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Four-Sided Eyes

(a.k.a. Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the fangirl)

Chapter 35: Reflections


(Jack's POV…)

Sitting in my cabin, I found my fist clenching at the thought of the miniature pirate captain. It'd been an entire month and still - her cocky grin plagued me. Perhaps because she had beaten me, tricked me at my own game. And done it well.

I'd never have guessed that she would have drugged me. This being besides the fact that I never expected to take her first kiss either.

Not much of a kiss, though.

And the look on her face.

I laughed. Despite the unbearable headache the next day, the humiliation for being beaten, and even the comments from the crew; I laughed.

This had been interesting, that was for sure. The little pirate captain wasn't always the most charming person to be around, but things were never dull. I can only wonder what her crew is like. Every action of theirs set them off as sentinels, almost guardians to her. Strange, that a captain would not be the protector, but the protected.

Though I have no doubt in her ability to defend herself. I just suppose it's their way of being affectionate. It's hard not to be protective of such a small, defenseless-looking woman.

Not that I was the least bit interested. She was more of an amusement than anything else. A small and irritating one.

Perhaps…well, I suppose it's quite likely that she was the "small lad" who took on five pirates and came out rather well. No doubt those who witnessed the fight were too drunk to remember clearly or too afraid of pointing her out.

Can't say I blame them if the story was valid. And again, Kendra hadn't lied. She did know the 'lad' who did it.

Funny how she was able to twist her words so well. She's had years to practice. And it would be necessary to do when pulling off a new disguise each day.

Enough reminiscing, I have work to do. Surprising how being short one cabin boy has made the necessary chores take so much longer.

Heading out on deck and looking around at my crew, I smiled. At least they won't spite me and hide their identities. Sighing to myself, I muttered. "Again, she enters my thoughts…"

Gibbs was at the helm and handed it over without a thought. "Where to next, Captain?"

I thought for a moment. It had been some time since we'd seen Antigua…

"Antigua, Mr. Gibbs. Or at least that general direction."

"Aye, aye, Captain."

He went about figuring coordinates and a familiar tune came to mind. Odd how it reminded me of that whole mess with Will Turner and Elizabeth.

Either way, there was no reason not to mumble along with the tune. "And really bad eggs…"


(Kendra's POV…)

Freedom is a wonderful thing. Then again, so is being a captain.

Sitting on the prow, it made all of the agitation that was still hidden away dissipate. Slowly, but surely. All was well. We'd picked up the rest of the crew - aside from a few lousy deserters - bought some supplies, and gotten back to piracy. This being besides the fact that some of the supplies had to be stolen. Wasn't as if I had a large amount of loot lying around to pay for it all. And I had slept on the Dilettante, allowing me to have enough to pay for a new bed - a very necessary purchase. Let alone that it was an unbelievable feeling to have my ship back. Never been so happy to see a ship. Couldn't just go to Tortuga and leave me precious Dilettante all by her lonesome.

And about that bed…it wasn't even much to look at. Nor was it very comfortable. I just needed to buy something else to replace what that pirate Spriggit had slept in. No telling what happened and I'm not about to care naught about it.

This being besides the fact that most inns' rooms are not likely to be as clean either…

But at least they change the sheets, right?

On to a new subject…

Smiling, I let out a laugh as my familiar friend sent up a spray of salty water. Nearly drenched me, but it felt great. Refreshing even. The bit of my crew nearby laughed alongside me.

Another ship began to flag us down. I believe it's a smuggling ship I'd made a few exchanges with. Well, they paid me not to attack. I, of course, complied.

Yelling back and forth between our two ships, the captain informed me that there was a message for me. I allowed him to send over a man to deliver it. Along with his fee for the year. Really didn't mind that bit.

Giving my thanks, and he his, we parted ways and I headed to my cabin. Can't have a letter - rare gifts, on land or the seas - getting soaked before I can read it.

Lighting a candle and settling down at my table, I opened the letter in confusion. The seal was strangely familiar, but my mind refused to tell me the origin itself. Only that I'd seen it before. A strange flower in full bloom. Not quite a poppy. I'll know soon enough, I suppose.

And at the handwriting, I laughed.

It's Jacques Badeau! How could I ever forget him? Such ostentatious Frenchies are never far from amusing.

Snickering to myself, I set in to read the post.

Mademoiselle Kendra,

How is your health? Is your newly recovered ship in good condition? I hear that you are faring well after a horrific ordeal.

Sighing, I shook my head. He would be the one to put it in such terms.

And I also heard of this beautiful French maid that you escorted safely to Port Royal.

Oh no…he better not… Then again, this is Jacques. Little else can be expected.

I took it upon myself to rescue her from the evil clutches of her overbearing parents. She was most pleased to join me, even climbing out of her window. Though I do believe I've seen the knife she's carrying on previous occasions. I can only presume she received it from your wonderful self.

It has been a glorious time getting to know dear Janette, and dare say, conversation turned to courting, and then suddenly I found myself proposing. She momentarily refused, but changed her mind the next day. We are to wed in the next week, though I doubt you'll get this letter in time to make it to the wedding.

Glancing at the date I nodded. It'd been two weeks since their wedding. To think…little Janette…married to Jacques. It's…all too predictable.

He babbled on about her beauty, how she spoke highly of me, and that he had already made plans to settle on one of the islands near San Salvador, along with lots of other mindless jabber. He would send another letter to give me the exact address. He was confident that I would want to visit him, if not Janette.

And…he was right.

I smiled at the thought. Janette…married to a former pirate. Of the dashing, French variety. And Jacques, becoming a conman for her sake.

It was pointless to hold back the small chuckle and so I only kept it quiet.

Oh, the future she has. I only hope she can tolerate his sly comments. Then again… I suppose he's more her type than any of her suitors ever were.

Folding up the post, I laid down on my bed and let my mind wander. The fresh scent of the sea clung to me and I was glad of it. This room had been too bare without it. Let alone that I was slowly building up the decorations again. Spriggit had no taste, I tell you.

Then again, he didn't even know how to elude the Brit's. Sure he was caught in the fog…

Sparrow. I wonder how furious he was to wake up and remember that I'd drugged him. All in good revenge. I snickered to myself. The daft man. Don't even know how he manages to bumble through life. Lucky, he is.

What will be my future? Looking up at my ceiling I could only wonder. I've had so many twists and turns as is, how much more complex could life become? Then again, no one ever said Fate doesn't enjoy tinkering with us.

Fickle and mischievous, that one.

Smirking, I got up and headed back onto deck, enjoying the sun warming my skin, the gulls calling me, and the luxurious wind whipping about me.

"Good to be back, Captain?" Henry asked, his dark face smirking at me.

I could only grin and nod in reply. To think, my crew is so loyal. I suppose it's all part of a circle of repayment. I'd bought him and promised him freedom for a year of work. Of course, he'd been here ever since. And there was everyone else, the pirates by blood, the street waifs, the Hungarian, the Spaniard, the orphans, redcoats turned pirate, and even Eric from Iceland. In a way, I suppose they are a family of sorts. We watch each other's backs, and do our best to keep everyone alive and healthy. Perhaps even prospering.

"Let's see which ship to pluck next, eh men?"

A cheer rang out.

I'm home.


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Mary Sue Info Links: (Since ff.net won't let you put up straight links, erase the spaces when you copy paste them or whatnot.

An essay or whatnot with Mary Sue Info.

http: // enterprise.mathematik.uni-essen.de/~bastian/Ranma/MarySue .html

The Mary Sue Litmus Test (though it applies largely to Gargoyles, still works. And I got a 12! Well…Kendra did. I'm not so sure how Janette would score…but yeah.)

http: // missy.reimer.com /library/marysue .html

And from there, tons of other links exist. Some of which are quite amusing. Just thought I'd share. And please, don't hate me! Just a bit protective is all. (Or so I hope) If nothing else, you guys can all be well-informed about Mary Sues…how to spot them, avoid them, etc. Or even how to write them on purpose, if that's your thing.