea.

"Hand those out, Miss Gardner," he instructed, and she began to pass them down the rows to the students. "I want those signed and returned by tomorrow morning. Now! On with math."

Duke took two sheets and handed one to Amber. She glanced down at her sheet for a moment, then gasped, the color draining out of her face. All of the characters on the paper looked like ants marching across the page. Nothing made any sense.

She gulped, a bead of sweat dripping down her cheek. True, she could SPEAK Japanese, which had been enough to get by during the summer. But she had completely forgotten about the Japanese characters for writing.

Nervously, she looked around, now feeling like a stranger to the class, even though her name was on the roster. Everyone else was reading the permission slip, or putting it back in their binders and pulling out the math books that had been sitting under the desks.

"Something wrong, Amber?" Duke asked, noticing her fearful look.

She swallowed.

"I can't read this," she choked out, pointing down at her paper.

Duke looked at her, wide-eyed.

"You mean you can't...?" he started, and she nodded.

"I forgot!" she muttered, looking down at the page. "I forgot nearly everything is written in hiragana and katakana..."

Duke bit his lip and looked around the room. Luckily, no one was looking their way.

"Look, I'll help you through today, and we'll deal with learning it later, okay?" he hissed, and she nodded, pulling out her math book. ("Thank goodness the numbers are the same!" she sighed with relief, turning to page 6)

* * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, Priest Seto was floating around in Domino City. Since he was a spirit, no one but Seto, Mokuba, and anyone related to ancient magic could see him, so he was safe to wander the streets at will.

"Nothing out of the ordinary," he mumbled, looking around as he passed by the Black Crown (the name of Duke's game shop) and the Ghostbuster's headquarters. "Well, I guess out of the ordinary for this modern world," he corrected himself, as a little girl pushed a button on a box, and a flash of light burst out of it, aimed at a smiling couple.

He shook his head, raising an eyebrow. (He had not been around very long in modern Japan.) In fact, it had only been Friday that Bastet, cat goddess of Egypt, had instructed him to monitor the Domino area.

"Priest..." Came a soft voice in his head, and a few days ago, he would have spun around, looking for the source, but by now, he'd figured out it was Bastet's way of communicating from far away distances.

"Yes?" The Priest replied, somewhat wearily.

"Be on your guard...ancient mysteries and new dangers will present themselves once again, and you must be prepared to aid the Pharaoh and his friends," her purring voice instructed.

Priest Seto's eyebrows went up.

"Ancient mysteries?" he wondered, remembering how Bastet had forbidden him to mention the memory of the Pharaoh to him, insisting it be the Pharaoh's destiny to discover it on his own.

"I will do my job," he promised, and the connection broke.

He narrowed his eyes thoughtfully as he looked around. Bastet had also mentioned his "true abilities." Whatever that meant, he had not yet discovered. But he was determined not to let the Pharaoh down again...and also, his reincarnate, Seto Kaiba and his brother.

"New dangers..." he muttered, looking around. "Ancient mysteries..."

What did it all mean?

* * * * * * * *

End of Chapter 1

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