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Title: Broken

Authoress: Bunny-Chan a.k.a. Kawaii Kokkei Tsuita no Neko

Rating: R

Inspiration: 'Scarlet' (Ayashi no Ceres opening theme)

Blood... It spilled out around the silver blade, and down her arm.

"So, I'm just a burden, am I?" She spat the words viciously.

He could have said anything else, couldn't he have? He could have just told her to go away. He could have just said again that he didn't love her, and never would. He could have just ignored her.

But he didn't.

No, he had to go into a little more detail than that.

She was a burden to him. It was her weakness that always got in the way, and she was the reason so many things went wrong.

He hated her.

That was what he had said. And for a moment, she could swear that there had been a glint of regret in his eyes. But that didn't make up for it.

That didn't take back anything he had said...

In fact, this time, it had been too much. She couldn't just forget about his words, like she was accustomed to doing. He had gone too far this time.

And moments after he had told her that, she spun around, and ran home. Neither of her parents was home, so she had just leaned up against the wall, and stared blankly into the kitchen. That was when she saw it.

A knife. The knife.

And she had taken it with her, and locked herself in her room. In her hurry, she had left the door open. And in her hurry, she hadn't noticed Sasuke following her.

He was there now.

He was outside of her door, and he could hear him yelling.

"Sakura! Just open the damn door! I didn't mean it!" And of course, she ignored him. Still tracing along her arm with the silver blade.

Sure, she was bleeding, but it released the pain. It made her feel better. That was good, right?

She could still hear Sasuke pounding on her door. Part of her wanted to go out there and forgive him, but the other part of her had different plans.

*If he wants to get in so bad, he's perfectly capable of coming in without my help.*

Blood was everywhere now. Her original goal had been to kill herself, and make it all end there, but she didn't have the courage. Still though, every small cut was a step closer, wasn't it?

"If I'm such a burden, then I guess I'll remove myself, now won't I?" She mused.

"Sakura, open the god damn door!"

She shot a glare towards it, as if she could affect the boy on the other side.

The boy on the other side.

Her teammate.

One of her "friends". Her friends, how could she have forgotten them? Or her team?

She let her hand fall limply to her side. She just couldn't do it. But she wasn't going to open the door for him either. She was tired of going out of her way to always make him happy, and getting pushed away all the same.

It was his turn now. His turn to make an effort.

And as if on cue, the door swung open.

*Figures he'd know how to pick a lock...* She thought to herself sarcastically.

And she knew what would happen.

He would take the knife, yell at her and apologize. She would go to the hospital.

Everything would be fine. Or at least for everyone else.

Because for her, what hurt the most wasn't the cuts she had inflicted upon herself. That wasn't the pain she was suffering from.

What hurt the most was that she was still alive.

She had tried to cross the line of life and death.


And failed.

And because of that, she was broken, and the wounds on her soul would never heal.


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