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Chapter 1


Robin sighed in relief as the Titan's Tower came into view. He was *exhausted*… he had spent an entire week training with Batman, and was now looking forward to some rest and relaxation. A little game playing, maybe some quality time with Starfire… anything BUT the action and adventure filled week he had just escaped from. He walked into the Titan's Tower, dragging his feet, he was so tired. It was oddly quiet… he would have expected at least Starfire would be there to greet him.

He walked into the Common's Room- and stopped, gaping in surprise.

Cyborg had Raven in a bone-crushing hug. Her face was turning an unnatural shade of purple, her eyes were bugging out of her head, and an idiot grin was plastered on her face.

"Um… Cyborg?" Robin asked hesitantly.

"Buddy!" Cyborg exclaimed, dropping Raven. He raced over and gave Robin a rib-crushing hug of his own.

Robin's brain screamed at his legs to run, but he couldn't. His feet pedaled helplessly in the air. "Augh! Cyborg!" He gasped between gritted teeth, "put me down!"

Cyborg did as Robin told. Robin fell onto his back on the ground, gasping for air and glaring up at the big metal man. "How are ya?" Cyborg asked cheerfully.

"Not so well, actually," Robin said, his eyes narrowed.

Lying on the ground and gasping for air next to him, Raven burst into hysterical laughter. Robin jumped to his feet with a shout of shock, and stared down at Raven, who was clutching her stomach and laughing wildly. However, she did not look amused- in fact, she looked like she was about to murder someone..

"Uh…" Robin said intelligently. "Something funny?"

"I… hehe… cannot… hahaha… breathe!" Raven said, and continued laughing. She didn't look entirely too happy about it, however.

Robin was silent for a minute. "Riiiight…" he said, and then, "where are Starfire and Beast Boy?"

"Don't know where Star went! Beast Boy's hiding in his room! Do you want me to get him?" Cyborg asked with a big grin. He was getting a little too close. Robin backed away.

"Gee, I wonder WHY he's hiding," Robin muttered, and shrugged. "I'll go find him… Cyborg, you stay here, and… don't break anything. Especially not Raven."

Cyborg gave Robin two big thumbs-up. Robin gritted his teeth together and started up the stairs.

Beast Boy's door was closed. Cautiously, Robin knocked. There was a long silence from within, and then Beast Boy whispered, "you touched my door…"

More warning signals were shooting through Robin's brain. "What?" He asked.

The door was suddenly flung open. Beast Boy leapt out. He was wrapped in what appeared to be cyran-wrap and had a bottle of Lysol. "It's dirty! DIRTY! Do you know how long I spent cleaning that?" He freaked, spraying the door with Lysol. His eyes traveled towards Robin. "You're dirty too!" He screamed, and sprayed Robin in the face with Lysol.

Robin spent the next three minutes rolling around on the ground rubbing at his eyes and screaming in agony. By the time he managed to sit up, Beast Boy's door was locked and Starfire was standing overhead.

"Robin! I heard your screams of agony. Do you require assistance?" Starfire asked sweetly.

Robin sighed in relief. At least Starfire seemed normal... "Thanks Star… I think I'm okay… what's going on with these guys?"

"I believe Raven, Cyborg, and Beast Boy have all lost control of their sanity," Starfire said with a huge grin.

It was a somewhat unnaturally large and psychotic grin, and Robin realized that Starfire, perhaps, was *not* okay. "What happened to them?"

"Cyborg was attacked by a strange green metal insect. It sprayed green powder in his face. He gave Raven and Beast Boy and I hugs of friendship and Raven and Beast Boy also began to act strangely! THOSE IDIOTS!" The grin plastered on Starfire's face dropped away. "I believe I too am beginning to be affected!" She wailed. "I have tried to be happy to not be mad but it has not worked!"

"Okay, just calm down, Starfire, I'm sure we can figure this out," Robin said calmly. "Why didn't you call before now?"

"I attempted to call, but Beast Boy does not allow us to touch the phone receiver," Starfire said. She had forced the psychotic grin back onto her face, "nor most of the door knobs."

"Okay. That's alright. Well, obviously we have to find whatever caused this-"

"It was a green insect-like robot,"

"Right, and find out how to reverse the effects," Robin finished. "Let's see if the team is up to it…"

He turned hesitantly towards Beast Boy's door. Starfire tugged on his shirt. "Please, Robin, do not incite more of Beast Boy's stinging-spray wrath!"

Robin decided leaving Beast Boy out of this particular mission- for now- was probably a good idea. He headed back downstairs. There, he found a scene of utter chaos. Furniture was strewn crazily all over. The couch went flying past Robin and Starfire, shrouded in black energy, and struck Cyborg, who stumbled back a few steps.

"Aww that was a really GOOD shot, R!" Cyborg said happily, rubbing his head.

A book went flying across the room and bounced harmlessly off of his metal skull. Raven was standing all the way across the room, laughing like a lunatic, and glaring at Cyborg. "You stay… hehe… back," she said threateningly, and the television began to shake.

This got through. "Okay, I'll just be right here," Cyborg said, and sat down on the ground.

"Uh… guys?" Robin said cautiously.

Cyborg's eyes traveled lazily over towards the doorway. A look of utter glee invaded his features. "Robin! Star! You're back!" he exclaimed, and jumping up, darting towards them.

The TV crashed into him and sent him flying through the wall.

"Raven!" Starfire protested. "That is not the happy way which we treat friends!"

Raven was now curled up on the ground, laughing hysterically.  "Ha… I've never been… ha ha ha… more miserable… he he… in my life!" She said, apparently in her own defense, for Starfire was glaring at her, arms crossed.

"That is no excuse for hitting Cyborg with the electronic pleasure device!" Starfire exclaimed.

Raven howled with laughter. Robin turned slightly red. "Starfire… *please* just call it the TV…"

"DO NOT CORRECT ME!" Starfire shrieked. Then she clapped both hands over her mouth. "Oh! I am sorry! I did not mean to yell…"

"That's alright, Star," Robin said, sounding entirely too world-weary. He shot Cyborg a suspicious look as the metal-man walked back into the room. "Listen, guys, we're going to go find out about whatever did this to you all…"

"Did what?" Cyborg asked cheerfully. He was edging towards Starfire. Starfire was edging away.

Robin sighed. "Whatever made you all act so… crazy!" He exclaimed.

"I feel great!" Cyborg exclaimed. "I love you all!"

"Yes. And that's a problem," Robin said dryly. "Now come on… let's go. Where did you find this 'green bug', Starfire?"

"Insect. Green insect," Starfire corrected cheerfully.

"Whatever. Where did you find it?" Robin asked.

"Where we were attacked!" Starfire chirped.

"And where was that?" Robin asked, an edge to his voice now.

"DO NOT RAISE YOUR VOICE TO ME!" Starfire screamed, two large balls of green energy suddenly clutched in her hands.

Robin backed away, a nervous grin on his face. "Uh… I'm sorry…" he began.

All hope looked lost. And then, Beast Boy suddenly bounded out of nowhere, a bottle of Lysol in each hand. He was spraying everything around him. Starfire just happened to be first.

As she ran back and forth, screaming bloody murder and, blindly trying to hit Beast Boy with green energy balls, Raven slid up alongside Robin. With a slight chuckle she mumbled, "Let's go…"

~~End part 1~~