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[Digimon Zero Two opening theme "Target Akai Shougeki" plays during the opening sequence]

The Golden Fighter, Magnamon! The Kaiser Makes a Decision!

X witnessed the transformation of Veemon into Magnamon. He was now aware of what the golden digimentals were for.

"Yes. I should expected this from the start."

"What, X? What are you trying to say?" Sam asked.

"That golden digimental is none other than Digimental of Miracles. It came into being through Davis' courage and friendship. Those two traits were able to intertwine and developed into the Golden Digimental of Miracles."

"Amazing. So, it will be enough for Magnamon to stop Kimeramon?"

"The ball is in Davis' court. He'll have to play out from here. We can only hope that he and Magnamon can defeat Kimeramon and Shadramon. When that happens, it will only be a matter of time before Ken sees the light."

"You can do it, guys! I know you can! You have to save Ken!"


Magnamon stood hovering as he looked towards Kimeramon with an intimidating glare in his eyes. Davis was watching Magnamon with amazement.

"Wow! That guy rocks! Veemon sure knows how to look cool. Ok now on to business!"

[Digi Analyzer: Magnamon. Vaccine Level. Armor Evolution through the Golden Digimental of Miracles. Special Techniques: Magna Blast & Magna Explosion]

"What is the meaning of this?" Shadramon asked, "How was your digimon able to pull off such a stunt as that?!"

"If you didn't know, the Kaiser's so called generator unleashed this power and it gave Veemon the chance to golden armor digivolve! And now he's going to kick that monster's butt!"

"Grr! Not possible! Kimeramon is the most powerful being in the Digital World."

"That's where you are wrong," Magnamon said calmly, "I am the most powerful and I shall prove it."

Kimeramon roars an angry cry as he advanced towards Magnamon.

"That's right. Come to poppa!"

"That's it, Magnamon! You show him what you're made of! You can't allow him to beat you! I won't allow it!"

"No way. He's all mine. I won't let you down, Davis."

[Random Dragonball Z battle music plays]

Magnamon started to power up as his body started to glow a golden light. He raised his arms up as large amounts of energy started to slowly gather. Kimeramon got into a blocking position. Magnamon pulls his hands back and phased out. Kimeramon was surprised at the outcome and could only watch in horror as Magnamon released a golden beam of light at him. This sent Kimeramon flying back and right through a nearby rocky cliff.

"Alright, Magnamon," Davis cried out, "Now take advantage!"

Magnamon hovered over to where the fallen monster was. He looked down and felt its tremendous energy. Magnamon knew that the fight wasn't finished just yet.

"I feel his energy rising. This is over by a long shot."

Suddenly, energy shot out from out of the ground and Kimeramon comes popping out through the fallen rock rubble that had covered him. The monster faced towards Magnamon and let out another angry cry.

"Ahhh. Yes, Kimeramon. Show him what you're made of," Shadramon said, "Now you see that your monster seems to enjoy me as his master. He knew you were a total failure and that is why he turned on you. Or should I really tell you why he decided to side with me."

The Kaiser listened to what his former partner had to say.

"It is because when you were out building your little toys, you left me to secure the base. Well, how unfortunate for you to letting me do so. You should know that evil digimon shall never be trustworthy and I'm no different. So, I reversed command panel switch to mine and that way Kimeramon would only obey me. And it was only a matter of time before he would turn on you. I've wanted to do this since day one and now I'm in complete control of this operation. You've failed Kaiser, just you always have. And now Digi-Destined prepare to die!"

Kimeramon let out another cry as he flew right at Magnamon. Magnamon blocked and Kimeramon threw in another heavy punch. Magnamon blocked that one too. In a matter of moments, the two fighters were able to block out each other's punches. The Digi-Destined could only see flashes of light colliding with one another. That is how fast they were to the naked eye.

Magnamon fired several ki-blasts Kimeramon but the monster held out his Devimon hands and caught them with ease. Magnamon flew right at Kimeramon and elbows him in the gut. Kimeramon let out a cry and was barely budged. Magnamon flies up and fires several blasts at Kimeramon. Kimeramon crashes down. The blasts were too great for him to withstand.

[DBZ battle theme ends]

"Shadramon. How could you? You betrayed me! I was doing the Digital World wrong!" Ken said, "You told me that I would become a god, but you lied to me."

"You were too trustworthy my friend. You let darkness consume you! Your own damn fault, not mine. I just led you like a lamb and now I'm taking you to the slaughter. You had potential but you were nothing more than a failure. What a disappointment."

"You used me… You monster… How could… I let darkness consume me!"

"Ken! Don't give in to what he says anymore," Wormmon said, "Don't listen to him! You're better than he is! Deep down, you wouldn't let anything like this happen. It's time to stand up for yourself."

"But how? He won. I let him beat me."

"No! No one has beaten you! You beat yourself. Now listen. You must look deep down and reach for your former self. Try to remember everything that happened before you became the Kaiser and took under the wing of Shadramon."

"I'm trying to remember…"

"Yes! Please try to remember your past!"

The Digi-Destined all looked up and noticed what has been going on.

"I can't believe this. I never thought I would see Ken like this," TK said.

"He was controlled by darkness and Shadramon used him," Kari said.

"What a creep! Shadramon is such an idiot! I feel bad for Ken now. He doesn't realize what he has done," replied Yolei.

"Now it's time that we help him. He really made me mad for the horrible things he has done, but its time that we join forces with him in bringing Kimeramon and Shadramon down," Cody said.

"And your all going to go without me," a voice shouted out.

The children all turned around and to their surprise, Leomon was standing on a cliff looking down on them.

"Alright! Leomon! We're so glad to see you again," TK said.

"I've been wanting a piece of Shadramon and now I get that chance."

"Well, be our guest. We'll take Kimeramon," Kari said.

"No! He's all mine. You guys try and help Ken," Magnamon said, "Leomon we'll take it from here!"

"Of course."

Shadramon turned to see Leomon coming right for him.

"Well. Well. Well. If it isn't the pain in the ass called Leomon. My good friend, so nice to see you again."

"Your evil ways shall come to an end, Shadramon. I will not allow you to destroy the Digital World."

"Oh come now. I wouldn't destroy our precious world. I'm terra forming it into Utopia where digimon shall reign supreme as the ultimate life forms and we shall destroy the humans in their world."

"No! I choose to protect the humans, especially these children. Your greedy deeds shall end now!"

Leomon pulls out his sword and faces towards Shadramon. Shadramon powered up as his body started to flare up.

"So we shall fight like the good ol' times? Then so be it."

Leomon and Shadramon flew right at each other and traded blows. They were able to cancel out each other's attacks. Shadramon kicks Leomon right in the face but Leomon caught his foot and flips him forwards. Leomon goes for a punch but Shadramon ducks under and nails him right in the gut.

Magnamon continued to fire away several blasts at Kimeramon but they were ineffective against the evil monster. Slowly Magnamon's power was fading away due to the large amounts of energy being used.

"He's too strong. I'm running out of power…"

Kimeramon grabs Magnamon and holds onto him with a tight grip. Magnamon attempted to power out but his energy was quickly depleting. If he doesn't escape, he will die.

"Magnamon! No! You got to break free! I won't allow you to lose! We have to destroy this monster before he kills the Digital World! Please, I won't allow it!"

"Ha! You can cry all you want but my monster shall crush your little pet digimon. Kimeramon crush Magnamon like a patch of grapes! Now!"

Kimeramon tightened his grip on Magnamon and watched as Magnamon began to cry out in tremendous pain. It seems that his bones were being crushed in one tight grip.

Leomon was getting to his feet and he turned towards Kimeramon.

"Oh no! I must stop this! I've seen enough!"

Leomon powers up and pulls his fist back. Shadramon turns around and senses a great energy increase coming from Leomon.

"Huh?! No! What are you doing?!"

"Putting an end to you, Shadramon! It ends here for you! Fist of the Beast King!"

Leomon pushes his fist forward and releases a energy beam shaped like his own face and sends it flying right at Shadramon. Shadramon managed to manuever away.

"Ha! You missed me, hot shot!"

But as soon as he said that, he turned to see a sword stabbing right through his chest. Shadramon let out a cry, which soon became a loud gag. Leomon was standing right in front of him with his sword right through Shadramon. Shadramon looked down in horror as Leomon pulled his sword out of his chest. Shadramon could see a large hole right through his chest.

"You… little… fool… Did you really think that would put me away? No chance! I'm stronger than that. You're such an idiot. Dumb ass…"

"The only dumb ass around here is you. Now, the darkness you shall see is after your own death and that is eternal darkness."

"No! I can't die like this! I can't! The dark one shall save! You shall see! He will save me!"

Shadramon then cried out as his body shattered away into data. Leomon put his sword away and nodded.

"If you really thought that this dark one would save you, then god never knew who you were."

Leomon turns his attention right over to where Kimeramon was about to destroy Magnamon under a tight grip. Leomon ran towards the scene and pulls out his sword.

"Magnamon! Hold on!"

But as soon as he said that, Kimeramon knocks him away with one of his fists.

"Heat Viper!!!"

Kimeramon shoots out a large amount of heat energy from out of his mouth and towards Leomon. However, Leomon was able to push the energy back and sends it hurtling up into the air. He turns his attention towards Kimeramon.

"He knows when I'm going to attack. And if I don't do something soon, then Magnamon is finished!"

Wormmon was watching the on going struggle between Kimeramon and Magnamon. He couldn't stand it anymore.

"I have to do something about this! This has gone far enough! I do not want to see anybody else get hurt! If only I could digivolve, then I can whip that monster's sorry butt! If only I could digivolve!"

Suddenly, the Kaiser looked at his D-3 and it started to glow. Instead of a dark color, it was a bright light. Wormmon felt tremendous energy entering his body and his power level quickly increasing.

"Ken! I feel powerful energy surging through me! Now I think I can digivolve!"

"Please… Stop him… Wormmon… I'm sorry for everything I said to you…"

"It's forgiven. Don't worry. I will take everything from here!"

Wormmon watched as his body started to glow. His body stood upright and he became more insect-like. Ken's D-3 released more energy and it was enough for Wormmon to complete his digivolution. Kimeramon turned around and could only look on in total shock.

["Brave Heart" plays]

"Wormmon shinka!! Stingmon!!"

The Digi-Destined all looked up to see Wormmon in his newest champion leveled form. It was Stingmon. He turned to face Kimeramon.

"Who is that digimon?" asked Yolei.

"Wormmon digivolved!" asked Ken, "Unbelievable."

[Digi-Analyzer: Stingmon. Champion-Level. Data Type. Special Technique: Spiking Strike]

"Ken! I'm Stingmon! I am Wormmon's champion leveled form! My attacks include Spiking Strike!"

"Stingmon! We need to stop Kimeramon at once," Leomon said.

"Yes! Hang on Magnamon!"

Stingmon goes flying right at Kimeramon. The towering monster goes to punch him away but Stingmon phased out quickly and nails Kimeramon in the back of the head.

"He moves so fast," TK said.

"Yes. Finish him, Stingmon," Ken said.

Stingmon goes flying right at Kimeramon and punches him in the face rapidly. Kimeramon cries out and releases Magnamon.

["Brave Heart" ends]


"Magnamon! It's time to finish him. Here, use a little of my own energy."

"And use some of mine too," Leomon said.

Both warriors released beams of energy and sent them right for Magnamon. He gladly accepted their power as he felt his own power level rapidly increasing.

"Yes. Their powers are making me stronger. Al right, big and ugly! Its time to finish this once and for all!"

Kimeramon goes flying right for Magnamon. Magnamon pulls his hands back and begins to power up.

"Magna Explosion!!"

Magnamon's body released a large amount of wave energy and sent it straight for Kimeramon. Kimeramon could only look on in horror as he saw the energy wave go straight through him. His body started to shatter away into small pieces of data. Then an explosion occurred and the once seemingly indestructible monster was now put to rest once and for all.

"Alright! We did it!" Davis cried out.

The Digi-Destined cheered happily as they claimed yet another victory. The Kaiser was quite relieved as he looked up to Stingmon.

Magnamon completed his mission and de-digivolved back to Demiveemon. He jumped into Davis' arms happily.

"You were awesome!"

"I try!"

Stingmon flew over to Ken and de-digivolved back to Wormmon. Ken caught Wormmon in his arms and a smile came over his face. Not an evil smirk but a happy smile.

"Ken. You're back to the way you were. I knew you would come back."

But suddenly, Ken started to look down and his smile disappeared.

"No. I can never forgive myself. I was responsible for causing destruction upon the Digital World. I still have to think this over."

The other Digi-Destined gathered around him.

"You still did terrible things as the Kaiser," Davis said, "But you finally realized that you were just used for Shadramon's evil doings."

"The important thing is that you learned of what you have been doing," Kari said.

"Ken. We would ask for you to join us. You would make a great addition to the team," replied TK.

Ken nodded his head. He took off his goggle glasses and his cape. His suit started to slowly fade away. And his spiky hair became normal again. His lifeless, cold eyes reverted to normal.

"I need some time to think this over. I still can't forgive myself for what I have done," Ken said.

He picks up Wormmon and looks at his base. He sighed sadly and started to walk off.

"Ken! Please, don't walk away from your problems," Davis said, "Let us help you."

Ken continued walking off.

"He needs to think this over. Ken claims that he can't forgive himself. Give him some time," Yolei said, "He has done many terrible things as the Kaiser but he never knew that he was used as a pawn in Shadramon's sick and twisted games."

"Lets jus hope he decides to come onto our side," replied Davis, "He would make a great addition to the team."

"Like Yolei said, give him some time," Izzy said.

"If he needs to think this over, then let him," Mimi replied, "He's had a lot of problems and needs to revise his troubles. Maybe something happened in his life that we're no aware of."

They all watched as Ken disappeared into the horizon as the sun was beginning to rise once again from a long dark night.

"Looks like our job here is done. Thanks for helping us out, Leomon," Sora said.

"I must keep an eye out in this world and destroy the remaining dark towers. You children get back and get some rest. We got a lot of cleaning up to do."

The children nodded as Leomon walked off to get to work by destroying the remaining dark towers that were created and left in other parts of the Digital World.

"Ken. I hope you do make the right decision and join our team. It would be right if you and I led the team into victory over the forces of evil. Plus with this approaching darkness that Wizardmon was telling us about, we have to be ready,"Davis said to himself.

Davis noticed a purple object on the ground. It looked like one of the old crests that the original Digi-Destined used to have.

"Hey, that looks like one of our old crests," TK said.

"Wow. And this must belong to Ken," said Davis, "We'll be waiting for you my friend. Your a Chosen Child just like us."


Sam sighed a relief by the turn of events. He sat down and was relieved that Ken might possibly change his ways.

"Thank god. It's over. Kimeramon and Shadramon are gone. Ken can now make his choice. I just pray that he makes the right one and joins the Digi-Destined."

"That decision will be up to him. He needs time to recuperate and think over his actions. I know deep down that Ken is a good guy. He was used. Everything will play out, but only by Ken's choice. He'll make the right decision. Trust my word, Sam."

"I've always trusted you're word. Ken has to make the right choice and help the children against the approaching darkness."

"Tai? They could really need you're assistance right about now. It seems this approaching darkness is greater than I thought. The children can't take them on alone."


Deep on the other side of the Digital World and away from the site of the former base of the Digimon Kaiser, Matt was looking up at the skies. Metal Garurumon was standing guard beside him.

"Matt. That tremendous energy that I felt earlier has vanished somehow."

"Strange. It seems that the new Digi-Destined were able to free the original Digi-Destined and defeated the Kaiser once and for all. These new kids' digimon seem very impressive."

"So shall we continue our search for Tai or delay the mission?"

"No, we will continue on. I must find the secrets in the fusion. If Tai and Agumon were able to fuse to become Omega X, then you and I should be able to fuse into a super powerful being. I'm not going to play second fiddle to Tai anymore. My time to become the best is approaching. Don't you agree?"

"Yes, but how will we achieve it?"

"Ha! Just like Tai and Agumon did: by earning it through tremendous training."

Matt still has not given up on striving for more power in order to achieve the fusion ability. He has been looking for Tai and seeks for the answers to the questions. But every time he visualizes Tai, he gains more anger jus to fuel his energy for Metal Garurumon.

"Tai. Mark my words, I will no longer play second fiddle and I will not be overshadowed by your presence any longer. My time has come and I look to become best. I'm really looking forward to the day that you return, old friend. I can't wait."


Back on earth, Ken had just arrived home and his parents were worried sick about his mysterious disappearance. There were many television reports concerning his disappearance but they were so glad to have their son back safe and sound.

While sleeping in his dark room, Ken could only visualize everything from the past right before he became the Digimon Kaiser.

"I must find out the reason for my sadness and sorrow. What caused me to become the evil Digimon Kaiser? I need to know… Sam… Sam… My brother…"

Ken could see his own brother through his mind. It has been almost three and a half years since the death of his older brother, Sam. Ken has blamed himself for his brother's passing away, and seemingly he has been filling the role of Sam since then. He has put all of his attention to his studies, much like Osamu used to do. The Ichijouji parents would be so proud of Ken for becoming such a smart student and putting all of his focus into studies. However, they were still sad over the fact that their other son, Sam had passed away.

"Sam, if only you were around. You would be proud over how well I am doing with my studies and not so proud to see what I have done as the Digimon Kaiser. I can't even forgive himself."


Ken and Sam were looking out their balcony door as Sam was teaching Ken how to blow bubbles. It was very well known that Sam couldn't blow large bubbles, however, Ken had that talent.

"Osamu, why don't you try to blow some bubbles?"

"Oh I could but I always mess up when I try. Mine pop quickly cause I blow too hard, but yours comes out perfectly cause your gentle."

Ken blew some of the largest bubbles he has ever made through the gentleness he puts when blowing the bubbles. He always made sure his bubbles came out perfectly.

"Sam? That was cool! Sam? Sam?!"

Ken looked around and couldn't even find his own brother. It looked as though he had disappeared. And in reality, he did and would never come back.

End of Flashback

"He's never coming back. Even if I pray for him, he'll never come. But then again, I would always seem him in my dreams as if he were my guardian angel. Oh, Sam, I'm so sorry."

"I wish! I wish! He would just disappear! Disappear! Disappear!"

"No. I can't let the past come back to haunt me! Sam is gone and I can't change that. And I can't forgive myself for hurting innocent creatures as the Kaiser! I can't! Oh Wormmon, I'm sorry.

"Ken… Ken…"

Ken looked up to see Wormmon. Ken sat up and was sweating like mad and trying to catch his breath from the thoughts he just had.

"Are you okay, Ken?"

"Yes. Wormmon, can I ask you something?"

"Yes, what is it, Ken?"

"Do you remember what happened to me about three and a half years ago?"

"Mmhmm. I remember it as if it were yesterday. I remember that you went to the Digital World and you found me. And during our first adventure, you got hurt and were in tremendous pain. I tried helping you but you wouldn't seem to accept any kind of help from me. You had become a completely different person."

"As if I had amnesia?"

"At one point, you had completely forgotten everything before the accident you had. Then you got influenced by Shadramon and was the one who forced you to do his evil bidding by creating the dark towers."

"Yes. That nightmare is over. But I still possess some sort of darkness that even I am not aware of."

"And now you changed for the better."

"Not completely. We have to do something that will make up for everything that I did as the Kaiser?"

"And what do you propose?"

"We clean up the Digital World and destroying every trace of the dark towers."

"Yes, and we should ask the Digi-Destined for their help."

"No. I don't think even they would ever forgive for what I have done. I need to do this alone."

"I even heard them ask you for join them. You are a Chosen Child after all."

"Now isn't a good time. I must relinquish everything that ever influenced me into darkness. Darkness is still trying to consume my inner soul."

"Don't let it."

"But I'm much too weak to fight it off. Darkness has always plagued me ever since my brother died. And it will continue if we don't clean up the mess I made in the Digital World. Then, I shall give my answer to the other Digi-Destined, whether to join them or not."

"And what could your answer be?"

Ken looked up into his ceiling and could remember all of the bad things he had done during his evil reign as the Digimon Kaiser. All of those innocent digimon were enslaved and their free wills were taken away. The dark towers were like viruses attempting to destroy the data. Ken could remember himself being trapped inside a dark cave.

The darkness in that cave had consumed him and resulted him in becoming the Digimon Kaiser. His heart was so full of hatred and evil. He had turned the Digital World into his own personal playground, but realized that he had done more harm than fun. Now he must go back and completely erase everything that has to do with the powers of darkness.

"Wormmon. Starting tommorrow, we're going to start cleaning up and destroying every trace of the dark towers. Agreed?"

"Yes. It will be my pleasure in knocking those towers of evil. And then you shall give your answer to the other Digi-Destined."

"Yes. If they will accept me."

"They will."

"I just hope you are right."


The next day, the Digi-Destined were destroying several dark towers just near the Primary Village.

"Alright! Nice job, Lighdramon!"

"Blue Thunder!"

Lighdramon shot out a large electrical energy and knocked several towers out of commission. Halsemon was next as he shot out beams at more dark towers.

"Tempest Wing!"

"That's the way, Halsemon! Yeah!"

"Rock Cracking!"

Digmon drilled a hole into the ground and watched as the towers went flying down into the hole.

"Way to go, Digmon!"

"Equis Beam!"

Pegasusmon knocked down several towers and hovered over to where TK was standing.

"Great work, Pegasusmon."

"Rosetta Stone!"

Nefertimon used her beams to destroy the remaining towers in that area.

"Looks like we're done!"

"Spiking Strike!!"

To everyone's surprise, the children looked up to see Stingmon destroying towers from a far distance.

"Whoa! Can it be," Davis asked.

The children ran towards the forest and tried to get to the area where Stingmon was. And to their surprise, they could see Ken standing around and encouraging Stingmon.

"Ken?! Well I'll be darned," Yolei said.

"He's cleaning up some of the mess we were about to clean up just today," Cody said.

"Let him. He chooses to do this, then we shall respect his wishes and let him handle this area on his own," TK said.

"Hey lets ask him to join us," Davis said.

"We'll ask him next time and I know for a fact that Ken needs a little more time to make up his decision," Kari said, "And besides its getting late and we better get home."

As the children headed off back home, Ken turned to see them walking away. A smile came over his face.

"Don't you worry, I shall make the decision. And I think that joining you at this moment isn't such a good idea. Please be patient. I will join you eventually, in due time."

Ken and Stingmon went back to work in destroying more dark towers as the sun started to set. It has been a hard couple of weeks but the fight is over and everything in the Digital World seems to be returning to normal. But for now, because the approaching darkness is on its way, the Digi-Destined must be prepared!

[Digimon Zero Two first ending theme "Ashita wa Atashi no Kaze ga Fuku" plays]


Kari: Guess what guys? My brother is coming back!

Davis: That's awesome. Now I get to meet you're older brother.

Yolei: This is going to be so cool!

Sora: I can't wait to see him, again. It's been almost too long.

TK: Patamon? What's wrong?

Patamon: An evil ki is approaching the digital world and it might make its way to your world.

Kari: I feel the darkness, too.

Joe: Can it be?

Matt: Damn! So Tai didn't finish him off after all! That bastard isn't dead!

Ken: Wormmon? What do you think?

Wormmon: We're in for the fight for our lives.

Lady Myotismon: We're approaching the digital world. We should be getting to the portal, which will lead us to the human world. Are you getting excited?

Burizalor: More than just excited. With my new enhanced body armor, I'll crush those damn Digi-Destined and I shall have my revenge on Taichi! Prepare to plunge into the depths of hell, Earth!

Veemon: Next time on Digimon Fusion Zero Two, episode nine!

Earth's Darkest Hour! The Revenge of Burizalor!

Burizalor: Don't you dare miss my grand return.


SSJ4T: What a way to end the first part of the Zero two series.

Max: Damn, the bastard is alive! Burizalor is coming back?!

Coral: So, this is the evil, which Wizardmon mentioned.

SSJ4T: It's bad enough that the Digi-Destined are recovering from the battles against the Kaiser, but they must face Burizalor. It's he same tyrant who came close to ruling the digital universe.

Max: The main villain from Zero One returns. But what does he have to do with the artificial?

SSJ4T: Just be sure to check out the upcoming fic. Digimon Kaiser down is over, and now we're ready for the Artificial Saga. Be sure to check out the D-Tamers fic. You've got plenty of digimon action to read from. Until then, we're out!