"Spike- person!" Edward greeted him happily at the door.  Spike knew what she was after and tossed her one of the bundles. 

"A present for Ed!" she crowed, discarding the wrapping everywhere as she revealed a small book.  The girl suddenly stopped dead, staring at the cover.  Her head jerked up.  "Edward cannot read this!" she told Spike breathlessly.  She sounded absolutely thrilled.

Spike's brow quirked.  "You don't usually wear that, do you?"

Edward glanced down.  Her outfit consisted of a pair of loose khaki shorts, secured at the waist with a large belt with double holes.  Instead of her usual white T- shirt, she had on a loose, colorfully decorated top (A/N: You know, like they wore in the sixties?  Not peasant tops, but those kinda bohemian looking things…)  The girl secured her prize in her toes, grinned maniacally at the befuddled Spike, and dove headfirst toward the floor.  She broke her fall with her hands, and walked away on them without so much as a glance at Spike.  Ein trotted after her.  Spike stared. 

How the hell did Faye get her to wear a bra?  No, he decided fervently, I don't want to know

Speaking of Faye…

Jet poked his head out of the kitchen.  "About time you got back.  Where'd you go?"

"I had to pick up a few things."  He tossed the rest of his load to Jet, who contorted himself madly to catch them all. 

The ex- cop's eyes flicked from the bundles to Spike.  "Don't tell me you…"

His former gangster of a partner smirked.  "I could tell you where the rest of them  are, too."


"Have you changed Faye's bandages?"

The older man's expression sobered.  "No.  I haven't checked on her."

"I'll do it." Spike told him with supreme casualness.

Jet gave him a shrewd look- I know what you're doing, I know what's going on- but turned his attention back to the kitchen without comment. 

Spike retrieved the medical kit, and knocked on Faye's door; when no answer came, he let himself in. 

She was still asleep.  He seated himself on her bedside and watched her for a while. 

He traced her features with his eyes, then his index finger.  She stirred under the light touch. 

Another few minutes were spent in watching her silently before she groaned, rubbed her eyes in a manner reminiscent of a small child, and opened them.  They groggily drifted to Spike, who held up the medical kit in silent explanation. 

Not a word was said as Spike cleaned her wounds and bandaged them again.  Occasionally, though, Faye hissed in pain; Spike would pause for a moment before proceeding as gently as he could. 

He finished, and after putting away all the supplies turned back to Faye to find her looking at him. 


"Thanks." she told him softly. 

The sincerity in her eyes made him extremely uncomfortable.  Faye kept staring; right when he was about to ask what her problem was, she leaned forward and gave him a surprisingly chaste, brief kiss on the lips.  Before he could do more than widen his eyes in reaction, Faye slugged him with a pillow.  "Get out.  I need to get dressed."

You need to get your head checked.  "Get dressed?  You aren't getting out of bed."

"How are you going to stop me?  Are you gonna block my door with that fluffy head of hair?" she challenged.

He snorted.  "Take a look at yourself, Faye.  You're going to be spending at least the next week in that bed."

"No way!  I'm getting dressed, then I'm getting on the couch."

"Why the couch?  You didn't want to be on the couch last night."

"I can't watch the TV in here."

"What makes you think I'll let you watch it in there?"

Edward popped her head in; there was a breakfast- laden tray teetering precariously on top of it.  Spike grabbed it before it wound up on the ground.  "Faye- Faye, Jet says that he's charging you extra for this."  Her brow knit in puzzlement.  "He kept muttering about stupid wenches."

Spike stifled a chortle as Faye muttered something extremely uncomplimentary under her breath.  Edward snapped to attention in the doorway.  "Mission accomplished satisfactorily!  A Medal for Victorious Ed!"  She grabbed Ein (who yelped in surprise) and held him in front of her (A/N: Like the whatchamacallit on ships, or a hood ornament on a car) as she zoomed off. 

As he walked out the door, Faye chunked a pillow at his head; it connected solidly (for a pillow, anyway) before bouncing off.  Spike shot a smile over his shoulder, closed the door, and rested his head against the pillow held in place by the arms clasped behind his head. 


Faye leaned heavily on the doorframe.  Damn!  Just getting dressed and dragging my ass out here took up all my energy…  Spike helped her to the couch and took a seat beside her. 

"What's that?"

Spike's disinterested glance followed her pointing finger. 

"Some of the merchandise that Ainsley's buyer had." Jet answered, shooting a look at Spike, who suddenly had an innocently blank expression. 

Faye's tone was impatient.  "Well?"

"Well what?"

"Have you found anyone to buy it?"

"We can't sell this stuff!  It's hot."

"Of course we can sell it." Faye argued, rolling her eyes at Jet's troublesome morals.  "It's not like that- whatever that plant was-"

"Grey ash." Spike supplied, keeping his gaze on the TV.

"Yeah, grey ash!  It's not like that stuff- it's not like people are going to die without it-"

"People go blind without it." Spike half- corrected.

Faye shot him a look- shut up, lunkhead.  You're not helping.  "Anyway, there's a market, and we probably wouldn't get caught-"

"Ed can sell your souvenirs to Ainsley!" the hacker shrieked happily, popping up out of nowhere. 

"But we turned them in." Jet protested.  He ought to know, he'd been there…!

"They escaped." Edward informed him, with the utmost lack of concern.  "Edward can find the Ignis.  We can sell it to them.  EAT!"

"Mmm.  Bell peppers and beef." Spike's attention was lost to both the conversation and the TV.

"The provisions I brought back are starting to wear out.  Besides, they're stale!  There's no harm in selling the stuff back to Ainsley.  Especially considering that's where we got it from in the first place." Faye wheedled.

"Okay, fine." Jet huffily conceded.  "But I had nothing to do with this."

"Then naturally you won't want any of the profit!"

"Now hold on." he countered sternly.  "You still owe me-" he saw her mouth open but didn't give her a chance to protest, "- for repairs to the Redtail, not to mention food and board, and that's not even considering all the trouble you've given me!  And you owe me for breakfast.  And there's that money you stole from the safe, which you haven't paid back yet…"

Faye made a noise but kept her mouth shut and seethed. 

"Oh.  I still have this." Spike dug in his pocket and came out with-

"A money card!" Faye observed, making a grab for it. 

Spike dangled it out of her reach and mimed tossing it to Jet, who was smirking.  "Let's see, Jet, would this cover some of that?"

"It'd be a start." the older man hinted darkly. 

Faye snatched it from Spike's hand, not quite concealing the wince that accompanied the movement. 

Jet peered more closely at the hacker.  "Ed, did you get new clothes…?"

"Faye- Faye got them for Ed."  The girl smiled.  "Bras really aren't that bad!"

Both the men suddenly looked stupendously sick.  "Edward-" Spike choked.

"-too much information!" Jet finished. 

Edward ignored them, grabbed Ein, and flung herself onto the couch on Faye's other side.  "Faye- Faye?"


"Are you better now?" she inquired conversationally.

"I'm fine." the bounty hunter answered shortly. 

A picture of Faye stumbling through the door rose in Spike's mind. 

I don't ever want to go through that again. he thought involuntarily.  Wait a minute- what the hell? 

Edward laid her head on Faye's shoulder for a minute before springing up and running off, Ein in tow.  Jet went to work on his bonsai, and Spike turned his attention to the television again.  Faye drowsed off, leaning against Spike.

A half- hour later, Edward stood in the door to the common room, smiling.  Faye was stretched out across the couch, covered with a blanket and propped up against Spike, who was also asleep; his head of green hair rested atop her purple one.  Edward noticed Spike had an arm around Faye… 

And neither of them was having nightmares anymore.

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