Author's Notes: I hope I didn't get too sappy or cliché with this but I thought if Daria got a bit of a shock and saw things from a different perspective, she may be more willing to give a little. Quinn really seemed to be making an effort in season 5 and I tried to expand on that. I thought if the FC could channel their energy into something besides power plays and fashion, they'd be better friends and maybe make a difference. A no-kill shelter seemed to be the most likely thing they'd agree on, Sandi likes cats at least and Stacy wouldn't go to pieces if they didn't euthanize. Mike Yamiolkioski wrote an excellent fic, "Community Disservice" where Quinn volunteers at an animal shelter.

The painted chair metaphor: 9 out of 10 people will reach out and touch something if you tell them the paint on it is wet. People just need to see for themselves.

The man in the red jacket: Read "Something Happened" by Wraith and "Something Didn't Happen" by Greystar. Then you'll get it.

Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean Auel is an excellent book. The heroine of the story is a truly amazing woman who has been a role model for me. The story of her life is quite remarkable and I think Daria would relate to her. The second book is titled The Valley of Horses and is my favorite book.

Clarence is the angel form the movie "It's a Wonderful Life". I didn't like it, though it is hailed by many as a masterpiece.

Victoria's Secret has an "Angels" line of lingerie and sleepwear that has a feather theme on it. I thought it appropriate. You could easily spend hundreds of dollars in there. I could see Daria in Gap-style clothing, it's preppy but it's not "hey look at me" type stuff.

Alexander Calder is a fairly famous artist most commonly known for his mobiles, though when researching him, I found out his paintings are worth far more than his mobiles. He does have a house in Connecticut, I've driven by it. The front lawn is full of mobiles. I emailed an art appraiser about the current market value of his work and Jane's estimate is pretty close.

In college I lived in pajama pants. I wore them to class fairly often. In fact, I still live in pajama pants. Right when I get home from work I change into flannel pajama pants. Go buy some. You won't be sorry. And if you are college bound, put your name on everything. And never leave your stuff in the laundry room unattended. You'll never see it again.

Night of the Lepus is an actual movie. Best cute-fluffy-bunnies-attack- model-railroad-set movie ever. It's awful. Watch it.

I never did drugs and I don't recommend it to anyone. Nor do I condone suicide. It's a permanent solution to a temporary problem. If it seemed I knew a lot about needles, I do work in biotech and have a lot of experience with syringes and injections. I also have a degree in Neuroscience. Drugs are bad for your brain. 'Nuff said.

This is a Mary Sue in a very literal way. I tried not to exaggerate any part of myself or my history. If Daria's comment about thinking I was taller seemed pointless, I only put that in there because almost every person I've met in my adult life has said something like that to me. Must be the good posture. And yes, I really did have yellow eyes in high school. They've since gone green. Go figure.

The similarities between Daria and myself are quite surprising. I was just as sarcastic and annoyed with everyone in my high school. I hated my town. I even had a dark-haired friend who was good in art whose name started with J. I could see how a closed-off sarcastic teen could find herself with the help of friends, new and old, and the experiences of college life. Daria doesn't have to be remote and disillusioned with the world. I have a feeling she'll change a lot in college.

Roger and Kara, that thong was for you ;)

So, thanks for reading. Be sure to collect all your belongings before exiting. Management is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Nutrition Information available upon request.