Chapter 1

"Obi-wan, Reeft, Garen come swimming its beautiful in here!" Bant yelled to her friends from the water. "Easy for you to say you're an Amphibian your ment to be in the water we are supposed to be on the land. Anyway we have been swimming all day aren't you ever going to come out?" came the reply from her friend Obi-Wan who was relaxing on the shore with Reeft and Garen. The 4 friends were students at the Jedi temple on the planet Corascant. They were all Padawans, the highest form of student in the temple. They were usually out in the galaxy on mission for the Jedi council or galactic senate.

But at the moment they were all at the temple for a break and as they rarely saw each other these days their masters had allowed them to spend some time together. "You know I never get tired of swimming Obi," "Yes we know" the friends all said in unison before dissolving into giggles. "Ok I'll get out but." "Hey Slackers, "the shout came from the door of the Room of 1000 fountains where the lake was located. It was Siri, another Padawan who took life way to seriously. "Your Masters want you in the council chamber now." "OK OK were coming." The four friends dragged themselves up from where they were sitting and slowly started to walk over to Siri. She watched as they made their way towards her and was about to tell them to hurry up but they disappeared.

Siri wasted no time in running to the council chambers and telling the masters what had happened. The missing student's Masters, Qui-Gon Jinn, Tahl, Clee Rhara, Eaqua, as well as Siri's master Adi Gallia came with the Jedi council following behind them. When they got there they asked Siri where they had disappeared from. "They were walking over to me from the lake and when they got to around here, they dissa." Much to the Masters dismay she disappeared too.