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1) The reason there is two Kikyou's is because the one from Kagome's time needs the help of the Kikyou from Inuyasha's time to destroy Kagome, who if you haven't notice has gotten real strong after all those battles. So the Kikyou from the past arrange to come through the well on a certain day so her future self can come and help her break the charms Kagome put on the well to seal it.

2) I'm sorry that I don't know that much about the God tree but if it wasn't for you my reviewers I wouldn't be able to correct this problem. So Terry has tampered with others minds so that they believe they see a burnt down god tree. And if Kagome doesn't see the god tree then she won't have that to trigger her memory about Inuyasha in the others.

3) Sesshomaru and Rin are not affected because Terry didn't figure them in her plan; but you find out there role's later in the story if you my reviewers still continue to review. So happy reading and please review because today is my b-day! But review regardless! XP

Chapter Four: Two Kikyou's are Always Worse Than One

"I had a nice time with you Hojo," said Kagome. She was standing at the bottom of the steps with the bear she had won for Shippo in her arms. Terry had already gone home and Sota and their mother were already at the top of the steps of the shrine on their way to the house.

"I had a nice time too Kagome," said Hojo and leaned over to kiss Kagome. "I'll see you tomorrow," said Kagome blushing as she walked quickly up the stairs. She didn't look to see Hojo watching her retreating form before he left to go to his house.


"It is time to seek are revenge," said the cloaked Kikyou smiling as she looked through the crack of the slightly open door. The moonlight showed Sota and their mother walking into the house and then the silent form of Terry coming towards them through the cover of darkness when they entered the house.

The cloaked Kikyou opened the door and motioned for the other Kikyou to follow her. They quickly entered the house to see Terry smiling at them with her glowing blue-gray eyes. "Welcome Mistress," said Terry as she bowed to the cloaked Kikyou.

"Who is she?" said Kikyou peering at Terry with weary brown eyes. Terry smiled and bowed at the Kikyou from the past and let her human disguise fall. Her human ears became to lavender cat ears nestled on top of her lavender locks. A skinny lavender cat tail swished by her legs.

"She is a youkai," said Kikyou looking at the cat demon and then at the cloaked Kikyou from Kagome's time. "She shall prove to be quite an ally to us," said the cloaked Kikyou scratching behind Terry's ears to the cat demon's delight.

"Yes. Mistress had saved me when I was but a young kitten. I was wounded and alone when Mistress found me. She has raised me and has been my only real friend. I have pledged my loyalty to her and I shall to you Miss in one hundred years, your time," said Terry as she clasped Kikyou's hand.

"How does she help us?" said Kikyou looking at the cloaked Kikyou before giving Terry a half-hearted smile. "Terry can control almost anyone's mind. Make them forget something or think they see something or anything else. The only problem is that she can only control minds that she keeps constant surveillance on, like Kagome. Or has something of theirs to control them with like the gifts Sango, Miroku and Inuyasha gave her," said the cloaked Kikyou smiling at Terry.

"Thank you Mistress but I hear Kagome coming. I already put the others to sleep and they will not wake up till later on," said Terry blushing happily at her Mistress's compliments. "Yes of course, we can't keep dear Kagome waiting," said the cloaked Kikyou as she smiled. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^

"Mom? Sota? Where are you guys? Why is it so dark?" said Kagome as she switched on the kitchen light and made her way to the stairs.

"Shippo I won you a teddy bear," said Kagome as she opened her door. She saw the sleeping kitsune curled up on her bed. "Oh, your asleep," whispered Kagome as she silently shut her door and sat gingerly on the edge of the bed.

'Why do I feel like I'm being watched,' thought Kagome and turned to see a dark cat-like shadow moving towards her. The eyes of the cat-like shadow glowed blue-gray as she purred softly to the frightened girl. "Sleep. Go to sleep Kagome," she purred so soothingly that Kagome couldn't resist. And with that she fell asleep and was taken by Terry into the night where the two Kikyou's where waiting for her. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^


"Mommy... don't go," said Shippo as he watched as Terry picked up the sleeping Kagome. "Ah, poor little Shippo is worried about his mommy. Since I'm not such a bad demon, as you might believe I'll give you a piece of your memory back. That way you can tell that Inu-boy what happened," purred Terry and her glowing eyes locked with Shippo's frightened, sleepy blue- green eyes.

Shippo felt some memories flooding back to him of mainly Inuyasha and Shippo's relationship together. How they met and how he was the one who had broken his mother's heart. This, he knew, was his only hope.

But before he could even move he felt the sleepiness sap his strength and could only watch as his mother was taken from him. A limp form in that demon's arms, her face looked so peaceful in sleep. So ignorant to what was going to happen to her.

"Oh and tell Inu-boy that Kikyou gives him her love," smirked Terry and she jumped out of the open window.

'I won't let her have her,' thought Shippo as he fell back to sleep, 'I won't.' ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^

"You don't know me do you?" said the cloaked Kikyou as she peered with solemn brown eyes at the chained Kagome. "Should I?" said Kagome confused, "Frankly all I know is that you have a problem with me but I don't know why."

"You don't know why," mocked the cloaked Kikyou as she peered at Kagome with hatred, "It's only one word that tells you why." "What is it then?" said Kagome looking wearily at Kikyou. "Inuyasha," said the cloaked Kikyou.

"You mean Sota's imaginary friend? You have me chained up in this place and god knows where because of your jealousy of my brother's imaginary friend. Lady you need some definite help," said Kagome angrily.

"Silly girl is that what you think. You think that Inuyasha is a part of some little brat's imagination. He has been your constant companion along with others on your three-year search for the Shikon No Tama that you had shattered. But I guess my little disciple was too much for a weak girl like you," said the cloaked Kikyou.

"Who was too much?" said Kagome weakly. She was getting quickly tired of the crazy lady's babble. "Me, Kagome," said Terry and smiled as she looked directly at the chained girl.

"Terry how... how could you? I thought we were friends?" said Kagome in disbelief as she looked at the girl she believed to be her friend. "Don't look at me like that Kagome. I was never your friend, I only pretended to be," said Terry giving Kagome her feline smile then threw away her human disguise.

"I should have known," said Kagome scolding herself. "Yes you should of shouldn't you," said Terry as she swished her lavender tail from left to right. "I trusted you," spat out Kagome. "But I did not trust you. Kikyou my Mistress warned me about such a one that would try to win me over with cheerfulness. And Mistress never lied to me," said Terry looking at the cloaked Kikyou with adoration.

"Kikyou is a liar Terry! Don't believe that crazy woman," said Kagome trying to warn her friend. "What did you say about Mistress! She would never lie to her faithful friend. She cares about me. She was the one who raised me and taught me how to control my powers," hissed Terry as her blue- gray eyes glowed furiously at Kagome.

"She's a liar!" screamed Kagome as a wave of her miko powers suddenly flowed from her in a wave and went straight for Terry. Terry simply flipped over and dodged Kagome's energy.

"A true friend would not try to kill me like you did now. Mistress would never and Mistress is always right. So Kagome we'll go to sleep till Mistress feels fit to talk to a person like you," said Terry looking at Kagome with hatred.

"I didn't mean to Terry. I didn't know I could do that," said Kagome weakly as she felt Terry's power wrap around her and put her to sleep.

Kagome's last look was of Terry on her knees and covering her lavender ears as she sad, "Kagome lies, Kagome lies. Mistress would never betray me. She's the only one who cares about me. Kagome lies, Kagome lies..." ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^


"I must tell Inu... Inu... Inuyasha," said Shippo as he stumbled down the stairs with the picture of Kagome and the gang. He was almost to the bottom of the stairs when the sleepiness that Terry put him and the others under pulled over him again.

His big blue-green eyes rolled to the back of his head and he fell down the rest of the stairs as he fell to sleep. There poor Shippo laid on the floor his face was turned towards the well house. He frowned in his sleep and kept on muttering, "Must... save... Mommy. Must.. tell... Inuyasha to come. Before... Before... it's too late." The picture still clutched in one of his little fists. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^


"Wakey, wakey, sleeping beauty," came a voice full of laughter. Kagome opened heavy lidded eyes to peer into Terry's blue-gray ones. "What... What happened Terry? I had the weirdest dream that..." said Kagome before she was cut off.

"Mistress, come quick. Are guest has awaken," said Terry in delight as she clapped her hands in delight and spun around so she could see her Mistress coming and also see Kagome's sleepy eyes widen in realization.

"You betrayed me Terry," whispered Kagome sadly. "I had to. That's what Mistress wanted me to do, so I did it," said Terry like it was that simple.

Kagome raised an eyebrow at her ex-friend before she turned her wide brown eyes on the cloaked Kikyou. "So I guess you slept well," smirked the cloaked Kikyou. "Yep, it's always good to go to sleep kidnapped and harassed by a crazy lady," said Kagome sarcastically and giving the cloaked Kikyou a false smile.

"Well then I'm so glad because I want to introduce someone to you. A blast from the past you might say," said the cloaked Kikyou with false cheer. She stepped away to reveal Kikyou who was still wearing her red and white miko outfit.

"Don't tell me there is two of you in the world," sighed Kagome in defeat. Then 'slap' ranged through the cavern they were in. Kagome looked stunned with an angry pink handprint on her face, her eyes wide as she looked at Kikyou with pure hatred.

"Witch, what did you do that for," said Kagome scowling at Kikyou. She then bit her lower lip to hold back the tears that threatened to spill down. "I have wanted to do that for the longest time," said Kikyou and gave Kagome one of her rare true smiles, which sent a shiver down Kagome's spine. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^ IN THE PAST

"Why do I feel like somebody needs my help?" said Inuyasha to himself. He held the picture of the gang and was sitting in his god tree. He had been in that tree since Kikyou's mysterious disappearance.

"Inuyasha come down here!" said Sango as she looked up at her friend. "No," said Inuyasha not even favoring Sango with a glance. "You been up there for a week," said Sango. "Let him be," said Miroku as he grabbed her boomerang, which Sango threatened to throw at the hanyou.

"Why Miroku?" said Sango as she looked at Miroku. "It's because he has a lot to think about. I don't know what but it must be real grave," said Miroku as he held Sango to his side. "Let us go then," said Sango and as they were about to return to the village they heard Inuyasha's gasp of surprise. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^


Shippo had once again fought off his sleep and with a lump on his head he made his way to the well. It was already starting to dawn when he had finally woken up so he saw what happened to the well's lid.

"The... The lid has been destroyed," said Shippo speechless as he saw the chunks of wood scattering the well house's floor. "I can't turn back now. My mommy needs me," said Shippo resolutely as he jumped into the well and closed his eyes as he felt the light from the time warp wash over him. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ ^^^^^^^


"Someone is at the well! I can smell it," said Inuyasha and leapt out of the tree to go to the well. Sango and Miroku looked at each other for just a second, both eyes widened in surprise at Inuyasha's words, then they also followed.

They were there in time to see Inuyasha holding up a little kitsune by the scruff of his neck. "Why did you just come out of that well?" growled Inuyasha.

"You must save my Mommy Inuyasha. You are the only one," cried Shippo sleepily as the fact that his mother was gone finally came to him. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ So how do you like this chapter? I'm sorry it's not as long as usual but I'll make sure the others are long. Remember review or no new chapter. The next chapter is called 'Inuyasha, You Have to Remember!' Shippo has a little of his memory back and ventures to the well to remind Inuyasha of Kagome. Will Inuyasha remember in time to rescue Kagome or will Kikyou leave Inuyasha a little surprise to prevent him. Review and you'll see. So of course review, review, review, review and review!