Chapter 18: Complexity

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* * * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 18: Complexity

Yami floated through the now calming storm, looking for any sign of the thief who could have taken the medallion that Shadi claimed held such evil powers.

"Was it the criminal group...or someone else?" he thought to himself, not knowing Mr. Zaliki, Seto, and Thoth had pretty much gotten rid of most of the group. "It must have been someone else...or else how could they have blasted Bakura with such a magical spell?"

Yami narrowed his eyes, slowly realizing who had taken the medallion.

"Taerro must have done it," he thought to himself. "Or rather, the evil Taerro."

* * * * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, the rest of the crowd had vanished from the festival, the rain, the police officers and the stolen medallion all scaring them away.

Madam Christina was sitting at a bench, talking sadly to Shadi, while Amber, Duke, and Tea decided to go look for Mokuba and Seto. Joey was going off to find Tristan and his father, and Yugi was looking around for any sign of Yami.

"Yami?" Yugi called, cupping his hands up to his mouth, hoping his friend would hear him.

It wasn't like Yami to wander off, and Yugi was beginning to worry. He narrowed his eyebrows sadly.

"Yami, where are you?" he wondered, running off toward the woods again.

* * * * * * * * * *

Meanwhile, Bastet was slinking down the paths of the now empty fairgrounds, searching for the Vampire spirit. She had sensed his magic again, this time stronger than ever.

"Mokuba?" Came a voice suddenly, that Bastet recognized.

"That girl..." she muttered, cocking her head as Tea, Amber, and Duke walked around the corner, apparently looking for someone.

Tea's eyes widened and she froze as she saw Bastet.

"Bastet..." she muttered to herself, feeling awkward.

She hadn't spoken to nor seen Bastet since Bastet took off that evening after the battle with Kiroi Kyoofu, without telling Tea first. Even now, Tea felt silly for feeling bad about that, but she couldn't help herself.

She'd felt as though she and Bastet were...friends. But that incident crushed her, and made her think that perhaps a goddess such as Bastet didn't need friends.

"Hey, it's a black cat!" Duke exclaimed, pointing to Bastet.

He and Amber had both only seen Bastet from a distance, or in Amber's case, from the window. They didn't recognize her.

"It''s..." Tea stammered as Bastet stared at her, unblinkingly.

She shook her head and smiled.

"I think I know her from somewhere," Tea said, walking forward as she looked back at Amber and Duke. "You two see if you can't find Kaiba and his brother and I'll catch up to you later, ok?"

Amber raised her eyebrow at Tea, but Duke shrugged.

"Okay, Tea," Duke replied, he and Amber walking away. "Don't stay too long. I bet as soon as Zaliki catches up to us, he'll want to leave, pronto."

Amber rolled her eyes and chuckled as they walked away. As soon as they were out of earshot, Tea stared down at Bastet, unsure of what to say.

"Bastet..." she finally said, softly. "'s been a while."

"A week, in mortal time," Bastet replied calmly.

Bastet's calmness made Tea feel even stranger.

"Er...where have you been?" Tea inquired, moving her fingers back and forth nervously behind her back.

Bastet blinked.

"I've gone back home," she replied. "Certainly the priest told you."

Tea nodded slowly.

"That's right...he did," she replied slowly, wondering why she was calling Seto a priest. He had told her, after all. "But..."


Tea swallowed.

"But what didn't you just tell me yourself? I mean, I was kinda worried about you until Kaiba told me where you'd gone," Tea blurted out.

Bastet sighed.

"Was there a need to? We usually just come and go where I live," Bastet replied, narrowing her eyes in confusion. "I never even bother telling anyone when I go out. If they want to know, they ask before I leave."

Tea sighed now.

"I guess I've been kind of silly, but I really sort of felt hurt that you didn't tell me you were leaving. It was kind of like if one of my friends decided to leave forever and never told me a thing," she explained. "You never said if you'd be back or anything."

Bastet paused for a moment, letting Tea's words soak in.

"Well," she began slowly, her voice slightly icy. "If you like, I will inform you personally next time I decide to leave."

Tea smiled a half-smile, but what else was she supposed to expect from Bastet? She didn't know.

"Thanks," she said, looking around. "I'm going to go catch up with Amber and Duke. Do you want to come?"

Bastet shook her head.

"I am looking for the boy you call Taerro," she said solemnly. "He is possessed by an evil man from the past whose soul is part that of a Vampire Lord Ka."

Tea's eyes widened in shock.

"T...Taerro is possessed again?!" she cried, bending down and looking into Bastet's eyes. "Was he after anything?"

Bastet nodded.

"He seemed to be," she replied simply.

Tea gasped, looking away from Bastet and back at the stage where the medallion had been stolen.

"Well then...I think that he may have just stolen a medallion with special powers," Tea said shakily, looking back down at the cat.

Bastet hissed angrily.

"Drat it," she muttered, pouncing off. "I will be back shortly," she yelled back at Tea, not wanting her to get upset again.

* * * * * * * * * * *

Mokuba and Priest Seto walked down the muddy path, side by side.

"I wonder where niisama is," Mokuba thought out-loud.

Priest Seto sighed.

"So do I..." he muttered, thinking about Yami Taerro instead.

How was he going to convince Seto to use the Millennium Rod? Or even except its abilities?

Suddenly, Mokuba gasped as he looked ahead.

"Niisama!" he cried, running forward and down a narrow alley to where Seto was lying on the ground.

Priest Seto's eyes widened as he floated after Mokuba.

"Niisama?" Mokuba cried, shaking Seto back and forth. "Wake up!"

"You will hurt the mortal more that way," Came a misty voice.

Priest Seto turned around sharply, sensing someone else in the area, and came face to face with Thoth.

"Thoth!" Priest Seto cried, stunned.

What was he doing here?

"Niisama!" Mokuba called again, and Seto moaned, blinking and looking up at his younger brother.

"Mokuba...?" he asked, confused, sitting up slowly. "What's going on?"

Mokuba didn't reply. Instead, he hugged his brother tightly, causing Seto wince in pain. Mokuba noticed this time and drew back, looking apologetically up at his older brother.

"Sorry, niisama," he apologized, looking worriedly up at him. "But what happened to you?"

"I..." Seto muttered, looking around and remembering what had happened. "I just had a fight with some of Stella's thugs."

Mokuba gave a frightened cry.

"You did?!" he cried.

Seto nodded.

"Yeah, but I'm fine," he replied, trying to stand up again.

Thoth waved his hand down at Stella. She growled angrily, as she tried to fight against the blue bonds.

"And the fugitive has been caught," he explained to them. "I suppose she will be dealt with properly now?"

Seto forced a small laugh as he got to his feet, Mokuba watching him, concerned.

"If by that you mean going to jail, then yes," he replied, looking up at Thoth.

Thoth shrugged, and disappeared, leaving Priest Seto completely confused. He turned to look at Seto and Mokuba.

"What happened here?" he asked curiously and Seto sighed wearily. "And when did Thoth come into play?

"Nothing really happened," he replied simply, pulling his sleeve down over a cut on his arm. "Just consider the crime organization closed."

Mokuba grinned and hugged his brother again, more gently this time.

"Yep!" he agreed.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

It took a while to round everyone up, and board the bus once more, but an hour later, everyone found themselves back at Madam Christina's mansion, in dry clothes, and sitting in the living room around the fireplace.

Stella, Jim, and the whole crew of thugs that had been after Madam Christina's artifacts and stalking Seto, Yugi, and the rest of the gang for a while had been arrested and put directly in jail.

Their hideout was being inspected, and the authorities assured the gang that the treasures that had been stolen would be returned to their proper owners.

Now, Madam Christina, although unhappy she had lost the medallion, was more cheerful now that her brother was safe and sound, and was making tea and hot chocolate in the kitchen with Tea.

Amber and Duke were now playing dominos on the floor, Amber having finished attempting to patch Seto up once again. (Seto, again, was not pleased with her help.)

Shadi was talking to his sister in the kitchen, trying not to sound as though he was worried about the medallion. In fact, he tried not to bring it up. He knew that they would have to deal with their new enemy in the end, but did he really need to worry Christina about it?

Bastet was curled up in the corner of the room, sleeping soundly. She'd decided to stick around for a bit, as sort of an apology to Tea. Thoth, however, had gone back home, not wanting to leave Anubis alone too long to scheme.

Mr. Taylor, Joey, and Tristan were all talking as they watched the flames flicker in the fireplace while Yugi said quietly, looking expectantly at the door for Yami's return.

Even if Yami's just a spirit, Yugi thought to himself, I'd still feel better if he were home already.

Seto was sitting silently as well, mainly just because he was tired, and also because Mokuba had fallen asleep on his shoulder. Priest Seto, unseen by most of the group, was hovering around near Yugi and Seto, thinking about the day's events.

A moment later, to Yugi's relief, Yami floated in through the door, looking quite discouraged.

"Yami!" Yugi cried, running over to his partner, startling everyone who couldn't see him. "Where were you?" he asked eagerly.

Yami sighed.

"I was trying to track down the thief," he sighed. "To no avail. I believe Yami Taerro has escaped us once again."

Yugi's eyes widened.

"Taerro's evil side is back?" he thought to Yami.

Yami nodded solemnly.

"Yes, unfortunately, that is what everything seems to lead too," he replied with a sigh.

Yugi sighed as well as he looked around at the others. Bakura was walking downstairs, squeezing water out of his long white hair, looking quite normal, thankfully. (One evil spirit was enough, Yugi thought)

Priest Seto, overhearing their conversation, narrowed his eyes.

"Pharaoh," he thought to himself, seriously. "This is no ordinary evil spirit..."

Seto looked over at Priest Seto.

"Priest," he said, addressing him, causing him to turn around, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes?" Priest Seto replied, cautiously.

Seto heaved a sigh.

"I just wanted to thank you for saving Mokuba," he said, his voice emotionless. "He told me what happened while you two were looking for me."

Priest Seto hid a smile.

"Oh he did?" he asked curiously. "Well, it was nothing."

Seto laughed inside his mind. It was funny to talk to someone so similar to himself. He sighed and put an arm around Mokuba's shoulder, just glad that they were safe again.

"Hey Yug!" Joey called from the couch, patting the empty seat next to him. "Come on and take a seat, now that Yami's back, you can relax!"

Yugi smiled and hurried over to his friends.

"Yeah...thanks Joey," he replied with a grin.

Joey winked.

"Aw...don't mention it. I mean, after a day like today, I think we could all use a looong vacation," Joey sighed, Tristan and Bakura nodding in agreement.

Mr. Zaliki, who had just entered the room, narrowed his eyes.

"Well, don't expect to get one," he remarked, sitting down in a blue chair across the room, causing Joey's dream-bubble to burst. "School will be in session Monday morning as always."

"Thanksss a lot, teach," Joey muttered, falling off the couch.

Mr. Taylor, Tristan, Bakura, and Yugi laughed as Madam Christian and Tea walked into the room with trays of steaming mugs.

"Ready for drinks anyone?" Tea asked cheerfully, setting her tray down on the table and then promptly blowing on her hands to cool off.

Yugi smiled.

"Yeah," he said, taking a cup of hot chocolate. "Thanks Madam Christina, Tea."

"Not at all dear," Madam Christina replied, taking a cup of tea for herself and another for her brother.

Seto, who wasn't in the mood for anything to drink, merely watched the others. Amber and Duke went back to their "game" area, where they'd spread out a dungeon dice mat, after grabbing their mugs and setting them gingerly on the ground, so not to spill.

"Hey Amber, can you tell me what the instructions say about summoning monsters?" Duke asked slyly with a small smile.

Amber grinned mischievously and picked up the set of paper instructions. She flipped over to the front page and scanned the Japanese characters.

"Yep," she said happily. "You place them on the star of the dungeon piece you've chosen when you roll 2 or more matching summoning crests."

Duke grinned.

Amber's getting good at this...he thought to himself.

Madam Christina walked over to Shadi and handed out the cup.

"Did you want something to drink?" she asked with a smile.

Shadi sighed. He was concerned about the medallion, but what was the point in worrying about it now?

"Thank you," he replied, taking the mug from his sister.

"It's so good to be back together again," Madam Christina remarked as Yugi and his friends cheerfully took mugs off the tray and handed them around. "And tea and hot chocolate never taste as good as they does on a rainy day."

Yami overheard her, and smiled.

"True," he thought to himself. "As goes for the present situation. During times of trouble, friends are more appreciated than ever."

Yes, there were dangers ahead, but they would all face them with courage and hope, and hopefully, they would emerge victorious. TOGETHER, they would be victorious.

And he watched as Yugi's friends, Madam Christina, Shadi, Mr. Zaliki, and Priest Seto, Seto, and Mokuba enjoyed their drinks, the peacefulness, and the carefree mood of the evening.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *


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