"What the hell is going on?" Kei shouted and ran down the street. Yuri ran close behind,

her hair completely frazzled.

"I have no idea!" Yuri shouted back. Another massive explosion shook the area. They

were to investigate the action of the local military. Right now they were in a town that

was to be untouched. People ran in fear for their lives. Now Kei and Yuri joined them.

"Who ever did this will pay dearly!" Kei clenched her teeth and fist as she ran. A plane

flew over and unloaded its arsenal. Yuri looked up and went paler if at all possible.

"What are they dropping this time?" Kei was almost scared to ask.

"Cluster bombs," Yuri ran harder. Her legs were to be used without abandon now. They

either lived or died at this point.

"Damn," Kei ran harder as well, it no longer mattered if they were tired of running or not.

They were told this are was off limits for combat, but now it was being ripped apart by

shrapnel. Legs cut off, arms cut off, organs ripped in two. The buildings look untouched

from the distance.

Supposedly this war was to protect a far away country who felt threatened by the powers

here. "Damn it!" Kei fell to her knees only to have part of her hair lobbed off by the

cluster shrapnel. She stayed perfectly still in fright and after a bit shook it off. "Yuri?"

"Yeah, I'm ok," Yuri sat there. She was looking out at the street behind them. People

were everywhere, what's left of them anyways. Blood poured out without mercy soon

staining the gravel road.

"We need to get out of here! I don't care if we succeed or fail!" Kei stated as she tried to

fix her hair.

"I know," Yuri took Kei's hand and got back on her feet. They then ran down the street

some more. They don't know or care how lucky they were to survive. "You think they

are targeting us?"

"We're still alive," Kei looked around and took a turn into a near by alley way.

"They aren't targeting us?" Yuri asked and followed. She listened to a drone of another

plane overhead.

"I don't believe we are even care about let alone targeted, I hate wars," Kei rubbed her

face and trudged through the garbage and remains of what was a peaceful town.

"Hey you heard that the water and electricity was attacked right?" Yuri asked.

"Yeah, that's illegal, so much for the great country over there."

"Think we should report all this?"

"If we survive," Kei exited the alley and ran down another street only to find more of the

same carnage as before.

Bombs fell once again. The ground shook and buildings exploded, it was as if they

wanted to level the whole town.

"Get down!" Yuri flung forward and shoved Kei aside from some falling debris which

soon hit the ground hard itself. Kei shoved the toppled wall aside best she could and

helped Yuri up.

"Thanks," Kei smiled.

"I hate wars," Yuri muttered.

"Why was this war started anyways?" Kei asked as she walked through the wreckage.

She stopped at the sight of a mother and her baby ripped to shreds.

"Something about weapons of mass destruction," Yuri answered.

"Did they get attacked to begin with?"

"Yeah, but, not by this country," Yuri held her mouth and nose as she made her way past

the bodies.

"Weapons of mass destruction eh? Let me guess scenes like this are censored from the

people too?"

"That's the way it goes."