The house was as it always was. Its walls the same color and the house sat as it always had. The kitchen was spotless, along with the dining room. All the doors were set and still in their proper places, no tares in the paper. There was one door that stood alone in the front of the house, extra parts of paper were cut into shapes of certain familiar animals.

The backyard was neat and tidy as it could possibly be on a warm autumn day. Different colored leaves were scattered about, pulled into piles on one side of the yard. A new looking fountain sat on one side and trickled into a small pond that held many little gold fish. Next to the fountain was a small path that led into the woods, past a large tree with enormous roots that stretched and climbed around the area. Over the roots and down the path you would enter a large clearing that held scars from a short fight once upon a time. This clearing seemed to be sandy, and a small puddle sat in the middle of it all from the rain the night before.

Into the backyard again, a wooden ladder sat leaning against the side of the house. The wood itself was still stained and looked new, but the dust and the small spider webs that strung themselves in the corners was the only telltale sign that it hadn't been used in a long time.

Next to the ladder a path was cleared into a deeper forest. Once reaching the end of the path you would be greeted by the sight of a large garden full of tomato plants and strawberry bushes. The memorable stalks of the leek plant sat in a small corner of the garden, next to the strawberries. All in all the entire garden was as neat as it had always been kept.

One last thing could be seen from the neat backyard, and it was lying peacefully on the porch. Her long brown hair was tied into a braid that lay beside her head. He face was a cream color and her cheeks were flushed pink, eyes closed and mouth open slightly. She wore a plain yellow shirt that was covered by a light blue zip up hooded sweatshirt, and a pair of tan shorts almost reached her knees. Her long legs stretched out on the hard word floor turned in different directions, and her arms were wrapped around an orange cat that slept in equal bliss.

The scene was sweet as the wind blew and scattered red and yellow leaves across the yard. A girl and her beloved cat, asleep on the porch after a long days work in the yard. And with that simple knowledge, he smiled. That would have been a sight for him to see...

Strange Happening's

SAL-Chan's first FruBa fic

*Part One: One Year After

Italic - Thought's/~flashbacks~/emphasized words {whispers/etc.}

Bold - Emphasized words {usually shouted}

~*~ - Time laps/POV change

~"Sometimes there is no time outs, no second chances. Sometimes its now or never..."~


A smile graced his face and lit his usually dark eyes as he stepped into the neat yard, looking the sleeping girl over. He softly stepped toward her from out of the path next to the ladder. A basket of ripe strawberries grasped in his right hand, he picked one out and ate it. As the leaves swayed in the late afternoon breeze, sunlight danced in-between them, highlighting parts of his gray-blue hair and catching in parts of his violet eyes.

As he quietly made his way to the porch and sat near the pole near her head, the orange cat stirred in her arms. It opened its eyes half way then blinked once it saw him, and looked up to meet his black eyes to violet ones. There was a moment then, when their eyes locked, then the cat wiggled out of the sleeping girls arms and landed with a soled 'pa-tat' on the wood. It stretched for a moment then turned and walked over to him and stuck its head into the basked of strawberries, sniffing.

The cats back arched up as one pale hand stroked the orange fur. The cat then raised its eyes to the face of the owner of the hand, and in a moment jumped onto his lap, purring lowly and snuggling into his pair of deep blue pants.


Yuki Sohma turned to the speaker who was lying on her back. Her forest green eyes were open slightly, one of her hands coming up to rub the sleep out of them. He smiled down at her, still petting the cat that had rolled onto its back and was purring in pure happiness.

"Did you have a nice nap?" He asked politely as she yawned and nodded best she could, smiling once she spotted the orange tabby curled up in his lap.

"It was very nice..." Blinking, she turned onto her stomach. "What time is it now?" She asked as she reached to pet the cat's head. If it was possible, he purred louder. He smiled, knowing her response to his answer.

"It's almost six." He said softly as his gaze then wandered across the backyard. The cat stopped purring abruptly and looked up from his lap, eyes glued at a door near the end of the hall.

"Almost six!" She shouted, scrambling to pull the blue sweatshirt up and stand at the same time, quickly running into the kitchen shortly after. He sighed as the clanging of pots preceded to come fourth form the kitchen, a smile on his face as he scanned the neat yard again. The cat then mewed as Yuki stopped petting it, and it then watched as the smiled drained from his face as quickly as it had been placed on.

A lonely wind blew through the yard now that she had gone inside. It seemed darker now, and another breeze that blew through the yard has a sudden winter nip to it. The sun seemed to sink behind the trees now and its rays didn't seem so heartwarming. And as suddenly as he was happy a moment ago, he found that after their conversation that something had been missing. And the sad part about that was that he knew exactly what was missing, and even though he hated to admit it, he was lonely now...


A small smiled graced his lips again but disappeared just as quickly as he looked down to find a pair of now unhappy black eyes starting up at him. A sad as it may sound, he forced a smile onto his lips for the sake of a cat and started stroking his velvet fur again.

Quiet settled in the backyard once more as he turned his gaze to the small fountain, noticing how much the yard had changed with that small addition. How much everything had changed...

"I'm surprised he likes you..." The voice had made him jump from the pure fact that it had come out of nowhere. His brow wrinkled in annoyance and he shot a glare toward the direction of the voice, knowing full well what was coming next.

"...Or maybe he's waiting for the right moment to come out and attack you..." The speaker came into view in the corner of Yuki's eye. His humor would never change, no matter how many years passed or what happened.

He was still the tallest in the house, but they were catching up to him. At the moment a pair of glasses sat at the end of his nose bridge and covered most of the dark brown eyes. His black hair was still short but hung longer in the back now, and a smile still graced his aging face. He was dressed in his normal attire, his favorite off white writers robe. But then again, you expect all that form Shigure Sohma.

Yuki grinned slighted at the comment as the orange feline curled into a ball in his lap. Shigure had a knack to make him grin recently. Why, Yuki didn't know. Things became quiet again in the yard as both Sohma's watch the evening roll thought the trees and bring a light darkness into that sky.

"'s always so quiet now." Shigure whispered as if talking to the wind. Yuki raised an eyebrow and took a look at the older writer, finding that Shigure's face held no humor as it had with his earlier comment.

"What are you talking about?" Yuki questioned, eyes starting to turn a deeper violet. "It's getting dark and everything's going to sleep. Of course it's quiet." He finished in more of a hushed voice as another 'mew' came from the tabby cat on his lap.

"I know that. But..." He paused while a pained expression crossed his face. It was never hard for Shigure to talk about something or someone, and this tipped Yuki off on where this conversation was going. Yuki's face hardened and his gaze turned sharp.

"...It's just so quiet. The house, the night, everything around us seems so quiet. It feels so different withou-"

For a moment a look of confusion crossed his face as Shigure spoke. Then the begging of his next sentence hit him and Yuki's head snapped toward Shigure.

"Shut up Shigure! Don't even start up about that!" Yuki raised his voice up a notch as he stood up, knocking the tabby cat off his lap. Anger reflected in his dark orbs toward his cousin who leaned against a pillar. He was almost as tall as the writer now, turning 18 soon.

"Well why not? It's about time someone did." Shigure turned a sharp eye on the younger Sohma, his voice raising along with Yuki's. It was strange to see Shigure - of all people- serious, and there was also a pained expression along with a stern one. "We can't leave that alone too much longer."

"Don't you get it Shigure?! We're fine now so leave it alone. Don't bring hi-"

"I understand it perfectly well Yuki, thank you for asking." Shigure's eyes held a glint in them that they normally never did. "Maybe even more then you do. That's why I need to bring him up, because no one else will." Shigure turned to face his gray-blue haired companion, face set and eyes serious. Yuki stood still, hands clenched and knuckles white, face set and eyes aflame. Quiet settled in between them for what seemed like a long stretch of time.

"Y...Yuki? Shigure?" The quiet, timid voice broke the glaring contest that was held between the two. They both turned to look at to dining room door.

Tohru Honda stood to the side, pink apron on and a white pot in her hand. She had a confused look on her face, eyebrows raised. Her eyes were wide as if she knew exactly what they were talking about.


"Is dinner ready now? My you work quickly Tohru. It smells de~lici~ous!" Shigure babbled with a smile on his face as he headed past her and into the dining room and took a seat at the table, talking to himself about how good the food looks and how nice it smelled. He pretended as if that conversation never happened.

Tohru stood still staring at Yuki whose hair covered his eyes, his hands still clasped.

" can eat later if you like. I'll warm your food later if you do..." She said quietly, as if her voice would break something. There was another tense moment then Yuki sighed, shoulder relaxing and hands unclenching. He stood up straight, took a deep breath and exhaled, then opened his eyes. They danced and he turned to face Tohru, a true smile sitting on his face.

"No Tohru. I'll eat now with you." He smiled as she smiled, eyes lighting up and a blush crossing her face.

"Well then come in before it gets cold. Cold... salmon doesn't taste very good." Her smile never wavered, but something caught in her eye when she tried to finish the sentence. She turned quickly to Shigure who was still talking to himself. She put her pot down in front of her and uncovering the steaming white rice that was kept warm, then took a seat next to the right of the chatting Shigure.

Yuki turned, as if on instinct, toward the stairs at the end of the hall. He opened his mouth, as if to call something. And before a voice came forth from his vocal cords, something clicked in his mind and he shut his mouth quickly, letting all the air he gathered to fall into a deep sigh. His eyes stayed on the stairs a moment longer before his gaze went back into the dinning room to find that Shigure and Tohru -who were in a polite conversation- had not noticed his action.

He sighed and took a few long strides and came into the lit room quickly. He took a seat on the other side of the jabbering Shigure. As soon as he did Shigure stopped talking and an unease silence set into the room as the three of them stared at the last vacant set for a moment. It was quickly filled by the orange tabby cat who looked at the salmon and licked his lips, then looked back up at Tohru and the two Sohma's.

"Well..." Shigure broke the silence that had settled in yet again as he picked up his chopsticks, smiling slightly. "Lets eat, shall we?"

"Itadekimasu!" The chorus was said, and so they ate.


As much as I hate to admit it, Shigure was right.

It was way too quiet...

It had been way too quiet for quite a long time now.

I sighed, sitting at my open window. The quarter moon hung low and the stars shown brightly, not a cloud in the sky. Sometimes I'm grateful that I live in a house so far away from the city. I love the nights out here, and I can see why he-

I shook my head, stopping that thought. I sighed again and swung my legs over the side of the windowsill, giving them more room to stretch as I stared up at the clear night sky.

It's hard to believe I'm going to turn 18 soon, and I still live at Shigure's house. I do make enough to live on my own. And I'm sure that I could live by myself if I wanted.

Then...why do I?

I shook that question off, not even daring to think about that. I had been over it enough times and sadly I came up with the same answers time and time again. And it was something I really wanted to leave alone.

I sighed yet again and leaned against the window frame. The night air was cooler against my skin, though not that much was showing with my flannel pants and night shirt on. It was refreshing, and somewhat soothing. Relaxing even.

My eyes traveled to my right, to find a very familiar windowsill. It was closed and locked as it had been for a while now. I shook my head again...

It's Shigure's fault that I'm thinking about it! Damn him.

...But then again, even though I hate to think it, he was right. It's different. Really different...


I turned slowly and faced my fine furry friend. He stared up at me with small black eyes smiling slightly. With a quick jump and a flash of his collar he sat next to me, glowing orange in the moonlight.

"So Kubo, what are you up to?" I asked the small cat. It puffed its chest out, showing it's new black collar proudly. Inscribed in a small black diamond that dangled from its collar, in a sliver script was the name Kabocha. Pumpkin.

"Thought that she would do that..." I told him as he shook his head, a bell attached to the collar jingling. My hand found itself petting him again, gazing up at the starry sky. After a minuet or so I stopped and we sat together, staring up into the world outside ours.

Then...something flashed in the corner of my right eye. I blinked, ignoring it. That was until it flashed again. I turned my head so quickly that my neck cracked and my eyes caught an image that shook my memory's. I blinked, confused for an instant. But when I opened my eyes again, after I blinked, it was gone.

I felt myself go pale. Either my mind was playing tricks on me or I was loosing it. But I was sure that I had just seen him...

And I remembered that night. I had opened my window and had seen him sitting on the window ledge, just like I was at the moment. And I could have sworn that I just saw him again...



I was snapped from my thought as Kabocha yelled over and over again, hair standing on end. And he stared in the same direction of the other window, the same direction I was just staring.

I grabbed him and swung my legs back into the room and pulled the shutters closed with more haste then I intended. I had to stop thinking about him, I had to totally get him out of my mind altogether. But it was getting harder and harder to do.

His anniversary was coming up, and I would have to face his death once and for all.

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