A poem for Beni

****Disclaimer: I don't own the Mummy, it's characters and it's plot. They belong to Stephen Sommers, Universal Pictures and many others. **** (Authors note: There's a mistake in line 11. It should be "the former" instead of "the latter", sorry! Thanks for telling me about it, EotN!)

Once there was a Hungarian thief,

His life was hard, his life was brief,

Beni, that was his name,

He was longing , but not for fame

In wealth, he thought, I'll find my pleasure

That's why he was seeking for treasure.

So he robbed a house of God,

But was arrested on the spot.

They let him make his own decision,

- joining the legion or going to prison

Of course our Beni chose the latter,

Thinking compared to prison it could only be better


Soon he found out he had been mistaken

Being a legionary was hard, he felt forsaken

But then he finally found a sidekick

A young American, called Rick

One day a fierce battle broke out

And Beni and Rick were going to die without doubt

But Beni survived by cheating his mate

And left poor old Rick to his fate.


Now that he knew where Hamunaptra was,

He wanted to use his knowledge of course

So he promised some Americans to lead them to the city,

He wanted to let them die in the desert, and didn't have pity

But these guys were smart, so they said, - we

Will only give you the first part of your fee

You'll get the rest, we promise dear

As soon as we are safe back here.


On their travel Beni found out that he was wrong,

O'Connell wasn't dead, as he had hoped for so long

Beni now knew that he wasn't alone

'Cause O'Connell was leading a group of his own

They were only four, a girl and three men,

- So they are nothing to worry about, then

Beni said to himself with a smile,

Next second he was landing with a splash in the Nile

O'Connell was still a little angry with him,

So the rest of the way, he had to swim.

When he landed on the shore,

He hated O'Connell even more

It's true that Beni had the horses and O'Connell did shiver

But Beni and his team were on the wrong side of the river

-Well, Beni thought as he glared at his "friend",

I guess sometimes things don't work out the way you've planned