Ranma.Ai No Senshi?
Chapter 2: Meetings

Rei yelled at Usagi to give back the new manga that just came out the previous day. The nerve of the meatball head trying to take it when Rei still hadn't even read it herself. It was another study session and scout meeting but as usual nothing much was achieved. There was no enemies at the moment that they was fighting against except for the few monsters left over from the negaverse. Ami's theory was that they was just leftovers from way back when they had fought and defeated Queen Beryl.

A strong ki distracted Rei long enough for Usagi to win the tug of war and get the book they was fighting over. It was very close and in fact it was right inside the temple! Rei hurried from the room leaving the others in quiet shock at the sudden departure of their friend for a few moments before hurrying after her.

They all burst outside in the yard where Nodoka, Rei's grandfather, and a guy with black hair in a pigtail was. The boy was where the power was coming from and from what Rei could gather he was strong enough to go head to head with Eternal Sailor Moon.

Nodoka motioned for the girls to join them so they hurried over to them, some faster than others. Rei could almost see hearts in Makota, Mina and Usagi's eyes. She could almost see hearts in Ami's eyes as the brains of the group was near drooling.

Rei herself was awestruck as well but it wasn't from how handsome the guy was. It was from his power, he was controlling his ki on a large scale and it was very impressive.

"I would like you all to meet my son Ranma." Nodoka said, beaming.

"RANMA!" Usagi and Rei shrieked glomping onto the embarrassed martial artist.

"Hey, back off, he's my brother." Usagi cried.

"Well, he's my cousin." Rei retorted sticking out her tounge at the meatball head.

The two found themselves laying on the ground after Ranma had took off screaming as if death itself was after him. Luna and Artemis was standing there looking confused as Nodoka sighed exasperated. "I'm sorry about that, girls. Ranma.well.he's deathly afraid of cats."

"But who could be afraid of a cat?" Usagi asked, surprised.

"You would be too if what happened to him had happened to you." Nodoka said under her breath, "I'm going to go look for him, I'll be back soon dad."

"I'll come too!" Rei exclaimed following after Nodoka.

"Me too!" Usagi said following closely to Rei and Nodoka.