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Somebody Else's Song
By: Alyx

Someone Else's Song - Chapter 1

Their last mission had been a success. Magneto had been defeated again and humanity, for a time, was safe. The mentor and leader of the X-Men, Charles Xavier noticed how drained and weary his team seemed lately. It was obvious to him that his students needed a break. He had to practically order his team to leave the X-mansion for a few days. Even after ordering them away, Jean, Ororo, and Scott, along with several other X-Men decided to stay behind with the Professor "in case something happened". It saddened Xavier that his students were so engrossed in what atrocity could occur next that they out-right refused to take a few days off to rest themselves.

Well, he thought smiling, I'll just have to keep them away from the Danger Room.
The X-Men who consented to go retired to a piece of land Charles owned in a small range of mountains in North Carolina. The days there were warm and the nights were cool and the X-Men stayed in a large cabin about halfway up one of the mountains. There was a stream that led to a small pond not too far from their cabin and a huge field, perfect for picnicking, at the base. It was like a paradise and once they arrived they couldn't have been happier to take this break.
"Oh mah," the pretty young Southerner known only as Rogue gasped as she alighted from the X-Men's jet, the Blackbird, "Absolutely beautiful!"
"Sho is, Rogue," Remy LeBeau said, walking down the ramp to stand behind her, "And I ain't talkin' 'bout de land." He ran two fingers through her thick auburn hair.
"Knock it off LeBeau," Rogue smiled at him, playfully brushing his hand away and launching herself into the air out of his reach.
Remy smiled up at her as their teammates and friends filed out of the plane. Logan came first, pulling a cigar out of his shirt pocket and lighting it up. He had been craving it since before they left the mansion.
"Logan," Remy smiled, "I t'ink you have de right idea, mon ami," he lit up a cigarette. Logan grinned at the Cajun and started toward the cabin with several suitcases in tow.
"Oh, it's beautiful Hank!" the news anchor, Trish Tilby turned excitedly to her lover Henry McCoy, "I'm so glad we decided to come!"
"Me too, Trish," Hank struggled with the many odd-shaped suitcases that his girlfriend insisted on bringing along, "My dear, was it really essential to bring all these? We're only going to be here for a few days."
Trish smiled, "Come on, Hank. I'm a little tired," she winked at him, "Let's go find our bedroom."
"Opal! Come on, baby. I said I was sorry!" Remy and Rogue turned to watch as a raven-haired beauty stomped from the jet with Bobby Drake following and apologizing the entire way.
"Don't you ever do anything like that again, Robert!" Opal stopped suddenly and turned on him, "I'm going to find our room. I'm going to go inside and take a nap and hope this headache you've given me has gone away by dinner."
Remy whistled as Opal walked away, "Damn homme, what did you do?"
Bobby smiled sheepishly, "Well…"
"Nevah mind, Sugah. The less we know about this one, the better."
Bobby carried his and Opal's suitcases to the cabin, mumbling all the way. Warren, Kurt and Betsy came out next, carrying their luggage and talking among themselves. Kurt noticed Rogue and Gambit standing off to the side.
"Are you two going to unpack or would you like me to do it for you?" he asked teasingly in his thick German accent.
"Naw, we'll be inside in a sec, 'Crawler." Rogue replied, smiling at her foster brother, "We were just takin' in the view."
Kurt smiled and followed Warren and Elizabeth up to the cabin.
Rogue inhaled deeply. It had been too long since she had been out like this, away from civilization. She allowed the luxurious feeling of being one with nature sweep through her. Gambit watched her intently, marveling at the way her wavy white on auburn hair blew around her in the wind, the brightness of her green eyes, the gentle curves of her hips, breasts, thighs, and butt.
Damn, dat femme has an incredible ass, he thought with a smile.
She took his breath away on a regular basis. Not just with her beauty, but with her laughter, her innocence, her spirit, the way she believed he was a good man, the fact that she thought there was still some decency left in the world and the way she silently vowed to lay down her life to protect it. Quite simply, she amazed him.
"Hey, Chere," he called up to her, bringing her out of her trance, "What say you and me fly into town for some…supplies."
Rogue smiled, "Remy, we brought everything with us we could possibly need. Food, clothes, bottled water, first aid kits, fishin' gear, tents, wine, beer, cigars, cigarettes. What else do the X-Men need to survive?"
"How 'bout cards, petite?"
"Cards? You mean to tell me that you, Remy LeBeau, don't have a single playin' card on your person?"
"Well, Chere, if you don' believe me, you're welcome to search my person," he smiled mischievously.
"Come on, Chere. Let's me and you sneak off for a little while---"
"Hey, Rogue!" Wolverine yelled from the massive front porch of the cabin.
"Yea?" she answered, sticking her tongue out at Remy.
"Would you mind flyin' into town ta pick me up some more cigars, darlin'?"
"Wolvie! You brought three boxes with you!"
"Yea, well that was before Drake decided to ice them. They thawed on the way here and now they're soakin' wet."
"So let 'em dry out!"
"Come on, Rogue. We're out here in the middle of nowhere and I can actually smoke to my little heart's content…"
"Fine! I'll go. But you come get my stuff and put it in my room. And ask everyone else if they need anything, 'cause I'm only makin' this flight once!"
"I still need cards, Rogue. I'll go with."
"Everyone else is good, darlin'. Just the cigars outta do it. You got money?"
"Yea. Now come get mah stuff. Me and Remy'll be back in a little while."


She set Remy down and landed next to him just outside the small town.

"Nice town," Remy commented as they walked down what they guessed was the main street. He placed a pair of black-mirrored sunglasses over his red on black eyes.

"It's a'ight," Rogue commented dryly. She didn't like this town at all. It was too similar to the town she had once called home. The town where she was abused and neglected, where she sentenced her best friend to his eventual death with a kiss, and where she had been chased away by people who had known her all her life. She felt cold and shuddered at the memories.

"You okay, belle?" Remy asked, noticing the shift in her emotions. When they arrived in North Carolina she was in such high spirits, now she seemed so distant and sad.

She forced herself to smile, "Yea, hon. Ah'm just fine."

He didn't believe her for a second.

" 'Kay," he replied, unconvinced.

"There's a gas station," she pointed up ahead, "They'll probably have cards and cigars. You men and your habits."

He smiled and was about to make a snide comment when he noticed a small diner off to the side of the gas station. The sign read: "Roy's Soul Food," and clearly under that in smaller letters: 'best Cajun cookin' this side of the bayous.'

"Hey Chere, you hungry?"

Rogue caught sight of the diner and laughed, "You are such a sucker Remy. Just 'cause the sign says it's good Cajun food, don't necessarily mean it is," although now that they were close enough to smell the grill, her stomach began to growl ferociously.

"Come on. I t'ink I smell hamburgers…"

"We're s'possed ta grill out tonight at the cabin."

"But it's only noon, now. And I guarantee Henry ain't gonna want to leave dat room of his anytime soon to fire up de grill. It's either eat here, or wait 'til we done shoppin' and den go back to de cabin for bologna sandwiches. Den we're still gonna have to wait 'til later tonight for real food at the cookout."

After a few moments of contemplation, Rogue replied. "Okay, you talked me into it. But you're buyin'."


"What kin Ah do fer ya'll taday?" the young waitress asked the two mutants.
"Well, Chere," Remy said, smiling at her flirtatiously, "I t'ink I'll have de crawfish wit' de sweet potato soufflé and a nice t'ick piece of cornbread. And my lady here…what would you like, Rogue?"
"Uh, the burger an' fries look good. Make that a cheese burger."
"Alright. Ah'll git right on that. What would ya'll like ta drink? Roy is famous for his sweet tea and his coffee."
"Ah, well den, we'll have two sweet teas, petite."
"Comin' right up." The young blonde smiled coyly at Remy and walked away to place their orders and get their drinks.
"You are shameless, Remy!" Rogue shook her head at him.
"Oh, don't act all innocent with me, LeBeau. That girl cain't be older'n fifteen and you're makin' eyes at her like she's a 25 year old woman."
"A little harmless flirtin' never hurt no one, Rogue. You should learn ta live a little. Let your hair down once in a while. 'Sides, jealousy ain't very attractive on you, Chere."
"Uh, newsflash Sugah. No touching, no flirting," she referred to her mutant "gift." The deadly, uncontrollable absorption powers that were triggered by any skin-to-skin contact, " And Ah ain't jealous."
"O' course you ain't. Because you know as well as I do dat flirtin' never hurt nobody. Come on, Rogue, loosen up."
"Wish Ah could, Rem."
"Give me one good reason why you can't."
She let out an exasperated breath, "Gambit, mah entire life is about control. Mah powers, the ghosts in mah head…Ah have to be in control all the time. Ah cain't slip up, or Ah risk losing mahself. You, of all people Remy, know how bad that scares me," she finished quietly.
Remy reached across the table to take her gloved hand in his bare one in a gesture of compassion. He felt bad. He was only trying to get her to open up. She had two very useful assets: youth and beauty. All she needed was a little confidence in herself, or a little more trust in her abilities…
He looked around the restaurant. It was slightly dusty in places, but he'd eaten in worse environments. The smells and noises from the kitchen nearly overwhelmed his senses if he inhaled too deeply or listened too closely. There was a jukebox in one corner that looked like it had played it's last song sometime in the 1970's and a pool table in another corner where three guys were betting with what appeared to be their weekly paychecks. There were several other patrons sitting here and there in the small diner. They inhabitants were mostly men, some women…
When we walked in ev'ry man in de place turned to stare at her. Hell, mosta dem still lookin'. Then an idea occurred to him.
"Hey, Rogue. I tell you what…I feel like a little bet. What do you say?"
"Ah ain't in no mood fer that, Swamp Boy," she pulled her hand away gently.
"Well, dat's alright, I guess. If you don' t'ink you got a shot at winnin'…"
"Ah didn't say that."
"Den at least hear me out?" He smiled charmingly at her.
"Oh, alright! What do ya wanna bet on?"
"Get one o' dem boys to buy you lunch."
"Gambit," her tone was suddenly tighter and more forced.
"Just go over and flirt wit' dem. Shoot some pool. At de very least, get one of 'em ta buy you a drink. It'll be fun, Chere."
Rogue thought it over for a moment, "What do Ah get when Ah win?"
"I buy you dinner ev'rynight for de next month. Any restaurants you want."
"And if you win…?"
"I get de pleasure of seein' you smile and havin' a little fun. Not to mention I get ta watch dose boys fall all over demselves ta impress you."
She eyed him suspiciously, "That's it? No catch?"
"None at all."
She was quiet for another moment, than nodded, "Okay. Ah'll do it, if it'll make you happy."
"As a lark, Chere."


"My shot," Jess Cambridge motioned for his cronies to step aside as he prepared to take his turn on the pool table. He leaned over and was about to take his shot when a sugary feminine voice broke his concentration.

"Ya'll boys mind if Ah join you…or is this a private game?" she pouted slightly.

Damn, was the only coherent thought in Jess' head, "Uh, sure honey. You can play. Ya got any money…or you gonna pay up with somethin' else?"

All who were in hearing distance, including Remy LeBeau, picked up the sexual connotation behind his words. Rogue looked down shyly and smiled, "Well, Ah don't have any money…"

Jess looked her up and down. She was a looker, all right. She wore a purple tank top with an extraordinarily low neckline that showed an excessive amount of cleavage and a pair of cut-off jean shorts. He noticed two odd things about her though: She had an large white stripe down the center of her hair which he took to be a dye job gone bad; and she was wearing a pair of gloves despite the spring-time warmth.

"Well that's alright honey. We'll talk about what you owe us when we win. How 'bout that?" One of the other men suggested.

"Well, ya'll sure are mighty confident." She grinned strolling closer to the three men. Remy watched, amused. Amateurs, he thought, Dat is not how you talk to a woman you so obviously want to score wit'.

The boys started a new game and Rogue kept a safe distance from them, although she openly flirted the entire time.

Remy ate his surprisingly good food, and watched as Rogue beat the men three times at their own game. As she sunk the last ball into the corner pocket she turned to smile at the three very unhappy men, "Guess Ah shoulda warned ya'll that Ah was taught how ta shoot pool by a professional."

"Yea, guess you shoulda," Jess answered snidely as Rogue took a sip from the beer he had bought her at the end of game one.

You better be forkin' up some cash, Cajun, Rogue thought with a smile, 'cause Ah have the distinct feeling that Ah'm gonna be real hungry for the next month or so.

"Well boys, it's been fun, but mah food's been sittin' over there gettin' cold fer 'bout half an hour now so if ya'll excuse me…"

"Not so fast," Jess said walking closer to her. He stood between her and the table where Remy sat. Gambit watched him every step of the way, ready to tear his head off if he tried anything.

"You can't just come over here and yank our chains with all that flirtin' and prancin' around you was doin' and then not put out. That ain't the way it works."

Rogue began to panic. Truth be told, she could kill this man with her super strength in a split second, but she didn't want to hurt him. So she stood perfectly still, and watched him as he stepped closer and closer to her, excruciatingly aware of how much of her deadly skin was showing.

"You gonna at least let me cop a feel, baby?" he stepped closer to her, "And maybe I could get me a little kiss or two…"

Oh god. He can't touch mah skin! Ah don't need another voice in mah head, 'specially one like his. What was Ah thinkin', teasin' them like that? Ah shoulda known they wouldn't let it go that easily.

Before she knew what was happening his hand shot out to grab her by the arm only to be stopped by the firm grasp of Remy LeBeau.

"I t'ink de lady's business wit' you is t'rough, mon ami. Why don' you an' ya boys go back to ya game now before someone gets hurt."

"You mean like you?"

Remy laughed, "Yea, ami. Whatever you say. Look, me an' my lady are leavin' now and we won't be back ta bother you again so---"

"She ain't goin' nowhere," one of the other men said from behind Gambit, "Not 'till she pays off her debts."

"Pardon?" Remy laughed again, letting go of Jess' arm, "but I recall de lady utterly pounding ya'll's asses in de ground. She don' owe ya nothin'."

"Listen here, ya Coonass---"

"Ain't no need for name-callin' boys," Rogue stepped up.

"You shut the hell up, ya fuckin' slut," Jess turned to her.

"Back off," Remy stepped between them.

"Come on, Remy," Rogue placed a hand on his shoulder, "Let's get outta here."

Without any warning at all, Jess took a swing at Remy. Gambit was too fast for him. He caught the punch and in one swift movement twisted the man's arm behind him forcing him into immobility.

"Now I want ya ta listen and listen good, boy," Remy ground out in Jess' ear, "We're leavin' now. So why don't ya'll save a little face and back off?"

"Go ta hell," Jess began to struggle in the stronger man's grasp as his buddies advanced on Rogue. Instinctively, she backed up.

What am Ah gonna do? Ah cain't fight 'em. Ah'll end up hurtin' em. But if Ah don't hold 'em back some kinda way, their gonna touch my skin and then we'll all get hurt.

As the men got closer, Rogue realized she had no choice. Just before one of them went to grab at her, she launched herself into the air.

"What tha fuck!"

"She's a mutie!"

"Aw, hell," Gambit muttered, letting the struggling man go to look at Rogue who floated safely near the ceiling. "Dis ain't gonna end well at all."

As soon as he regained his footing, Jess took another swing at Remy. Gambit easily deflected his blows, trying to stay calm and ease himself toward the door. The last thing he and Rogue needed was to hurt one of these guys in front of all these witnesses, even if it was in self-defense.

Rogue watched the scene from above. Several people had fled the diner as soon as she had launched herself into the air. The remaining people were either too scared to move, or throwing things at her.

Gambit dodged another hit, causing his shades to go sliding across the floor. He looked up and Jess backed away.

"Fuck! This one's a mutie, too! Look at his eyes!"

We have ta get outta here, Rogue thought frantically, My only option is to swoop down, grab Gambit and high-tail it outta here.

As a napkin dispenser flew by her head, Rogue made her dive toward Remy. As bad luck would have it, as she evened off with the floor, she was hit in the face by a flying chair.

She was not unconscious, but still slightly dizzy from the chair shattering on her head. Gambit, heard her cry out when the chair struck her. Without turning from his face off with Jess, he yelled, "Ya alright, petite?"

"Yea," he heard her answer, and then he heard her scream.

Hitting Jess across the face hard enough to knock him out, Gambit turned to see the other two pool players. Each of them had a hand on Rogue's bare arm.