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Laughter was being heard across the Digital World. Swarms of Flybeemon were swarming away and herds of Monochromon stampeded away. What in the world could they be so afraid of? More digimon started running out in fear.

Now it was becoming clear at what they were running from. On top of a mountain stood a young boy. A young boy?! He has on a pair of goggles on his eyes, a long cape flowing behind his back and a very dark blue jumpsuit. An evil smile came across his face.

"Hurry up and get out of here everyone! It's the evil Digimon Kaiser!"

The boy held his hand up and a whip came out of his hand. He lashed it out and several circular objects were coming out of nowhere. They looked to be ring-shaped and were a black color. Behind the boy was a rather, tall looking structure, like a form of a tower.

The rings started flying towards the scattering digimon. They tried to avoid them as fast as they could, but they were unable to do so. Several of the rings managed to capture several digimon. Cries were being heard and the digimon felt tremendous pain after being caught by the rings.

"Arise my slaves!"

The digimon stood up on their feet and saluted the young boy. Their eyes were glowing a blood-shot red color.

"All hail, The Digimon Kaiser! Hail the Digimon Kaiser!"

"Ahh. That just brings music to my ears. Don't you think so, Wormmon?"

"Yes, my lord."

Beside the boy was a small, green caterpillar like creature with big blue eyes and purple little legs at his sides. He looked up at the boy. This was his digimon and unlike the other digimon, he didn't have a dark ring.

[Digi Analyzer: Wormmon. Rookie-Level. Larva digimon. Special techniques: Sticky Net & Silk Thread]

"Now slaves. I want you to build more dark towers around this section by tomorrow. I expect them to be nicely done. Now I'm off to get my beauty sleep."

"We certainly worked hard today. We gained a lot of territory in the western section."

"Yes and soon the whole Digital World shall be mine."

The Digimon Kaiser had a digivice at his side. Unlike the other Digi-Destined's digivices, his was more oddly shaped and it was black. This surely indicated that he was indeed evil. But how could a Chosen Child like himself become so evil and enslave digimon? How did he eve get into the Digital World in the first place?

"So back to the base, my lord?"

"Yes and I want you to fix me a nice cup of tea when we get there."

"Great, and some crackers?'

"Nah. I'd say more like a sandwich, I'm not really hungry."

The two started to head back to the base. It was many yards away. There were more enslaved digimon going hard at work and building more dark towers as quickly as they could.

"Keep up the good work boys! I expect perfection! I should be in total control of this area by the end of today! Ah, it's so good being a bad boy! Ha! Ha!"


[Digimon Zero Two opening theme "Target Akai Shougeki" plays during the opening sequence]

Four Years Later: The Digimon Kaiser Appears! Ascend to Battle, Flamedramon!


Meanwhile, back on the earth. It has been four years since the last digimon adventure. It has been four years since the battle against Burizalor. The Digi-Destined have gotten older and everything has been peaceful. The families have grown to accept the digimon as a part of them.

Each of the original Digi-Destined were gaining hobbies that they enjoy the most. Matt has become a rock star and goes on tours on many occasions. He claims that it's a lot of fun and he gets to see all kinds of different people at the concerts he performs with his band. Mimi moved to New York with her family but she still keeps in touch with her friends. Joe is studying to become a doctor. That's right he still is attempting to get into med school. Sora has become a very active tennis player. Izzy now attends high school along with the other Digi-Destined. And as for Tai, well he's still in the Digital World helping out the guardians and decided to help train Agumon. One day, those two will return.

However, there was one family that wasn't far complete. That family was the Kamiya family. Hikari has grown up a lot since the last adventure. She's now eleven years old and is just about the same kind of girl, except she doesn't carry a whistle anymore. Now it's a digital camera and she no longer suffers from frequent illness as she did when she was a little girl. Her newest hobby is digital photography so that is why she carries a camera around her neck.

Kari goes to the Digital World to visit her brother on rare occasions. His new job was to help the Holy Beasts clean up the mess left behind by Burizalor's elite forces. However, the family household hasn't been the same without Tai around. But they grew to accept that Tai has a new responsibility. Kari wonders how powerful Agumon will get after all of that special training. He's going to be happy to when she sees them again.

Kari was finishing up her breakfast and looked at her watch.

"Oh no! Ten minutes till the bell rings! Man! I'm late on my first day!"

Kari got off her bed and ran into the bathroom to brush her teeth. Gatomon was awakened by all of the sudden foot stomping Kari was making.

"And I was trying to get my cat nap... Late on your first day, I see..."

"Gatomon, take care of yourself while I'm away."

"You're just going to school. I can live with it. I need more sleep anyways."

"You're always sleepy. Well I gotta run!"

Kari ran towards her door as she grabbed her backpack and put on her shoes.

"I'm going to school, mom! Bye!"

Kari closes the door behind her and runs as fast as she could to get to school on time. Being late on the first day wasn't a good thing. She intends to get there as fast as she could.


Elsewhere, in another apartment complex, a young blonde-haired boy came walking out of his apartment room and started to walk off towards an elevator. And in case you're winder who this is, it is Takeru, better known as TK.

He looked at his watch and pushed the down button.

"Late on my first day. That's definitely not a good thing. And I've moved into a new apartment complex this past week. I'm a lot further from my old school and now I'm a new kid in the school that I'm going to. I hope everything turns out right."

TK got inside the elevator and waited to reach the ground level. As he got there, he walked out and started towards the direction to where his school was. Suddenly, he heard another elevator shaft open up. To his surprise, there were two kids as well. TK looked at them and smiled. One was a purple-haired girl with glasses and the other was a short brown-haired boy.

"Hello there."

"Um. Hello," the girl said, "Are you new here?"

"Yeah. My mom and I moved in here just a week ago. My name is Takeru Takaishi. But you can just call me TK."

"Oh well. Hi, my name is Miyako Inoue, but you can just call me Yolei. This is Iori Hida. But you can just call him, Cody."

"Welcome to the apartment complex, TK."

"Thanks, I'm a new kid coming into this school."

"Wow that's great. Well we don't want to be late for our first day."

"Right. Lets go."

The three kids headed off towards their school and walked as fast as they could to try not to be late. However, they did talk to each along the way.


As the three children got to the school, there was a huge crowd in the front courtyard. They were watching a soccer game take place. On one side of a team, there was a boy with goggles on his head.

As TK walked towards the courtyard, he gasped at what he saw. A boy with goggles. His surprised glare came over his face.

"Tai?! That couldn't be him!"

The boy attempted to kick the play but he missed. The ball came towards TK and he easily caught the ball.

"Nah! That couldn't be him. Tai is a much better soccer player than this kid."

"Hey nice catch man!"

The two stared each other down. The boy with goggles quirked an eyebrow as TK tossed the ball to him. The boy caught it.

"What's with you? You alright?"

"You look awfully familiar. Must be the goggles."

"Hey Davis! Quit holding up the game, dude!"

Davis turned away and threw the ball over to his teammates. TK walks off and heads to the school.


Fifteen minutes pass, everybody gets into class. In one classroom, Davis walks in and sees Kari sitting in a desk.

"Hey! You're in my class, Kari! Sweet!"

"Well hello Davis. How was your summer?"

"Eh. It was okay, you could say it was a little wacky."

"Really? Oh."

"How about you?"

"Nothing really except going with my friends to the beach."

"Oh. Sounded like fun."

"Oh yeah."

The teacher began to speak to begin the class. But before he could start his first lesson on the first day, TK came walking in.

"Class. If I can have your attention, I would like to introduce to you a new addition to our class. Please introduce yourself."

"Hello. I am Takeru Takaishi, but you can just call me TK."

Davis noticed TK and gasped.

"Hey I saw him earlier today."

"Welcome to the class, TK. You can take that seat near the girl with the camera around her neck."

TK started walking towards the seat next to Kari and next there. Kari smiles and looks to TK.

"Hey TK. Long time no see."

"Same here. Just like old times."

Davis' eyes go bulging out and he started getting pissed off at the sight of TK sitting next to Kari. In his mind, he saw another guy making a move on his girl. That was something Davis would not tolerate and he would do something about it later today.


Izzy was tying away at his computer and to his surprise. He received an urgent message from the Digital World. It was sent from Azulongmon.

"Hmmm. There's an urgent message from the Digital World? I wonder what's going on."

"Let's read the message then," Tentomon said.


Izzy opened up the email and began to read it.


Digimon Kaiser has come and taken over areas. He's enslaving digimon with dark rings! Hurry and help us oppose this new threat! We need you and fast!

"You know what this means, Tentomon."

"Yep. Back in action and back into the Digital World!"

"Tai isn't aware of this! He's still training with Agumon in another dimension. So its up to us now."


Later that day, TK and Kari were walking along the hallways after class in hopes to talk to one another about their daily lives.

"So how's your mom doing with the new apartment?"

"Well, she's been more busy with work to even check it out yet, but I pretty much like it. I also met some kids about our age over at the apartments. They're really cool."

"Oh wow. What are their names?"

"Yolei and Cody."

"Hmmm. Maybe we can go meet up with them during lunch time."

"That sounds great."

Davis was hiding behind several lockers and was listening to their whole conversation. His eyes were locked onto TK as if he were prey.

"If he thinks he's going to take my girl, he's mistaken! Kari belongs to me and nobody else! Just how does she know this guy? Well I'm about to find out, sooner or later."


Elsewhere, Yolei is at the computer lab as she was about to shut it down, until suddenly she found an instant message. It was from Izzy.

"Oh wow, it's Izzy. I wonder what he wants. I better tell him that I have to get going to my next class."

But just as she was about to send a reply, Izzy had already typed a message. Yolei read it.

Come to the Digital World! Kari, we need your help!


"To Kari? Huh? I know a girl named Kari. Kari. Kari. Ah! Kari Kamiya! But what's the Digital World? Is it some kind of amusement park? Well I better print this message out so I can give it to this Kari girl."

Yolei printed out the message, logged off and shut off the computer. She takes out the printed message, folds it and places it in her pocket.

"We still have several minutes until the bell rings, so maybe I can find this Kari to let time fly by."

She heads off down the hallway in hopes to find Kari and deliver the message.


Izzy didn't get any responses from his instant messenger. So he turned off his connection and sighed.

"She didn't respond. Kari must have classes by now."

"So what are we going to do, Izzy?"

"I'm not sure. If Tai were here, we would be in the Digital World and taking care of business as usually. But it's just hard to decide what to do. I have no idea what the other Digi-Destined are doing since they got school now."

"Shouldn't you be in school?"

"My first class doesn't start in about an hour, but this is more urgent than school. The Digital World could be in serious danger!"

"Right. I think we should go there and check out what is causing all of this nuisance."

"If only we knew when this new enemy is going to strike next. Ah! I got it. We'll use the map of the Digital World on my computer and pinpoint the location of the new enemy's base. Bad guys usually have bases to hide out in."

"Alright then, what are we waiting for?!"

"Geez. Don't get your antennas all tangled up."

Izzy looked upon the map of the Digital World and started to pinpoint any kind of locations of the enemy's base. After a few moments of locating, Izzy found what seemed to be a glowing light on the map.

"Prodigious! I found it! Now we can get there as soon as possible!"

Izzy held out his digivice and pointed it to his computer.

"You ready?"

"As I ever will be."

"Digi-Port Open!"

A wave of light started to come out and it sucked Izzy and Tentomon right in. They went through a portal of some sort and within seconds, they found themselves within the Digital World.

"Seems peaceful around here. I don't see anything wrong, Izzy."

Izzy looked up and gasped at what he saw. He saw a landscape full of tall, black towers.

"Hello, digital world to Izzy. What are you looking at-AH! Whoa! What the heck are those?!"

"Beats me."

Izzy could feel really bad vibes from these dark towers.

"They're black. They could be an indication of evil. These must be what the Digimon Kaiser is building. But what's the significance of these dark towers?"

Suddenly, they heard footsteps creeping up behind. As they turned around, they faced several groups of digimon. They were Gotsumon, Gazimon and Gekomon. But their eyes were glowing red.

"Hey guys! We need to know what is going on around here," Izzy asked, "This has got to be the work of..."

"The Digimon Kaiser…" the digimon all said together.

"Hey Izzy. I don't want to butt in, but do you notice their eyes? They're creeping me out."

"Oh don't get all paranoid. Ah! Ok, they are kind of creeping me out. But why are their eyes glowing red?"

"Rock Fist Attack!" one of the Gotsumon cried out as he shot out several rocks at Izzy and Tentomon.

"Izzy! Its time that I show these guys who they're messing with! Super Shocker!"

Tentomon shot down several of the digimon with his attack but to his surprise, more started coming out.

"Um, Izzy. We have trouble."

"We're surrounded! Tentomon if only you could evolve!"

"Just leave it to me!"

Izzy's digivice powered up and it gave Tentomon the power to digivolve into his champion leveled form.

"Tentomon shinka! Kabu-HUH?!"

Izzy gasped in shock at what just happened. Tentomon was unable to evolve.

"What happened?! I fed you a breakfast buffet this morning!"

"I don't understand. I have the energy but I'm not able to digivolve. I wonder..."

Suddenly, they were interrupted by laughter. Izzy and Tentomon turned around to find the Digimon Kaiser on a large Tyrannomon.

"Welcome to my humble little garden."

"So are you the Digimon Kaiser?!"

"In the flesh and so glad to see you, Digi-Destined. As you can see, the reason your digimon can't evolve is because my dark towers have blocked out all of his powers to even make such a drastic move. So you can call this and any other areas with dark towers the 'no digivolving zone'."

"You're not going to get away with this!"

"Oh but I already have. You see, my master plan isn't quite complete just yet. I may need a little assistance."

"What are you saying?!"

"Join with me and we together can conquer the Digital World. With both of our intelligent minds, there's nothing that can stop us."

"Over my dead body, I rather risk my life than to join you."

"Ah suite yourself. But you turned down the chance to live like a god such as myself. But that's okay, my pets will just finish you off!"

The Digimon Kaiser snaps his fingers as the digimon all jumped Izzy from behind and started beating him down. Tentomon tried to save him but he was pummeled to the ground as well.

"If you won't join me by taking the easy way, I'll force you to join me using the hard way. Don't worry. I have something that will change your mind indeed. Ha! Ha!"


Meanwhile back at school, TK and Kari were still walking down the hallway. They continued to chat with one another about more of their daily lives over the past three years. They haven't seen each other since then and it was the perfect time to get back together.

Just as they were about to reach to their lockers, Davis was standing in front of them with his arms crossed. An angry look came over his face.

"Oh hey Davis. I would like you to meet, TK."

"Yeah, I know. I saw him earlier today. You interrupted my soccer game, buddy!"

"And his name is not buddy. Its TK!"

"Ok, TP! How do you know Kari? You better give me a good answer cause I'll put my fist up your face if you don't tell me!"

"We've known each other for a long time. In fact, I haven't seen her in three years. So this is a good time to get back together and start hanging out again."

"Not when I'm around you're not. You keep away from my girl, TS."

"I'm not your girl, Davis."

"Since when?"

"Since forever!"

"Don't worry. It can wait."

"C'mon Davis. I'm not butting into you and Kari's business, Davis. I'm sure we can all get along and be friends."

"Yeah sure."

Just then, Yolei saw TK and came running up to him.

"TK! Hey, you managed to meet up with some new friends."

"Yolei! Hey. I would like you to meet Kari and Davis. I've known Kari before anyway, we just came across her other just today."

"Wow, how cool."

Davis mumbled to himself and kicked a piece of wadded up paper away.

"Hey. So you're, Kari?"

"Yes, that's me. Kari Kamiya to be exact."

"Oh, well I just got this from an instant message from mine. It's from Izzy and he sent it to you. Do you know him?"

Kari took the piece of paper from Yolei and read it. She gasped and looked to TK.

"Izzy needs us! There's something going on in the Digital World!"

"We have to go there now!"

"Huh? Wait! Where are you going," Yolei asked.

"We have to go check on the computers. This is an emergency," TK called out.

"Oh not unless I'm coming too," Davis said as he caught up to Kari and TK.

"What the heck are those two doing? Why do they need a computer for an emergency? Something is not right."

TK and Kari pulled out their digivices and pointed them at the computer that Yolei was using.

"You ready to go, Kari?"

"You bet I am."

"Not unless I'm coming too! I'm going to the Digital World too!"

"But not just anybody can go. You need a digivice to enter," TK said.

"Look TE! If you can go, then I can go too!"

As soon as Davis said that, three shining beams came out of the computer. One shot right at Davis and landed it right in his hand. The two other beams went flying and they landed into the hands of Cody and Yolei.

"Hey, what's this thing?!"

"It's a digivice," Kari said.

"Yeah but a mush different model than ours."

"Well now that I got a digivice, lets go! C'mon, guys! This way we can skip class!"

TK and Kari held their digivices into the computer screen and watched a wave of light sucked them right in.

"Hey, wow. So that's how it works. Ok then!"

Davis pointed his digivice at the computer and the same wave of light sucked him right in.

The three children went through some sort of vortex and eventually found themselves in the Digital World.

"Whoa. Cool, so this is the Digital World," Davis said. He looked down at his suit and his jacket now had fire symbols on them.

"Wow. Radical jacket! Do these come with some other accessories."

"Ok Davis. We're here to find out what Izzy was warning us about," TK said, "This is not a vacation resort. This is work. So be careful."

"I know how to take care of myself, TO."

The three kids walked along a trail across the forest and looked across. Nothing seemed devastated at all. But then, they came across several tall, black towers.

"Whoa. Where did those come from?" TK asked, "I never saw these the last time I came here."

"Odd. Who could of built these structures?"

"This is totally weird," Davis said, "Hey guys! There's a cave."

"Let's check it out," said TK.

They headed off towards the cave in hopes of finding anything that will explain to them the current situation of the Digital World.


Meanwhile, back at his large base, the Digimon Kaiser watched the children through his monitors. A cruel smile came across his face.

"Well. Well. Looks like we got some visitors."

"What shall we do to them?" asked Wormmon.

"We shall greet our guests with some company. Summon Harpymon!"

"Yes of course. Her Wind Seeker will give them a rude awakening."

"So are we enjoying our little stay?" the Digimon Kaiser asked as he turned to face Izzy.

He was being tied down and had a cloth wrapped around his mouth.

"Don't worry. In no time at all, you'll be working for me."


The three children entered the cave and what they found was nothing but an open cavern.

"Nothing here. Let's turn back."

"Hold on, Kari. I see something!"

In the center of the cavern was a rather strange-looking egg. It was red with several multi-colors on it. There was a large spike embedded at the top of it. The symbol of courage was on it.

"It looks like an egg. Let's go check it out."

They walked over the odd-looking egg and examined it.

"Hmm. We can try to pick it up," TK said, "I'll go first."

TK attempted to pick it up first. But with all of his might, he couldn't even lift it up.

"Ugh. It's too heavy."

"Here let me handle this. It needs a woman's touch."

Kari then tried to pick it up but she wasn't able to and fell backwards.

"Ok, never mind with the woman's touch then."

"Hey guys! I just figured something out, Davis said, "Let me try to pick it up!"

Davis went over to the odd-looking egg and cracked his knuckles.

"Ok. Breathe in. Breathe out. Ok. Here we go. One and two and three!"

Davis grabbed the egg and was able to pick it up with ease.

"Ok that was easy. Geez, you guys need to work out a little more."

"Um. There's a problem," TK said.

As soon as he said that, a beam of orange light came out of the ground from which the egg was laying at first. The kids watched as a figure started to form within the light. As the light cleared away, there was a blue reptile like creature with a little horn on his nose. He opened his eyes and turned to face Davis.

"Umm. He's looking right at me."

"Yahoo! Free at last! Free at last!"

The blue reptile jumped right at Davis and hugged him.

"Ack! Get this thing off of me! What is he?!"

"You got to kidding me. Davis... has a digimon..." TK muttered.

"It's unreal. Davis, your a Digi-Destined!"

"Yep. And you're my partner, Davis."

"Um. How do you know my name?"

"Aw c'mon! Don't you know that I've been waiting for you this whole time?!"

"But we just met."

"Doesn't matter. We're partners and we're going to make a really cool team!"

"Ok, you seem cool. So what's your name?"

"My names Veemon! I'm a mythical Digimon that brings good luck to my friends! I'm a very adventurous guy and you're the type of friend I have been looking for!"

[Digi Analyzer: Veemon. Rookie-Level. Small Dragon digimon. Special techniques: The V-Head Butt]

"Well, you and I do have a lot in common then. So, what now Veemon?"

"I don't know, whatever you want to do."

"Veemon belongs to Davis now? This is getting weird and there were two other lights that came out of the computer."

"And I have to wonder where those other digivices were being sent to?'

"We'll just have to find out who when we get back home."

"Getting back home?! Well your going to have to get through me in order to do so," cried out a screechy voice.

"Ack! That hurt my ears! Ok, whoever is making that sound better stop or else," shouted Davis.

A white-colored bird appears behind Davis. It had a human-like face and the body of a bird. She had a dark ring on her and she had the same glowing eyes as the other enslaved digimon.

[Digi Analyzer: Harpymon. Champion-Level. Phantom Beast digimon. Special techniques: Wind Seeker & Silent Symphony]

"Or else what?"

Davis turned to face Harpymon and cried out.

"Lets run for it!"

The three children ran out of the cave and they made it to the outside. Davis and Veemon turned to face Harpymon.

"By the orders of the Digimon Kaiser, I shall kill you three pests!"

"Eat my fist," Davis cried out as he had up his fists.

"Don't do it, Davis!"

"Wind Seeker!"

Harpymon shot out a powerful beam and sent it towards the children. Davis, TK and Veemon managed to maneuver away but Kari wasn't able to and she got blown back. Kari fell to the ground and wasn't able to get up.

"Kari," TK cried as he went over to her,"Man! If only we would of brought Patamon and Gatomon along with us!"

"Davis! I'm ready to fight now!"

"But how? She'll whip you around like a rag doll."

"Not as long as you have that digimental in your possession."

"And what am I supposed to do with it?"

"Just hold it up and say, Armor Shinka Energize! And you got to have courage as well!"

Davis turned to see TK tending to Kari and anger was about to erupt from within.

"Armor Shinka Energize!!"

[Digimon Zero Two armor-evolution theme "Break Up!" plays in sequence]

The digimental started to glow and it emitted an orange beam of light. It covered Veemon and he felt his power level increasing. Veemon started to cry out and the ground around him started to shatter away due to the increasing power mass.

"Veemon armor shinka!"

Veemon watched as fire started to cover his body. He grew a little taller, his legs lengthened as did his arms, and new armor was form on parts of his body. A horn came out from his forehead and claws came scathing out from his hands and feet. As he hovered down to the ground, a fiery aura formed around him. He turned to face Harpymon.

"Flamedramon! The Fire of Courage!"

"No way! He armor digivolved?! Wow, that's Veemon," TK said.

"Now that what I'm talking about," Davis said.

[Digi Analyzer: Flamedramon. Armored-Level. Evolution through the Digimental of Courage. Dragon man digimon. Special techniques: Fire Rocket & Flame Shield]

"I'm Flamedramon! By using the digimental of courage, I was able to armor evolve into this radical form. Now I'm ready to barbeque some bird. How you like your bird, flame broiled or crispy?"

"Now I'm going to destroy you, Flamedramon! Wind See-AH!"

Flamedramon quickly phased behind Harpymon and held her in place. He pulled his fist back and started hammering away at her. Flamedramon jumps up and phases out. Harpymon looks around and see Flamedramon flying right at her.

"Blazing Fist!"

Flamedramon rammed his claws into Harpymon as she went falling down.

"And now to destroy that dark ring. I can sense an evil energy from it. Fire Rocket!"

Flamedramon pulls his fists back and started firing away several fire blasts at Harpymon. One of the blasts nailed the dark ring and destroyed it. Harpymon went flying away.

"I don't think so! Blazing Fist!"

Flamedramon starts to spin and turns into a fiery tornado. He started to head towards Harpymon. She was flying away as fast as she could but Flamedramon phased right in front of her and shot out a powerful fiery blast right at her. Harpymon cried out. She was quickly disintegrated into fragments.

"Yeah! You rock, Flamedramon!"

Flamedramon went hovering down as he de-digivolved back to Veemon. Davis went running up to his partner and shook his hand.

["Break Up!" ends]

"Yeah! That's what I'm talking about. But why did you destroy Harpymon?"

"Despite having a dark ring, I sensed malice and evil in her heart. In fact, she was going to hurt TK and Kari. So I took manners into my own hands."

"I see. Well you did a great job."

"So we can do this again some other time?"

"Oh yeah."


Later that day, TK, Kari, Davis and Veemon headed back into the forest where they first entered the Digital World. They found a small television.

"Let's get back! Boy, we sure skipped school!" "Wrong Davis, time goes really fast here in the Digital World but it only took a few minutes to pass by in the real world," TK explained. "Ah nuts!"

"So are we ready," Kari asked, "Digital Port Open!"

They all went through the television screen and through the same vortex as they found themselves back in the computer lab.

"Lets go there again sometime," said Davis, "Huh? Oh hey Yolei."

"Yolei?!" TK and Kari said in unison.

They looked up to see Yolei looking down at them but along with her was Cody. They each had digivices in their hands.

"You care to explain these," Yolei asked as she held her digivice.

They were the same new-modeled kinds that Davis has.

"Veemon! Where are you?" Davis called out.

To his surprise, he found Veemon but he looked a lot smaller. He was lying in Davis' lap. He looked up to Davis and smiled.

"Close enough but you can just call me Demiveemon."

"Ugh, all these 'mons are giving me a headache."

"TK! What about Izzy? He said in the message that he sent to me that he would meet us in the cave," Kari said.

"Yeah that's weird. I wonder where he's at?"


The Digimon Kaiser smiled with delight at what he just saw.

"So armor evolution? Those fools were able to digivolve that digimon even with my dark towers presently active. This I gotta research. But in the meantime, Izzy, my newest servant arise!"

Izzy rose to his feet and his eyes were glowing a purple color instead of their normal brown. He walked towards the Digimon Kaiser and bowed before him.

"Good now. Now I have an assignment for you."

What does the Digimon Kaiser have in store for the new Digi-Destined? How will just Flamedramon be enough to stop his evil force?

[Digimon Zero Two first ending theme "Ashita wa Atashi no Kaze ga Fuku" plays]


Davis: This was just the start of a new adventure! Veemon is a cool little dude! He and I make a radical team! Especially when he digivolves into Flamedramon!

Yolei: Ugh, enough about yourself! It's our time to shine!

Cody: Don't forget that we still have our digimon to find!

TK: Hey, I see two digi-eggs.

Kari: Something's something out of them!

Hawkmon: Greetings, Yolei. I'm Hawkmon.

Armadillomon: Hi there, Cody. Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Armadillomon!

Davis: We have a complete team set! Let's kick some Kaiser butt!

Kaiser: I'd like to see you try. By the way, episode two is entitled...

The New Chosen Children Complete! Oppose the Kaiser's Forces!

Veemon: Don't miss it!


SSJ4T: That was it. That was the sneak peek to Zero Two. We hoped you enjoyed it.

Max: No Sorato! Yipee! Taiora all the way!

SSJ4T: He's lost it.

Tai: Shit, I'd be celebrating too.

Coral: True, but he's starting to scare me. Seriously.

Takato: I think you should smack some sense into him, Rika.

Rika: I'm about to do that right now.

Max: No, I'm fine. Really. I just lost it there for a minute.

Coral: Anyway, Zero Two is set and we're ready to deliver more episodes on the horizon. Be sure to check them out. Until then, ciao!