Chapter 1- The Secrets of Snape

Draco stared angrily at his father. He was starting to look strange. His eyes had got green specks in them and his hair has started to turn darker. Lucius was aiming his wand at his sixteen year old son. It was the day before Draco's birthday. Lucius has once again asked Draco to get the Dark Mark. But Draco didn't want it. He didn't like licking shoes. It wasn't his style.

"Draco, join me or leave my house forever." Lucius stated. He thought that surely if it was a matter of disowning that his son would obey. But his plan backfired.

"Fine.." Lucius let out a breath he didn't know he had been holding. "I'll go pack." Lucius' eyes grew wide.

"LEAVE THEN! You have never been my son anyway. Leave now! Get out of my wife's house. You are no son of mine!"

Draco turned and began to walk out of the room. He didn't hear his father say "Crucio". He was taken by surprise. After a minute that felt like and eternity Lucius took off the curse. He then stood over his unconscious son and said, "Glamourend." He then turned and walked out of the room. Behind him, he left and awkward looking boy. He had unruly black hair and green eyes. He was smaller around and his hair was shorter. After Lucius has left he woke up. He started to change again. His hair grew long and wavy. His nose got pointier than ever before. His skin grew paler than ever before. But the green eyes stayed. ____________________

Severus read the letter as he sat in Dumbledore's office.

Dear Headmaster,
Recently I have began to change. It started happening last week. I woke up and my hair was almost straight. It wasn't messy anymore and I have started to pale. My nose has become a little pointier and now I am 6'3". When I left school I was 5'9". I don't think this is normal, even for a wizard. What is happening to me? I am starting to look like.Oh it doesn't matter. It's not a big deal. Anyway, please tell me if I need to worry. I don't look much like my father anymore.

Thank you,
Harry Potter

Severus looked up. "So it has began, Albus?"

"Yes. Are you willing to keep spying?"

"That depends. If Harry takes it well, I shall not. If he doesn't I will continue. If he accepts me I am not going to stay away from him. He is my son. And although I haven't said it before, I love him. I hate calling him Potter. He is not a Potter. Him and Bl.He was and is a SNAPE."

"Very well. If he takes it well we can change his last name. And Blake might be out there. I doubt he is."

"Please Albus. I have one son. While I wish my other was here, I am content with Harry. Blake was kidnapped when he was just a baby. I will never be truly over it but I am just happy to have at least one of my sons with me."

"Well do you want to go get Harry then?"

"Yes sir."

"Go then. And hurry back."

Severus nodded and left the office. He walked out the gates and apparated to Privet Drive. He walked up the street until he came to Number Four. He walked up to the door and knocked.

A heavy man answered the door. His face was purple with anger. "Whatever you are selling we aren't."

"I am here to get Harry Po.Harry."

"There is no one by that name that lives here."

"Move Mr. Dursley. I know he is here. I am here to collect him from you, he won't be returning."

Suddenly someone started banging somewhere. He heard muffled yells. "IN HERE! THE CUPBOARD UNDER THE STAIRS!"

Severus shoved the heavy man out of the way. He walked to the cupboard under the stairs and pulled out his wand. He heard Vernon gasp. "YOU'RE ONE OF THEM!!!!"

Severus nodded and said "Alohomora." The door opened. He walked inside to see Harry sitting on a dirty mattress on top of some wooded boxes. He was shaking and his face was bloody and bruised. He had been true to his word. He did look like his father. By midnight of that night he would be seventeen and the transformation would be done. "HARRY!"

Harry looked up and gasped. "Snape! I mean Professor. Are you here to take me away???"

"Yes Harry, I will deal with your 'uncle' later." Harry could see the anger in Snape's eyes. It was almost as if he cared. "Cared? Why would SNAPE care about ME?" Suddenly he felt himself being lifted. He looked up at the person holding him. Why was Snape carrying him? It might be his broken ankle and the gash on his leg. Severus carried him out of the cupboard and in to the living room.

Severus stood in front of Harry's 'relatives' and said, "I will be back. You will get what is coming to you for hurting my s.Harry." Harry's forehead wrinkled in confusion. Had Snape almost said, "My son"? Harry promptly fainted. __________

Draco got a house elf to shrink his trunk and stuck it in his pocket. He got a light bag and went to the bathroom to get his stuff. He grabbed his shampoo and soap. He picked up his toothbrush, toothpaste, and shaving cream. He looked up to get his razor out of the cabinet and looked in the mirror. He jumped back. He then peered into the mirror. THAT WASN'T HIM! It looked! His hair was wavy and long and he was pale. He had.grown. He closed his eyes and walked out of the bathroom. Maybe it was a side effect of the Cruciatus..seeing things. He went back to his bedroom and threw the bag over hi shoulder. He then got his broom and flew out the window. Just flew.where could he go when he didn't have any money anyway.then he knew.Hogwarts.

After flying for what felt like centuries he landed outside the Hogwarts gates. He walked into the school and up to the headmaster's office. He started guessing sweet. He finally said, "Cockroach Clusters" and the Gargoyle moved aside and he stepped through the door. Two dark haired men were face away from him. One was slumped in his chair. The headmaster looked up and stared at him, his eyes widening. The conscious dark haired man turned and gasped."Blake?"

Draco stared at Severus Snape. Who was BLAKE? "No headmaster. It is me.Draco. I don't know what is happening. My father said to leave and that I wasn't his son. I had no money so I came here. Is there any way I can earn my keep?"

The headmaster looked like he had just solved a difficult puzzle. He smiled and said. "Severus, I think we have found Blake. Remember Locus's 'problem' from about 17 years ago?"

Severus gasped. He stood and ran to Draco and pulled him into a hug. Draco gasped. "WHY ARE YOU HUGGING ME?"

"Please sit, Bl.Draco." He spat out Draco's name with hostility. Draco sat, confused. He then looked at the other dark haired guy. "Who is this and why does he look like me?"

"It's.just wait. Uhm, please just wait a second. Wait till Har.he wakes up and it will be explained." Dumbledore said, smiling.

The three men sat silently in his chair until the other man started to sir. He then shot up and looked at everyone. "Where am I? Oh, Hogwarts. He looked at Draco. "Who is that and why does he look like me?"

"That's what I said, when I saw you."

"What's your name?"

"What's yours?"

Dumbledore interrupted before they could go on. "You don't know your names."

"Yes I do." They said at the same time.

Dumbledore smiled. He glanced at Severus who looked like he wouldn't mind if Ron and Hermione dressed him up in a pink dress, he was so happy.

"Why is Professor Snape grinning like a Cheshire cat?" Draco said.

"He has just been reunited with his sons."

"Well shouldn't he be with them?" Harry said.

"I am." Severus said, looking serious.

Draco and Harry guffawed. Then they choked when they realized he wasn't joking.

Dumbledore smiled. "I think it is time for you two to hear a story. Severus?"

"Thank you, Albus. Okay, when I was in my seventh year I developed a secret relationship with Lily Evans. We fell in love and got secretly married. But no one was allowed to know.."

"What does this have to do with me?" Draco said.

"Please just let me finish before you question me." Severus said, irritably but still happily.

"Okay." The two teenagers said.

"As I was SAYING, no one could know because she was muggleborn and that would hurt my spying. So we kept it a secret. Only 3 people knew. Albus, McGonagall, and James Potter. After we graduated, people became suspicious. So James Potter had a false marriage with Lily. I got Lily pregnant and we had twin sons, on July 31. The day we were leaving two 'mediwizards' came in and said they needed to see the twins for one last check up. James was there and consented. I was hidden in my invisibility cloak so I wouldn't be seen. I followed the doctors, I don't know why. I watched them look at both of my sons and then return one of you after trying to pick who would be more powerful as a bet. Harry was returned to Lily why Blake was left to be checked. I followed the doctor and Harry and then I followed the doctor back to pick up Blake. But Blake and the other doctor were gone. They had disappeared. Later we found a guy tied up in a room. It was the doctor who had been left with Blake. Patched of his hair were missing. It was someone using Polyjuice potion that took Blake. After months of searching, the declared Blake dead. We never found him, Lily died, and Harry didn't ever know who his father or brother was.until today."


"Yes. Lucius had trouble reproducing. He had got in big trouble over it at and earlier meeting. Then at one meeting he just said, "I have a son.named Draco." I can't believe I didn't see it before."

Harry gasped. "DRACO!?"

"That's my name..or I thought it was."

"And you are my brother?"

"It appears so.I can understand it. Father would always say things like, "You aren't a real son to me! Or "You aren't my family." When he was angry. It makes perfect sense. So what happens to me now?"

"Well that depends." Dumbledore said.

"On what?" Draco asked.

"Well if you want to, we can change your names to Harry and Blake or Draco Snape. Then you will come to lived with your real father. Or you can go back to where you came from."

Draco and Harry snorted. "So.brothers, Harry Snape?"

"Seems that way, Blake."

Severus smiled and pulled his sons to him. "This will take some getting used to.Snape hugging a Potter."

"YOU AREN'T A POTTER!" Snape bellowed. "I am sorry for treating you so bad. I thought that if I was hard on you but I had to be. I am a spy. Well I was one."

"You were a spy?" Draco asked.

"You aren't a spy anymore?" Harry asked.

"I was a spy but not anymore. I want to spend my time with my sons.not boot licking."

The two teenagers laughed. "Good." Dumbledore looked at the family. How could he ever tell them his secret? It would have to wait..


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