---Ok, time for a little explanation of where this story came from. Well you see, this one time at Band Camp (I know, the greatest way to begin a story right?) I was look at my charts and an Albino Bee flew by! I'm serious!

So from that I got the idea for this story. Enjoy!

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Bees: The Spell
By: Laria Kaiba

Ryou searched the rows of books for something that look interesting, or at least something he had not read. Nothing in the aisle looked promising. He turned around to look at the row behind him when there was...


It sounded like a book falling. Ryou looked over his shoulder it came from behind the shelf he was just looking at.


Ryou peered around the shelf to see Bakura trying to climb it, and knocking down many books in the process.

"Yami!" Ryou whispered. Bakura looked down at him.


Ryou looked around to make sure no one else was looking at his crazed Yami climbing the bookshelf.

"Get off the book shelf."

"Why?" Bakura said, he was still climbing and was almost to the top. Ryou had to jump out of the way, as another book fell.

"You're going to get us in trouble!" Ryou exclaimed, still in a whisper. "And look at the mess your making."

"You sound like that neat freak Malik." Bakura scoffed.

"Yami, please." Ryou begged, "I don't want to be thrown out."

"I do," Bakura said, "I didn't even want to come here in the first place."

"Then we can go!" Ryou said, "Just get down from there."

"OK fine." Bakura jumped down from the shelf catching a book that he knocked down in the process. He opened the book and looked at it. "Hey there's a spell in here."

"Yami be careful you never know what spells can do." Ryou said bending down to pick up the books his Yami had knocked down. "Remember 'The Mummy'?"

"Oh that was just a movie." Bakura said, "This couldn't hurt."

Ryou shrugged and Bakura read the spell.

"Wergem vergne germe."

"That sounded like Danish, Yami." Ryou said, but his yami did not respond "Yami?"

Ryou looked up to see that his Yami had disappeared.

"Yami?" Ryou said again, still no answer "Bakura!"

Ryou noticed the book that his Yami had read the spell out of sitting on the shelf. There was a white bee on it, an albino bee?

"Bakura is that you?" Ryou said quietly to the bee. The bee flew up into the air, right in Ryou's face.

"Buzz buzz buzz-buzz buzzy buzz."

The bee flew around him once then landed back on the book.

"Yup that's defiantly you." Ryou said to the bee "See what you did! I told you not to read that spell."

"Buzz buzz buzz"

"Oh no, I'm not mad at you, Yami." Ryou said "But we do need to fix this."

Ryou grabbed the book and the bee flew up into the air.

"Come on." Ryou said heading out of the library, leaving the mess behind, the bee following.

"Don't move." Marik said under his breath as he snuck up on an un-expecting bee. He got up close enough to hit it with the Millennium Rod. He jumped at the bee swinging the Rod. The bee flew away just as the rod got close to it.

"AH!" Marik screamed and ran from the bee he had just angered "Hikari!"

Malik, who was laying a few feet away from where Marik was trying to kill, sat up. Marik ran to hide behind him. The bee circled around the two a few times then flew off. Malik sighed.

"Marik, do you have to kill every living creature you see?"

"It's either me or him!" Marik said "But that's not the point! We can't stay here"

"Why not?"

"Do you know where that bee is going!"

"...No" Malik said looking at his Yami.

"He went back his colony! He's going to tell everyone that I tried to kill him. Then I'll we'll be attack by a swarm of killer bees!"

"Marik" Malik said, his Yami looked at him. "Stay away from my Fruit Loops"

Marik blinked, confused, as Malik lay down again. Nevertheless, he's attention soon turned to another bee that flew by him, it landed some two feet away from him. He got up, rod in hand to go smash it. As he got closer, he noticed that it was oddly white. However, Marik did not care, as long as it died and he did not. He raised the Rod about to strike when...


Marik almost jumped a foot off the ground. The bee flew up in the air and Ryou caught it in his hands.

"Ryou?" Marik blinked, and then he noticed what you did "Why'd you do that! He's gonna sting you!"

"Bakura wouldn't sting me." Ryou said opening his hands and looking at the bee. Malik sat up again.

"What do you mean, Bakura?"

"Bakura!" Ryou said showing him the bee in his hands. Malik stared at it. "Its ok Bakura, Malik and Marik will help you"

"Buzz buzz buzzy buzz-buzz"

"I know you hate being stuck in that body." Ryou told the bee "But it's your own fault"

"Buzzy buzz-buzz"

"Don't say that." Ryou said

"Buzz-buzz buzz buzzy buzz"

"Apologize for that!"

"Buzz buzz"


Malik stared at Ryou as he conversed with the bee. Marik just poked the bee. It stung him.


"Yup that's Bakura." Malik said laughing at his Yami.

"Why you little!" Marik raised the Rod again to smack the bee.

"No!" Ryou closed his hands around the bee again. "Don't kill my Yami!"

"He stung me!"

"You poked him!"

"How did he become a bee in the first place?"

Ryou and Marik looked at Malik.

"Well we were at the library and Bakura read this spell out of a book and he just turned into a bee." Ryou said, still holding the bee close to him.

"Didn't you see 'The Mummy'!" Marik exclaimed, "You don't read spells out of books!"

"I told him that." Ryou said. "Bakura never listens."

"Well where's the book that the spell was in." Malik asked. Ryou let the bee go and gave Malik the book. Malik opened the book and looked at it. Marik looked at it over Malik shoulder.

"Hey Ryou, you didn't check this book out."

Ryou looked at it and gasped.

"My god! I didn't, oh no!" Ryou looked around nervously. "Maybe I can sneak it back into the library."

"Why?" Marik asked. "You could just keep it."

"But that's stealing!" Ryou exclaimed.

"Bakura will be proud of you for once." Malik said scanning the book. Ryou frowned. "You know what I don't see any spells in here, its just all Danish."

"Then how did Bakura become a bee?"

"I honestly don't know." Malik said closing the book with a snap.

"Well thanks for you're help." Ryou said taking the book "Come on Bakura."

The bee landed on Ryou's shoulder. Ryou petted it.

"Good Yami."

"How come he didn't sting you?" Marik fumed.

"I didn't poke him." Ryou said sticking his tongue out at Marik.

"Ra, I hate him." Marik muttered as Ryou walked off with the bee on his shoulder.

"The Hikari or the Yami?" Malik asked, lying down again.


At Ryou's house, Ryou studied the book as the bee flew around the kitchen. He looked up at it as it landed on the table before him.

"You know what Bakura." Ryou said, "I can't figure out at all why you would turn into a bee from this book."

"Buzzzzzz buzzy buzz-buzz"

"How can you not know either!"

"Buzz buzz"

"Oh, that makes sense."

The bee flew up into the air and around the kitchen. Only to crash into the honey jar Ryou keep over the stove. The bee fell unto the stove and twitched.

"Bakura!" Ryou exclaimed getting up and going over to the stove looking at the bee, it twitched again. Ryou looked up at the honey. He went over to the cupboard and got a small plate. He poured some honey on the plate and put it next to the bee. The bee flew up and landed on the side of the plate, looking at the honey. "Now be careful Yami, I don't want you to get all sticky now."


Ryou looked up as the doorbell rang. He looked down at the bee, who was inching towards the honey. He figured the bee would be fine by himself and went to answer the door. He opened the door and saw Malik and Marik.

"Hello again." Ryou said cheerfully letting them in.

"Hi." Malik said.

"What brings you here?" Ryou asked closing the door. Malik jabbed his thumb at his Yami.

"He's afraid the bees are after him."

"And they are!" Marik exclaimed looking around nervously "I killed there leader!"

"You killed a queen bee Marik?" Ryou asked.

"Queen!" Marik's eyes widened "There's a Queen after me! Malik why didn't you tell me!"

"Oh my Ra..." Malik sighed shaking his head "Yami, you're so hopeless..."


"Speaking of bees," Malik said turning to Ryou "where's Bakura?"

"In the kitchen." Ryou said walking in that direction. When they got there, Ryou went over to the stove to find that the bee was stuck in the honey. "Bakura!"

Ryou picked the bee up out of the honey.

"I told you not to get sticky."

Marik eyed the honey then reached over to take some. The bee flew over and stung him again.


The bee flew up into Marik face buzzing madly. Marik pulled out the Rod and closed his eyes. The bee was still trying to sting Marik again. Marik tried to get away swinging the Rod madly. Malik just stood there and watched. However, Ryou was almost in hysterics, and was almost about to jump on Marik.

"Marik! Stop! You're gonna hurt him!" Ryou screamed "Bakura, just leave him alone! Marik! NO!"

Marik had smacked the bee with the back of his hand. The bee flew to the ground and did not move. Everyone stared at it.

"Bakura?" Ryou asked kneeling by the bee. He poked the bee and it did not move.

"Bakura!" Ryou cried

"Yami," Malik said looking up at Marik "you killed him."

Marik kneeled next to the crying Ryou and poked the bee too.

"Yup looks like it." Marik raised the Rod and smashed what was left of the bee

"NOOOOOO!" Ryou screamed.


Everyone blinked and looked over to the doorway, where Bakura was standing, laughing.

"Y-Yami?" Ryou asked timidly.

"You all have to be the most gullible people ever!" Bakura laughed.

"You mean you weren't a bee?" Malik asked.


"Then- what- how- why!" Ryou exclaimed.

"I saw that bee in the library after I read that book and got scared. I went to my soul room to get away form it. Then you thought I was that bee. I thought it was funny, I wanted see what happened so I stayed in my soul room." Bakura explained.

Ryou's jaw dropped.


Bakura started laughing again. Ryou's eye twitched.

"Marik?" he asked. "Can I see the Rod?"

"Uhh..." Marik looked skeptical.

"NOW!" Ryou demanded. Malik started at him and Bakura stopped laughing. Marik reluctantly handed over the rod. Ryou glared at him Yami. "Oh Bakura..."

"Oh shit..."

Bakura ran from the kitchen, Ryou on his heals trying to hit him with the Rod. Malik and Marik looked at each other then chased after them trying to stop Ryou from hitting Bakura.

Later that night, Bakura sat on the couch, Ryou's head resting on his lap. They were both tired. Ryou had chased Bakura around for a good amount of time before he finally smacked his Yami. Got him good to. Bakura had a big bump on his head from it.

"You're really mean." Ryou said sleepily.

"Of course." Bakura said, "I'm a Yami. It's my job."

"I don't know any other Yamis who pretend to turn into bees." Ryou told him.

"I don't know any hikaris who'd believe there Yamis actually did turn into a bee." Bakura said smiling.

"Oh... shut up..." Ryou said drifting off. Bakura's smile widened as Ryou closed his eyes. Bakura left Ryou up a little so he could get up. Then he picked the tenshi up and carried him off to bed, he himself getting sleepy to. It was a wonderful end to a very odd day.

---Well that is the weirdest story I ever wrote. Yes so anyway, I saw the bee to more times the next day. It flew in front of me in the morning and then right after lunch it was flying around me, I raised my hand, and I accidentally hit it. We haven't seen it since. Poor little guy

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