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Back at the Titan's Tower at last.

Robin reclined on the couch, feet up, hands behind his head, watching the television. At long last, he could relax… well, almost entirely.

He still found himself sobbing at every slightly emotional commercial that came on, but that couldn't be helped.

Beast Boy went running past. The green changeling hadn't quite gotten over his own little foibles… he had washed the dishes three times, and it looked like he was going back for another shot at them. Robin could hardly contain a laugh…

…next to him on the couch, Cyborg *did* laugh, a little too merrily. "Do you want help Beast Boy?" he called after the changeling.

"No!" Beast Boy shrieked.

Cyborg shrugged, and leaned back. "Sure was nice of that nice doctor to help us out, wasn't it?" he asked cheerfully.

"Yeah…" Robin said, somewhat vaguely, trying very hard not to concentrate on anything that Cyborg said, unless that invoked a 'hug of friendship'. And even though Cyborg had mostly recovered from his love of the entire world, they were still a little too metallic and they still… hurt.

Raven had locked herself up in her room. Robin doubted he would see her until the last of the laughter had been *thoroughly* cleared from her mind.

Starfire went flying past, her face grim. Robin glanced over- but couldn't work up the effort to ask her what she was doing.

A few minutes later, he found out. Starfire came trotting up to both Robin and Cyborg, a massive bowl of green… something… held out in her hands. "I present to you the pudding of apology!"

"The pudding of *what*?" Robin asked.

"The pudding of apology! I must… grrr…" her face clouded over for a minute, and then with disturbing speed returned to an exuberant smile, "…*apologize* for my previous actions. Please- accept my apology!"

Robin held back for a minute, remember the fiasco with the 'pudding of sorrow'. Cyborg, however, grabbed a spoon and shoveled a fair portion of it into his mouth. For one minute, he chewed. For one minute, he stopped moving.

Then he jumped up and ran from the room.

Starfire held out the bowl to Robin. Robin regarded it cautiously. Starfire was grinning at him- but the longer he delayed, the more forced that grin appeared.

"Please accept my apology!" She exclaimed, her face becoming decidedly dark.

"Ok…" Robin said hesitantly, taking a spoon. He took a taste of it- waves of revulsion worked their way through his system. But Starfire was now standing directly overhead, staring down at him menacingly.

"It's… great!" Robin exclaimed, but the combination of his lingering sadness and the actual ghastliness of the pudding made his voice dangerously shaky.

Starfire didn't seem to notice. She grinned, and flounced happily away. A few minutes later, he could hear her offering the pudding to the unsuspecting Beast Boy.

Robin leaned back, and flipped contentedly through the channels. Another psychotic caper solved.

And one day… *maybe* to rest before another psychotic caper came along.