Ranma.Ai No Senshi?
Chapter 1: Reunion

"I HATE YOU, RANMAAAAAAAA!!!!!" Akane screeched as she malleted the pigtail martial artist knocking him into the sky over Nerima. The only good thing about it was that it freed him from Shampoo's amazon death glomp.

With a splash, Ranma landed in the pool at furinkan high school being changed into Ranma-chan. If her day hadn't been bad enough already, the kendo team was at school practicing which meant the blue blunder.err.blue thunder observed his pigtailed goddess clinbing from the pool.

Faster than the speed of light, the kendoist glomped onto the thoroughly soaked red head spouting bad shakesphere and proclaiming his love for the fiery goddess. "Come.I shall DATE THEE!!!"

Sighing and feeling more than just a little tired, Ranma punted the blundering jerk into LEO and stormed off away from the field as the remaining kendo club either shock their heads at their leaders complete ignorance or ogling the busty girl as she stormed off. ***

The red haired girl walked thrugh Nerima grumbling to herself about how her life was going. The only good thing that seemed to happened that day was her clothes had finally dried off.

Her mumbling and self absorbtion almost made her miss a shout from an alley that she was passing and saw three large guys backing a girl in a furinkan girl's uniform into a corner. The guys was wearing animal masks which looked vaguely familiar for some reason.

"Let the girl go." Ranma said and was relieved when the guys turned around ready to pummel the intruder when she noticed how their stances changed from one of confidence to one of fear.

"What a haul.WHAT A HAUL.!!!" a voice cried out joyously as it moved closer and closer, the now familiar sounds of a horde of girls chasing the voice.

Ranma hung her head low, praying for the mob to turn in another direction and felt like crying when a sicking, little man latched onto her chest. Ranma's fist went right through where the old pervert was only a moment ago, now replaced by something that felt.lacey.

"I knew it!!!" A girl snarled as the mob filled into the alley. The three guys quietely slipped away unnoticed as Ranma decided not to even try and prepared for the coming beating.

"I knew he was a pervert." Another girl said.

"I bet he was in on it with the old pervert the whole time!" a third one claimed.

"GET HIM!!" several girls cried as the coming onslaught of girls mercilessly attacked Ranma who refused to fight back and just took the beating, eventually passing out. ***

She didn't know how long she was there, but a bruised and battered Ranma slowly climbed to her feet and saw an old knife laying on the ground. She picked it up and stuffed it into a pocket so a child wouldn't get a hold of it and get hurt.

Not knowing where she was going, and not really caring, the red head walked slowly through the streets not paying any attention to the looks she was getting from the passer bys.

Seemingly by fate, Ranma found herself at the drainage canal right under the bridge above where a train was just passing over head. Sighing, she dropped to sit on the ground and hugged her knees to her chest and rested her chin on her knees. A single tear escaped followed shortly by another then another. Soon, not being able to hold back anymore, the tears was falling freely as she sobbed. She hated her life just as much as everyone hated her. ***

Nodoka was smiling brightly as she made her way yoward the Tendo Dojo hoping that Ranma was there. Even if he wasn't there though, She waould enjoy visiting the young girl who reminded Nodoka so much of herself. The only thing that bothered her about the girl was the eyes. The young girl had such lonliness in her eyes despite being surrounded by so many people. The only thing that seemed to make it better was any time that Nodoka paid attention to the girl.

Well, today should brighten the girl's mood greatly. Nodoka had bought a beautiful dress for the girl and planned to take her to get a double make over so the two could go to charity ball that night and offer the girl to come home for the summer vacation that had just started. She had so many plans and had no idea that they was all about to be destroyed and answered at both the same time.

Muffled sobbing caught the woman's attention and drew her the drainage cannal where a young girl sat sobbing. Her clothes was messed up and dirty, the once bright red hair was dirty and dull, and what was visible of the child's body had several bruises.

The most disturbing thing about the scene was that the girl was playing with a dirty pocket knife. Fearing the worst, Nodoka surged forward before the girl could do anything rash, Nodoka was beginning to fear that she lost Ranma, but she refused to lose Ranko.

"I'm s-sick of b-bieng treated like a toy.I can't e-even see m-m-mom because of th-this dumb curse.s-stupid pops.stupid Ch-China." Ranko sobbed, "R-Ranma Saotome.man amongst m-men.wh-what a joke. I-I'm nothing b-but a toy to e-everyone."

Nodoka was knocked back by the last, not only buy what she said but by the amount of self loathing in those words. Was this really Ranma.something kept pulling at the back of her head as she hurried forward to pull the knife from the young girl's hands and enveloped the young red head in her arms and held on tight.

"Ranko.Ranma.whoever you are, I love you and don't you even think about hurting yourself." Nodoka whispered.

The young girl could only nod as she buried her face into Nodoka and increased her sobbing.

She didn't know exactly what was going on but something was and someone would pay for hurting the child in her arms, no matter who it was. ***

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