"Attention Crowd! The fight will begin." Called the announcer. Dressed in his regular solid black referee apparel.

Cloud stood onto the fighting mat wielding his katana. Whether he was nervous or not, he did not show under his calm cool exterior.

On the other side his opponent stepped onto a mat wielding his broad sword. Tall and muscle-bound, the fight looked one-sided to many.

"Look at that guy, his sword is huge!" cried many of the spectators. "That strife has no chance with his mini-sword." Or others called out, "This time you go down strife, no big sword on your hands!"

As much as one would think the crowd was against Cloud Strife, but that was just not true, for about two-thirds of the crowd was actually in favor of Cloud and his katana. "Go Cloud!" cheered some. "Your going down Starks!" called others.

"Fighters ready!" called the ref.

Simultaneously they walked to the center facing each other. "Fighting Stances!" called the ref, each holding their own. Gregory Starks stood confident, and upright. His muscles tensed and held his sword directly in front of him and resting his weight on his right leg. Cloud on the other hand just stood there, with his sword down, pointing straight to the floor.

Tifa watched somewhat nervous that her husband would lose. His weapon was just not up to par with what he's used too. Why the katana? She thought. "I love you Cloud!" she yelled over the voices.

Cloud turned and gave her the thumbs up.

Good, she thought. He isn't nervous. Her hand rested on her chest as her breath began to increase at the thought of this match nearly underway.

Tension began to arise in the crowd, but Cloud seemed to be the only one whom was not affected at all by this. Cloud smirked as he watched a bead of sweat slide down the brow of Starks.

"On this corner, Gregory Starks, weighing in at 214 pounds, and standing at 6 ft. Carrying with him 27 wins and 3 losses." Then the ref pointed to Cloud. "On this corner, Cloud Strife, weighing in at 150 pounds, and standing at 5'7, carrying under his belt and undefeated record of 19 wins." The ref stepped back and Starks tensed more, Cloud just let a sigh of impatience. "Now fighters, Begin!" and the ref jumped back.

Instead of the usual dash by Cloud, he just remained standing there. Starks stared curiously. "C'mon Strife. Are- Are you afraid of- me?" He gulped out.

Cloud just remained there not even moving to remove an itch. His smirk slowly penetrating his more experienced foe, Stark finally just charged at him.

Screaming aloud as he stabbed straight forward to Cloud, Starks figured that he wouldn't miss.

Cloud simply spun, swinging his sword with the same momentum, and slicing at his back smoothly.

"One point Strife!" announced the ref.

The point of each match was simple. Strike the upper torso and receive a point, 3 points to win the match. Each fighter wore a heavy suit that blocked every blow, well almost; a few have died from blows that went straight through the heavy vest, but all in all, a very rare case.

Cloud stepped to the edge. Starks frustrated now, walked back to his end of the ring.

"Fighters, begin!"

Cloud advanced two steps immediately, with such swift, that Starks nearly didn't catch it. Cloud brought his katana around by his right side swing straight for his opponents left. Stark barely sidestepped in time, as he did, he brought his sword in an upwards swing that would graze Cloud. Cloud jumped back, but found that as quickly as Stark swung up, he already had it on its descent back down. With nothing left to do but block, Cloud skillfully brought his katana in a blurring speed to deflect the swing, but instead of just directly blocking it, Cloud let his opponents sword slide along his, and Cloud directed it in the direction he wanted it to go.

Stark grunted as he noticed that he couldn't control the direction in which his sword was heading, but noticed as well that Cloud swiftly left a horizontal scratch without his notification. "How in the?"

Cloud just simply walked back to his corner.

"One point Cloud." The ref waited for Starks to get ready again. The crowd was cheering Clouds name left and right. Tifa felt so proud of him. The man she loved was showing the crowd that he did not need his sword to be a skillful fighter.

"Fighters, begin!"

Finally, they both charged at each other, Starks yelling at the top of his lungs, and Cloud with his silent smirk. Starks brought his sword high above him and swung down straight to the ground, Cloud lunged forward into a roll and went past Starks, as Cloud heard the loud collision of the broad sword and the ring's floor, Cloud stabbed backward without even looking.

The crowd went silent. All that was heard was the piercing of an armor, and the unforgettable sound of metal stabbing into metal.

"We have our winner!" The crowd cheered. Both fighters remained in their final position. Until finally Starks fell to his knees dropping his sword in disbelief.

Cloud stood up and turned to Tifa, and gave her a thumbs up. She smiled and blew him a kiss. He smirked and turned to the ref's attention who need him to call out his name.

"Our winner, Cloud Strife." The ref raised Clouds right arm high into the air. His left hand clutching the sword he picked up at Wutai many years ago in his adventure against Sephiroth.

With the crowd chanting his name. Cloud came too only to notice that he was sitting next to his fiery daughter Lina on the couch watching the super rangers.

"Gawd! I can't stand this show." Lina lunged forward, and before Little Cloud could stop her, she grabbed the remote and put on the music video channel. "oOo, I love this song!" Lina with age was already into the new music out, as well as, clothing styles and other things of that aspect.

Cloud noticed someone standing at the doorway, thinking Tifa might have awaken, he glanced to see that she was now standing there watching him with his their kids smiling.

Cloud smiled, barely remembering how he got to the couch in the first place, he strode over to Tifa, and took her hand and dragged her into the kitchen.

"Cloud?" asked Tifa.

"Yeah?" he smiled, and shared a kiss with her.