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Somebody Else's Song - Chapter 20

Wolverine leapt out of the way just as the Two of Diamonds exploded behind him, blowing a large hole in the Game Room wall. With a feral growl he leapt at Gambit, but didn't release his claws. The Cajun needed a good tussle, not a visit to the emergency room. Plus Logan figured Remy had several good reasons for attacking him anyway.

Logan held back, not wanting to hurt Gambit, but it became clear to him fairly quickly that Remy had other ideas. He wasn't pulling his punches - and Logan was exhausted from trying to fend him off without actually fighting him - and keeping a hold on his own violent temper. There were no insults or accusations, just frustrated growls and exhausted pants.

Finally, Jean found them and used her telekinesis to pull them apart.

"You two have got to be the most childish..." she muttered as she pulled them apart, throwing them against opposite walls. "Maybe that will knock some sense into you." Both of them opened their mouths to argue with her, but Jean silenced them with a look.

"I want you both to get a good look at me. I'm over eight months pregnant. I haven't seen my feet in weeks. My back aches, I cry at diaper commercials. The last thing I need right now is the two of you going at each other like this."

They both had the decency to look away sheepishly and Jean smiled. "That's better. Now, Scott wants you two to suit up. He and Storm are ready to go."



"I said non. He ain't goin' anywhere," Remy gestured at Logan.

"Got just as much right to go as you do, Cajun. At least Rogue cared enough to tell me goodbye in person."

"You son of a bitch!" Remy was on him in an instant. And this time, Logan didn't pull any punches. They were both out for blood.

"That is ENOUGH!" Again Jean pulled them apart, this time the Phoenix force made itself known, cocooning Jean's body in orange flames.

Logan pulled himself up and rubbed his neck, "Damn Jeannie. That was a little uncalled for."

"Your behavior is uncalled for! Both of you are acting like children. For the love of God, don't you understand what's happening! Carly is active. There is no doubt in my mind, or the Professor's that she's coming after us and Rogue. She nearly killed us last time! And this time she's stronger!" Jean's voice broke and she looked away, trying desperately to hide the tears forming in her eyes. She placed a trembling had on her swollen stomach.


"I'm fine. Just go. Scott wants to leave within the hour."

Remy moved to leave, but as he got to the door Logan's voice stopped him.

"I'll stay," he spoke to Gambit, but his eyes never left Jean. "I'll stay here while you and Scooter go get Rogue. The mansion needs all the Senior members it can get right now since we don't know where Carly is."

Remy didn't respond. As he took another step , Logan spoke again.

"Gambit ... Time has a way of changing people ... It's been three years. Things have changed ... Just don't expect Rogue to be the same girl you knew."

Wolverine knew he pissed Remy off, but he didn't care. His only real concern at the moment was Jean.

Luckily Gambit had no desire to upset Jean anymore either, because he left the room without another word.

"Thank you," Jean turned and looked at him. Her tears were under control now, but she looked worn out.

Logan grunted and shrugged his shoulders, "Come on darlin'." He took her arm gently. "I think you need to lay down for a while."


Remy stepped aboard the Blackbird a short while later, joining the other X-Men that were headed South to bring Rogue home. The smell was the same - victory, blood and technology. Strangely, it comforted him and as he slipped into a seat and fastened his safety belt, he felt more at home than he had in years.

He heard Scott order the doors closed and within seconds they were airborne. Silently, Remy took in his surroundings. A few things had changed - newer technology and such - but for the most part, the 'Bird looked the same. He turned his eyes to the front where his old teammates were. In addition to himself and Cyclops, Storm and Betsy had come along just in case there was trouble. The only thing they had to go on was what the telepaths had sensed that morning. Carly dropped off the Professor's radar after that and they were all on edge. And since they had no way of contacting Rogue, short of showing up on her doorstep, Remy was especially worried.

What if they were too late? What if Carly had already gotten to her?

Remy felt his throat constrict.

Non. Cain't t'ink like dat. She's fine. She's strong. She'll be alright.

But he wasn't so sure.


"Here we go," Cyclops mumbled to himself as hey neared the small town in central Tennessee. The plan was to land the jet in a clearing in the nearby woods then infiltrate the town. But he was worried. What if Carly was already here? What if she attacked the mansion while he was gone? His pregnant wife was there. And his baby boy. It took everything they had to beat Carly last time and they had suffered numerous injuries to their bodies and their home and still she was alive and a threat to them.

He had never wanted an enemy dead before. Not even Magneto. But Carly was the exception. He had a family now. Two children and a wife that he loved more than anything. More than his values. More than The Dream. And he would do anything to insure his family's safety.

"Scott?" Betsy's voice broke into his thoughts. He turned to where she sat beside him in the co-pilot's chair, but she wasn't looking at him. Her attention was instead focused on the screen in front of her that showed their coordinates.

"I don't mean to pry," her voice sounded in his head. "But you're broadcasting your thoughts very loudly. I'm trying my best to ignore them, but frankly dear, you're thinking too bloody loud."

Scott felt a small smile tug at his lips, "Sorry, Betsy." He said out loud.

She looked up at him with a slight grin, "Not a problem. Do you need to talk?"

"No. I'm fine. Just wired, I guess. What about you? You haven't seemed like yourself lately."

"I'm fine. A little rundown I suppose."

"You sure?"

"Scott," she said it sharply. "I'm fine. Drop it, will you?"

"Okay. Alright." For now.


The town was small. Of course, that was no surprise. Rogue always had been and always would be a small-town girl. After landing the jet in a small clearing in the woods a few miles outside the town, the four X-Men changed into street clothes and headed into town. After a lengthy shouting match, Cyclops finally conceded to let Remy be the one to find Rogue and tell her what was happening. Psylocke would accompany him to serve as back-up if there was any trouble. Cyclops and Storm would, meanwhile, do a sweep of the town - looking for any sign of Carly or her men. Turning their communicators on, the four X-Men spit into their two teams as they reached the city limits.


"Well, this is it," Betsy tilted her head as she looked at the small house. It was yellow with white shutters and a screened-in side porch. There was an old Mazda pick-up parked in the gravel driveway. The small yard was neatly trimmed with two small flower beds on either side of the front steps. "Seems like Rogue's done alright for herself. I mean, its a little small...but its cute."

Remy didn't respond. Couldn't. Even if he had anything to say.

Rogue was in there. In a matter of moments, he'd see her again. And nothing would be the same. Whether she welcomed him as an old friend or discarded him as an ex-lover - he knew. Today Rogue was going to change his life. Again.

"You want to talk to her alone first? Or shall we go in together?"

"If you don' mind---"

"I'll wait out here. Keep an eye out," Betsy smiled knowingly at him. "But don't take too long. I want to see her too."

Gambit gave her a small, uncertain grin.

"Are you nervous?"

"Haven't seen her on t'ree years Betts. 'Course 'm nervous."

"Don't be. She loved you, Remy. She'll be glad to see you."

"Hope so," Remy muttered as he headed towards the house, holding back tears at Betsy's words. Loved.


"Anna! Come look at Jake! He's got flour everywhere!"

"What?" Anna answered as she came back into the kitchen, drying her hands on a small towel. "Oh mah---Paul! You were supposed to be watching him!" She couldn't help the laughter slipping into her voice as she looked at the small blonde boy sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor covered from head to toe in flour.

"I was watching him. He started doing that and he was so funny - I couldn't just stop him."

Anna shook her head, "But you could let him wreck the kitchen." Still smiling she picked up the giggling child and handed him over to his father. "Ah'm going to finish up supper while you give this little monster a bath."

"Yes m'am," Paul grinned as Jake wiggled, covering him in flour as well. "Guess I'll need a shower too, huh?"

Anna rolled her eyes and turned her attention to the stove.

"Jake, why don't you run and go get your bathtub toys, huh?"

At the mention of 'toys', Jake's eyes lit up and he ran towards the back of house to his room to get them.

"Paul! He's gettin' flour everywhere!"

"Shhh," Paul pulled Anna closer to him, her back against his chest. "Would you care to join me in that shower?"

"Paul," Anna's her tone was not playful.

He sighed, kissed the back of her neck softly then stepped back, "I'm sorry. Sometimes I forget...Can't help myself."

"It's alright. Why don't you jus' go take care of our son before he makes another mess?"

"Okay," Without another word, he left.

Anna let out a breath as she smoothed her hair back into its messy ponytail, then went back to work at the stove.


Silently, Remy stepped into the screened-in porch. He took a step towards the door, when a movement through the window caught his eye.

"Rogue," He whispered. She was more beautiful than he remembered. Remy felt his throat constrict.

Missed you so much, girl.

He moved closer to the window in order to see her better. She was standing over an the oven, stirring a large steaming pot. Her hair was pulled away from her face, but tiny curls of auburn and white managed to cling to her neck and face. She wore no jewelry or shoes - just a white tank top and a pair of denim cut-offs. The sight of her cooking in bare feet made Remy smile. He had never wanted that: A woman so comfortable in his kitchen that she'd go without shoes. Until Rogue. She had invaded his mind and spirit. Until her, Remy had been content to spend his time womanizing and gambling. Even after joining the X-Men, Remy wanted nothing to do with a domestic life. But looking at the woman before him now, he wanted nothing more than to watch her make meals for them to share with their children.


The thought startled him. Then just as quickly as it came to him, he became comfortable with it. In his mind's eye, he saw Rogue dressed much as she was now, only her belly was round with his child. A boy, he hoped. Because God help him if it was a little girl and anything like her mother. He saw himself walk up behind her and place his hands on her shoulders. She smiled as he kissed her neck and slowly let his hands slide down to rest on her bulging tummy.

Rogue's cry brought him back to reality. He looked up to see her holding her hand. She'd hurt herself. He didn't see any blood---

His concern for her quickly turn to confusion when he saw a tall blonde man come through the kitchen doorway.

"What happened, sweetheart?" Remy watched as the man took Rogue's hand and examined it.

"I burnt it on the damn pot."

"It doesn't look too bad," he smiled at her.

"Well, it hurts like the devil."

"I'll go get you some aloe to put on it. Just give me a minute, I left Jake standing soaking wet in the middle of the bathroom. There's no tellin' what he's gotten himself into now."

"Okay. Supper's ready."

"Alright. We'll be right back."

Remy watched the man leave the room. He swallowed and forced all his emotions down. Now was not the time to get confrontational - with Rogue or her...friend. They were all in danger, and it was his job to get Rogue to safety. He could do that.

Slowly, he walked to rest of the way across the porch and opened the screen door. Then, he stepped quietly back into Rogue's life.


To be continued...


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