Reflections of an Older Brother
By Lucky_Ladybug
Notes: Well, here we have a sweet piece narrated by Rishid Ishtar ^___^
Cuteness, yes? ^^ The poem is mine and the characters are not! All hail
sibling cuteness!

I watch him sleeping
He looks so calm
So peaceful
So deathly still
And yet
So alive
I can see
Him breathing
And know
That he lives

Now he stirs
Turning over
Onto his side
And unwittingly displaying
The wicked, cruel marks
Left by the wretched beasts
That beat him

I stare at his chest
No longer bleeding
But the scars,
Now healing,

It was only
Two days ago
When I found him
Left for dead
By the highway side
I could not then
And I cannot now
Could be

He moves again,
His arm slipping off
The edge of the bed
And hanging over the side
I smile
Watching him

My dear brother

For he is truly
My brother
Even though
We are not related
By blood
I may not have been
Born to his family
But I was meant to be
Part of it
I understand this now

I have nearly lost him
So many times
To different assassins
And not all of them physical
During Battle City
He was almost
Lost to me forever
But then he triumphed
Over the darkness
The evil
And emerged victorious

He has been through
Fiery furnaces
Vicious waves
Car crashes
Once he was even
Struck by lightning
As I once was
But through it all
He stays strong
And true to himself,
To those he loves,
And what he believes in

He is a hero in my eyes
A warrior
A champion
Deserving to take his place
Alongside the noble and brave

Marik jerks in his sleep
Muttering in Arabic
And then Egyptian
Before reverting back to English
He is reliving his nightmarish experience
I hasten to his side
Doing my best
To comfort him

He relaxes
When I take him
In my arms
And he smiles slightly
Before drifting back
Into a quiet slumber

I hold him
Close to me
To his soft breathing
Feeling him
Pulsate with life
And I am so thankful
For him
And for what he means
To me

Ishizu pauses
In the doorway
And looks in
I smile back

She enters the room
Her many scarves
As she comes over and
Sits next to me
We watch our brother
For a time
As he sleeps
Neither one of us
Able to forget
The intense moments of
Searching for him
And then
When I had found him
Wondering if
He would live
If he would continue
To bless our lives
With his presence
Or if he would
Pass into another life
Leaving us far behind

But he has survived

His eyes flutter open
And he gazes up
At us both
In wonder
Looking so innocent
Then he puts his arm
Around me
And motions for Ishizu
To come closer
And he embraces her as well

Then we are all
In a group hug
Looking into
Each other's eyes

Marik dozes after a
Moment or two
Still exhausted after
His experience
Gently I lay him back
In his bed
And pull the quilt up
Around his uncovered chest

He grabs weakly at
My and Ishizu's hands
The soft smile still visible
On his features
And we grasp his hands
Yet gently
And stay with him
Until dawn