Chapter Six: Gentle Dawn

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Kaoru awoke to a bird twittering in the cherry out front. Everything glistened with rain in the morning sun. Cuddling up closer to Kenshin, Kaoru kissed his forehead softly. Running her fingers through his fiery bangs, she smiled. 'He's so adorable when he sleeps. It's like you'd never suspect he had been a manslayer,' she thought, wrapping her arms around him. Kenshin awoke, looking deep into Kaoru's eyes lovingly. "Morning, Koishii (beloved)." He said, returning the embrace. Battosai was begging for some form of caffeine, sake or sugar to wake him up, but stopped when he remembered Kaoru. He shut up and added to the hug.

Kaoru let go, standing. "Let's get breakfast, koishii." She chirped. Kenshin got up and stretched, then followed. Someone had unlocked the shoji finally, so the two proceeded to the kitchen hand in hand. What they saw was a shock. Sano and Megumi were sitting next to each other at the table, and Sano had his arm around Megumi. They were asleep. Yahiko and Tsubame were opposite the rooster and fox, leaning on one another. Yahiko had an arm around Tsubame and held her other hand. Saitou was in a chair, snoring. Taking this into account, Kenshin now had something with MASSIVE blackmail potential on Saitou. Battosai laughed evilly. Kaoru had those starry eyes every girl gets when they see something cute. I should know. That happens whenever I see Kan. I'm a hopeless romantic. "Look how cute that is!!" she squealed, pointing at Yahiko and Tsubame. The high pitched noise awoke the five. Sano yawned, making everyone else do so. (It's true- yawns are contagious) Saitou fell out of the chair while yawning. The massive blackmail became supermassive blackmail potential. Battosai fell to the floor in hysterics as Kenshin stood there with a smug look on his face. "Ohayo Kenshin, Kaoru," said Yahiko sleepily. Kenshin returned the greeting, then set about making breakfast with Kaoru.

Aoshi slowly came out of sleep, wondering why he was so warm. Deciding to savor this unusually pleasant awakening, he put his arms around whatever was in his lap. Just then, the events of last night came rushing back. Misao was what was curled up against him. She had his cloak around her, looking like she had several years ago whenever she napped. Aoshi felt happier than he had ever been in his entire 29 years of life. He brushed a stray hair out of his Misao's face. Wait, she was his? The little voice popped up again. 'Well, whaddya think, buster?! If she's not yours, you're having a nightmare!' It yelled, mentally slapping Aoshi upside the head. Misao stirred, pulling Aoshi out of his daze.

"Aoshi, are you awake? Oh, hey! Something smells good!!" she said, hugging Aoshi affectionately. The ninja merely held her closer to himself. Standing, he opened the shoji and walked towards the kitchen.

Kenshin and Kaoru were just finishing off breakfast when Aoshi walked in with Misao in his arms. Sano's jaw hit the floor with a SMACK as Kenshin oroed loudly. Yahiko gaped. Saitou stared, looking startled, to say the least.

"What? Is my holding Misao a crime? Really Himura, you and Kamiya should understand my reasoning after you got it on last night." shot Aoshi. Misao nodded in agreement. All eyes went to Kenshin and Kaoru, who blushed. They wordlessly served breakfast, side by side.

That afternoon, Kenshin got back from the market smiling. Putting away all the food, he set out on a search for Kaoru. He was a man on a mission- to make Kaoru his. He loved her a lot, that he did. Why not pop the question now? He found her under the blossoming cherry tree outside his room. Walking over, he took her hand. "Oh, hello Kenshin. What brings you here?" she asked, settling her head on his shoulder (J/H: I made him gain a few inches). Kenshin knelt in front of her, gazing into her sapphire eyes lovingly. Gaining all of his courage, he spoke. "Kaoru, my love, will you please marry me?" he asked, holding a golden ring set with amethysts and a diamond. Kaoru gasped. "Kenshin, I will! Oh Kenshin, thank you!!" she cried. Kenshin slipped the ring onto her finger, kissing her tenderly.

Yahiko and Tsubame sat on the roof, watching. For five minutes, Kenshin and Kaoru kissed passionately. Tsubame sighed and leaned on Yahiko's shoulder. They held hands, enjoying the peace they found in one another. Yahiko was deep in thought, trying to come up with a way to word what he wanted to tell Tsubame. Eventually, he figured it out. "Tsubame, someday I'll see to it that that's us down there. I promise." whispered Yahiko, squeezing Tsubame's hand. She looked up at him, smiling with tears in her eyes. "Really? You mean it?" she asked hopefully. Yahiko smiled softly. Four years was all it took to fall in love. He was fourteen now, so his feelings for Tsubame had grown very strong. "Tsubame, aishiteru. I would never lie about that." replied Yahiko, pulling Tsubame into a loving embrace. She flung her arms around him, crying tears of joy. "Yahiko, I love you so much! I'm so glad you feel the same way!" Yahiko nestled his head in her kimono, holding Tsubame to himself gently.

Kenshin and Kaoru looked up on the roof just in time to hear the confessions. Kenshin smiled, as did Kaoru. The boy, who seemed to be a surrogate son to them, was truly grown up now. Kenshin lifted Kaoru bridal style and leapt up beside the young lovers. Aoshi was in a similar situation. He and Misao had found a beautiful spring in the bamboo forest, with a view of the sunset. Misao was in Aoshi's lap, her hand twined with his. Aoshi had his arms wrapped around her and was placing light kisses down her cheek. The three couples watched the sun set, finally having found the place where they really belong- in their beloved's arms.

The End

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