Chapter 8

From then on Malfoy stayed as far away from the Jedi as possible and know one even thought of insulting any of the Jedi in case they received the same treatment.

Bant and Reeft were given a detention each for 'endangering' another student's life, from Snape. They had both agreed and followed him to find out details of when and where.

The day after Malfoy's little swim, the Jedi were again found on the Quidditch pitch with their Lightsabres glowing and humming, as they attacked each other, trying to hone their skills.

Harry had decided to come on watch today, just to see how good the others were with the weapons. Ron hadn't come, not wanting to get up early on a Sunday morning. While Hermione had already disappeared into the library before Harry had woken up.

They watched for about an hour before Harry got up the courage to go over and talk to them. "Can have a look?" he asked nodding at the Lightsabres in their hands. They looked at each other for a moment before Garen deactivated his Lightsabre and passed it to Harry.

He turned it over in his hand looking at the design but being careful not to point the blade end at himself or anyone else. He then passed it back to the owner.

"Thank you, it so light compared to swords." "Yes, that's because swords are made completely of metal and these use crystals to make the blade." Garen informed him. Harry nodded though not quite sure how that would work.

After a moment Garen offered the weapon to Harry again. "Activate it." He said. Harry took the weapon again, but this time he pressed the button, letting the green blade come to life.

He stared at it for a moment before taking a few steps away from the Padawans and swishing it around a bit.

While Harry was staring at the blade Obi-Wan positioned himself in front of Harry and activated his Lightsabre too. Harry looked up when he heard the sabre activate and looked at the weapon in Obi-Wan's hand.

Obi-wan nodded and Harry mirrored his stance. They practiced a few slow blocks and slowly got faster as Harry blocked more. As Obi-Wan was much faster then Harry he could always get out of the way of his attacks and was always careful not to hit Harry with the deadly blade.

Reeft gave his lightsabre to Ron and Siri started to teach Ron in the same way Obi-Wan was Harry while Hermione sat with the other 3 and they talked about how the weapon worked.

Everyday after that Harry, Ron and Hermione would come out with the Jedi and watch them practise before class and sometimes they would have a go with the sabres and other times just watch. But even watching they learnt loads on the weapons.