I Surrender

Disclaimer: The marvelous J.K. Rowling all characters and settings. I own only the plot and my own typed/written words.

Summary: War is something to lose to, no matter who wins.


Scrambled awakening reaches her like a pointless wave of air, brushing against her face while she cries uncontrollably, unable to contain the tears that she has been holding in for a long time. And she knows it's wrong to seek comfort from a man that indulges himself in vengeance but that's over now because his skin and blood is gone to a frightful war that she thought would never come and destroy them but it did and now she doesn't know who else to call to.

Their eyes are silent and so are their mouths like firm, tight lines that refuse to open. And rain that is real are pouring onto their clothes like sinking ember flames that drench their skin and splatters like waterfalls. He pushes her hair away and does not say a thing for he is horrified at the prospect of never opening his eyes again, even though the truth is that they are still closed. And their hunger is gnawing at their stomachs like fresh rushes of nails that dig into their insides because as each second goes by it's like a day and as each minute goes by it's like a month and as each year goes by it'll be eternity and they cannot last for eternity because to them, there was never, ever a forever.

There was never, ever a forever.

Ginny is like a flower that blossoms, except she doesn't turn into beauty she turns into ashes and he cannot hold ashes in his hands because he is already burned from inside to out, as if he has been raised in the havens of the unspoken, home to sinners, and he is not a sinner because beauty could never be a sin, because beauty is refreshing and pure and beauty knows no wrong can come from it. And yet when he locks eyes with hers she feels as if her head is pounding with a million different scars like Harry's because there is no one but her and him and she can distinguish the emotion in his eyes, because the tears are coming, and they're not ever going to stop. So maybe there is a forever.

The tears are coming, and they may never stop. So maybe there is a forever.

Then the truth becomes more clear, like a horizon that's shining more brighter than ever, blinding her eyes, even if they are closed, because the truth is plunging within her. Her family is dead. Her friends are dead, and she will be dead in reality if she doesn't try to survive. But the thing is, inside there is nothing. No emotion but the addicting feeling to the only person that is beside her, Draco, who holds as much agony and as much anguishing pain as she does, and that emotion fills her whole black heart.

Fills her whole black heart.

And as the days pass by, they seem like years, and so many years have been gone from their lives. Their youth is young, and Ginny never knew what that meant until now, until she realizes that their youth is ending and so are their lives. So they take each other in the rain, they meet skin to skin, filling their lips with tender kisses and making the burning marks on their flesh to linger forever. They take each other in the rain, for warmth, comfort, love and need.

They take each other in the rain.

Perhaps it should feel more colder to be naked in the icy liquid that drips upon their skin but surprisingly it is not, because Ginny and Draco have never felt warmer and their hearts are turning from pure black to melting red.

Perhaps it should feel colder to be naked in the icy liquid that drips upon their skin but Ginny and Draco have never felt warmer.